What DAW Software Does Drake Use in 2020?

Noah Shebib, who is also known as 40, is mostly known as the producer and collaborator of the superstar rapper Drake (Drake doesn’t actually use a DAW himself).

It’s Shebib’s downtempo and ambient production style that is their main driving force and inspiration.

Together they also founded Ovo Sound Label.

Shebib has also worked with other well-known artists such as Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, and Action Bronson.

In this article, we are going to draw back the curtain on Drake’s studio a little bit and give you a small peek inside so you can see the hardware and software that he uses to make his songs.

After all, the title of this article is what DAW software does Drake use and that is what I will answer.

What DAW Software Does Drake Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does noah shebib Uses to make beats for drake

The main DAW that Drake uses as part of his music production is Ableton Live.

Specifically, Ableton Live 10.

This comes with a massive set of features designed to help improve your workflow and promote more creative ideas as part of the creation and production process.

It comes with a Wavetable synth, for creating your sounds, and a range of built-in instruments and sounds for you to play with and get inspired.

It also has a new echo plugin that combines the digital hardware delay with classic analog.

You get a range of editable parameters to help you create the perfect digital delay effect.

The pedal gives you the character of analog stomp boxes to Ableton Live.

These let you add subtle or reckless effects to vocals, instruments, and synths.

It also comes with a Drum Buss which is a one-stop-shop for working with all things drum related.

You can also add warmth or distortion to your sounds easily.

Shaping compression and the low end, thanks to dedicated controls.

Ableton Live 10 remembers your ideas and how you work.

That means if you are too busy creating music to press the record button Ableton will take care of it.

The Capture feature lets you play your idea and Ableton will match it in tempo and timing to create the perfect loop.

Other workflow enhancements include an improved browser, making it easier to navigate, the ability to create groups within groups, multiple MIDI clip editing and a cleaner user interface.

As well a great set of included and ready to go sounds for you to go crazy with.

Now you know the answer to what DAW software does Drake uses and hopefully reading about it has helped inspire you to start trying to create some music of your own.

But the DAW itself is only part of the story.

The real power and creativity come from taking what it can do, discovering some killer plugins, and then completely transforming it to create a sound that is truly unique to you.

So, what plugins does Drake (or, I guess, Noah Shebib) use?

What VST Plugins Does Drake Use in 2020?

What VST Plugins Does Drake and noah shebib Use to make drake's beats and songs

The answer to this is just one.

He uses only one plugin.

But, when that plugin is a bundle of plugins, and when that plugin is Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate plugin bundle, you can easily see why he just uses one.

This bundle is pretty much all any producer will need.

It gives you a complete range of Komplete instruments, effects, and audio tools.

This includes synthesizers and classical sounds, delays, reverbs as well as killer mastering tools.

You get a massive 18000 sounds to play with, manipulate, edit, and use to craft your sounds.

This is one of the best libraries of sound I have seen included with any plugin.

Many top audio professionals use this plugin bundle.

And all their favorites have been included here, such as Emotive Strings, Symphony Essentials, and all K11 Additions.


This article has helped you to learn more about Drake and his creative process.

If you fancy yourself as the next Drake or like his music and you wanted to know how it was created, check out the DAWs and plugins in my article here.

Soon, with some practice, you too could be creating some Drake inspired music and setting the world on fire – good luck!

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