What DAW Do Professionals Use in 2020?

Ever wondered what Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) do professionals use?

Well, different producers have their own preferences, and it mainly depends on the genre.

A lot of EDM artists prefer Ableton Live.

Hip Hop artists use Pro Tools or FL Studio.

Pop artists and producers use Logic Pro X, and a lot of rock artists use Cubase.

However, these DAWs are not only limited to one genre, it just so happens that the workflow and user interface of some DAWs are more fit towards certain genres of music.

The bottom line is, with the right gear and the right gear and the right plugins, you can create any type of song from country, rock, hip-hop, metal, EDM, and more with any DAW.

When choosing the right DAW for you, you have to makes sure that your hardware and software instruments are integrated.

For example, your MIDI controller should be compatible with your DAW of choice, as well as your computer or laptop.

Some DAWs like Logic Pro X only works for Apple Computers or macOS.

How Would You Define a “Professional?”

which daw is the industry standard among hip hop, edm, pop, indie, metal, techno producers

It is one thing to know what DAW do professionals use, but who would you consider a professional?

Is it someone famous, or is it someone working in the industry and getting paid to produce music or any other sound design?

The answer is both.

If you are paid for your services and make a living out of producing music, beats, sound design, musical score, and other work, you can be considered as a professional.

Best DAWs for Professional Music Producers

Best DAWs for Professional Music Producers for mixing and learning music production

Choosing a DAW is kind of like choosing a musical instrument brand.

Let’s say you are a guitar player.

Some prefer Fender over Gibson.

Both guitars can play the same songs, and both are very popular brands, but it all depends on your preference.

The same goes for choosing a DAW.

It all boils down to the working style, user-friendliness, mobility, layout, toolset, and how it can truly benefit your work and workflow.

Here are some of the most popular DAWs that professionals use for music production and mixing:

Pro Tools

Pro Tools - best daw for professional musicians and djs for recording

Preferred by professional mixers and sound engineers.

It is found in any professional music studio in the United States and around the world.

(Artists: Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Timbaland, and more)

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a useful tool for professional singers and songwriters.

However, it still has tools and sound packs for creating music scores and cinematic music.

(Artists: Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and more)

FL Studio

FL Studio - what music software do hip hop professionals in the industry use

This DAW is geared toward hip-hop, RnB artists, and EDM but you can use it for any other genre.

(Artists: Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, and more)


Cubase - what daw do most producers use for edm and techno music production and mixing

Cubase might not be as popular as the ones mentioned above, but they are kind of popular within the rock community.

Artists like Misha Mansoor (Periphery) uses Cubase for producing progressive metal music.


Reaper - the least popular daw among industry professionals for some odd reason

A lot of pros use Reaper; however, they might not be some artists you know.

According to Reddit forums, a lot of professional engineers use reaper for its flexibility when it comes to plugin compatibility and simplicity.

Any of these DAWs can be used for professional audio engineering and music production.

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