Top 5 Simple Songs to Sing For Beginners [Updated 2020]

Have you ever been lost for words to express how you feel only to start singing and successfully expressing exactly how you feel?

Have you ever been in a situation where you know it is only the music that can calm your troubled mind?

Or have you just felt like singing because singing makes you happy, keeps you entertained and release all the negative energy and vibe you have been dealing with?

There are different and unique reasons why we sing, music performs several functions to a person’s soul.

As for me, music calms and keeps me going, it helps me relax and count my blessings, makes it easier for me to see the good in the bad.

There is this quote I stumbled upon recently and I will share it with you.

As the saying goes, “where words leave off, music begins.”

Music is very powerful because of its capabilities in evoking different types of emotions and vibes, at times you would discover that a specific song explains exactly how you feel like it was composed and sung for you or the current situation.

At times, the song might not be identical to your situation but will almost successfully interpret what was or is going on in your life at that particular moment.

There are moments when you would love to sing but find that you can’t sing that specific kind of song because of its pitch, lyrics that might be a bit difficult to memorize or any other reasons, so you find yourself humming instead (happens to me on the daily, lol).

I find myself doing this most times especially when it comes to hip hop. At times, I can’t recall all the lyrics, so I make things up. Next thing I know – family members or friends around me who hear me are laughing.

It got to a point where I wanted to know the lyrics of a song, sing the song perfectly well and have people around me feel the exact emotions I was feeling.

So, I did my own research on what simple songs to sing.

Not going to lie, I’ve found quite a few songs that I would actually enjoy singing – as they suit my voice type and styles that I would like to practice (and anyone can sing them without much work).

These are choices that will be difficult to identify at the beginning but as you progress you will begin to identify them easily.

What are some of the simple songs to sing?

To find songs that you can sing easily you need to focus on finding songs whose lyrics can be remembered easily, songs that have a range of an octave or less, songs that don’t have falsetto.


Because they are known for their comfortable rhythms with little or no unexpected accents and more of a chest or belting-voice.

Anyways, let’s took at the top 5 easiest songs to sing (in my personal opinion, of course) that even a person with little to no vocal talent (like me) can sing without everyone around them covering their ears. 

1) You Are The Reason by Calum Scott

top simple easy songs for singing beginners

This song is one of the simple songs you can sing and enjoy. To be completely honest, any singer, whether an amateur or not, can sing this song.

It’s a ballad by Calum Scott and a message to his lover that he wishes to be by his side again.

However, it is too late, she left him because of something he did so he pleads with her to come back to him in the form of a song.

The chorus sends the message that he will do everything and anything to be with her again and he will fix what he has broken (classic, so save it for a special occasion, otherwise it’s just too sad).

 The song is in Bb major key and the Calum Scott used a vocal range of C3 to B♭4 in the song. 

2)  A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

simple, easy songs to sing for guys, girls, kids

This song is also one of the simplest songs to learn and sing. 

It packs a lot of emotion.

The song is about waiting for someone, the person you have waited your entire life for, and finally finding them.

It’s a wholesome love song, what else do you need?

If you have watched Twilight then you are very familiar with the song, it was written for part two of the saga (hey, don’t judge me, it’s a beautiful movie).

This song is in B-flat major key and its vocal range is F3 to C5.

3) Count on Me by Bruno Mars

easy simple harmony songs for beginners with notes and vocal chart

This song is one of my favorites and something easy to sing.

The song uses C major key, and Bruno uses the vocal range of G4 to the high note C6 in the song.

The song is about having a friend you can count on in any situation of life, a friend that will always be there for you.

In the good times and the bad times, not only when they need something from you. 

4) Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

easy simple good catchy songs to sing 2020 pop

This song is a fun song to sing especially because of its repetitive nature.

The song is about not caring about what people say about you, about owning up to who you are, about loving yourself and feeling unapologetic about your person.

The song uses G major while Taylor Swift’s vocal range was two octaves from G3 to G5.

She semi rap in the bridge, so you can give that a shot as well.

5) Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes

kid-friendly easy simple clean pop songs for 9-10 year old kids to sing at school

This song is pretty much the easiest song to sing for kids without too much thought to it.

If you are a parent, that’s a must-learn for you!

It’s a song you sing pointing to your head, your shoulders, your knees, and your toes (kids love it, okay?).

The lyrics are fun and repetitive, it sticks after the first five times of singing it.


There are a lot of songs out there that are very simple and easy to sing.

Songs with simple melodies, lyrics, and tunes. At the end of the day, just do whatever makes you happy. As long as you are having fun (even without the perfect pitch falsetto at the end of the bridge), that’s all that matters.

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