What DAW Software Does Frank Ocean Use in 2020?

Frank Ocean is an American singer, songwriter, and producer.

He is known for his not always conventional and rather idiosyncratic music style.

This, and his production style, has led him to become of the best R&B artists of recent times.

And when you listen to his songs you can easily see that he puts a ton of work into his production technique – listen to Blonde for example.

But how does he achieve this?  That is what I am going to try and answer.

In the question of what DAW software does Frank Ocean use,  there’s a lot of debate to the answer to this but I am going to say that it would be something like Pro Tools.

I came to this conclusion researching what other artists who sound like Frank Ocean use.

In this case, it was James Blake and EDEN.

Both of them use Pro Tools and have a unique sound that does sound like what Frank Ocean creates.

What DAW Software Does Frank Ocean Use in 2020?

What vst plugins Does Frank Ocean Use to make his music

It stands to reason that Pro Tools is the DAW software that Frank Ocean uses.

It may also be the case, as with many top producers, that Frank Ocean uses more than one DAW in his production process.

Again, if I had to guess, based on the sound of Frank Ocean, it could be something like Pro Tools for mixing and mastering songs, but a DAW such as Logic Pro X for songwriting and building songs overall.


If you want to create a sound like Frank Ocean, then try out Pro Tools.

But remember that music creation and whatever DAW software you choose isn’t about paying the most money.

It’s about using the DAW software that you are most comfortable with.

If you are not a fan of Pro Tools, but you want to try and emulate the sound of Frank Ocean, then other DAWs like FL Studio, and plugins, may still let you achieve this, and it will be so much easier to do so.

When you create music on your DAW of choice, it’s all about you and your style and what works for you.

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