Top 10 Best Studio Acapella Sites of 2020 [+ 3 Free Acapella Sites]

One of the fun things to do when you are a DJ or music producer is to create mashups or remixes of existing songs.

You will need vocal-only tracks to pull it off, and I have a list of the best studio acapella sites where you can download the vocal tracks you need.

Most of these sites that feature only mainstream hits and top 40 tracks cannot be released or be monetized as it may lead to copyright infringement.

However, there are certain websites where you can purchase the license, giving you exclusive rights to use the acapella tracks for your own projects.

When I started getting into music production, I had a hard time producing original tracks because I did lack songwriting skills back then.

It led me to begin with making mashups and remixes, so I searched the internet for sites where I can download stripped tracks and stems.

Today, I will be sharing all my go-to acapella sites where you can find not only acapella tracks, but you can also find root tracks such as instrumentation for some of the most popular songs of the past decades.

I will divide the list into three categories.

The first category would be premium sites with royalty-free acapella tracks that you can release and make money out of.

The second wave of websites will be free sites, with royalty-free acapella tracks.

The last category would be sites where you can download acapella tracks, but you cannot officially release them as your own and make money out of them.

Premium Royalty-Free Studio Acapella Sites

This first section includes some websites that offer royalty-free acapella tracks for a premium fee.

Anything you use in these sites can be released as your own, and you can monetize on them without paying any royalties.

However, do not forget to credit the vocalists if you ever release them, depending on the terms of each website.


splice review - best acapella files for djing and remixes

Splice is more than just an acapella site. It also offers other instrumental tracks that producers can use.

It is filled with over a million records, samples, presets, and loops that you can use for a starting premium price of $7.99 a month.

The monthly premium allows you to download 100 different acapella tracks and samples a month, which is quite a good deal since they are royalty-free and high quality.

Splice also has different payment plans such as the “rent to own” payment plan that allows you to purchase the best VST plugins.

The price will be spread over interest-free monthly payments, which is a good deal.

Final Verdict

Splice is probably the best site that supplies music producers with everything they need to start creating tracks.

It is one massive library that DJs and music producers will surely enjoy.

If you have the budget to spend on premium tracks and acapella samples, you should definitely check this site out.

Check it out here.

Vocal Downloads

vocal downloads review - best free acapella music files download online

The Vocal Downloads website was formed by house music singer D’Layna, Ryan Duarte, and 11-time Grammy award winner Tony Lindsay in 2005.

Every sample in the site can be used without paying any royalties.

However, they do not sell full acapella; instead they offer a variety of different packs such as choruses and mini vocal packs that you can include in your projects.

Vocal samples will cost from 99 cents, and all of them are guaranteed to be of high quality.

Final Verdict

Overall, this website is a fantastic resource for the hooks you want to add to your tracks and mashups that you can use royalty-free.

It comes with a transparent END User License Agreement, allowing you to monetize on the said tracks.

The only thing is, the tracks are not full songs and mostly short excerpts, which you cannot use to create full-song remixes.

Check it out here.


loopmasters review - hip hop, rnb, trap, pop, jazz acapellas free download online

Loopmasters is a long-running site where you can download the loops and acapella tracks you need for your projects.

They started way back in 2003, and still relevant up to this day.

This site offers full acapella tracks, loops, and one-shot samples.

The selections are a mixture of free and paid samples you can download.

Most of the paid sample packs range from $10 to $50.

Final Verdict

Loopmasters has an excellent selection of vocal acapella samples that you can use without paying any royalties.

Most producers are satisfied with the quality and variety of tracks that Loopmasters have to offer.

The only thing that I wish they would fix is the website design.

It seems a little bit cluttered and unorganized.

Well, you can always use the search toolbar to look for specific sounds.

Check it out here.

Producer Spot

producer spot review - best royalty free acapellas online vocals

The last premium site option is Producer Spot.

This site covers most aspects, such as samples, plugins, and presets for any type of producer and any kind of skill level.

This site can surely cater to beginners and pro music producers alike.

You can choose from a wide selection of acapella sound packs from different genres.

You can also use the sound packs as loops and one-shot samples.

All the packs from this website are produced and filtered in high quality.

The prices are also reasonable, and you can get some of the best packs starting at $10.

Final Verdict

Overall, the sound packs from Producer Spot are spot on.

The vocal samples are professionally produced and recorded by talented singers.

The only thing that I noticed about the website is that it can be too slow at times.

Check it out here.

Free & Royalty-Free Studio Acapella Sites

In this section, I will show you sites where you can download and acapella packs and samples for free.

These tracks are royalty-free, which means you do not have the responsibility to pay the producers who sampled the tracks.

However, it is best to give them credit for the tracks, especially the talented vocalists that recorded the acapella parts.

CC Mixter

cc mixter review - free male and female acapellas to download

Creative Commons or CC Mixter is an excellent site that is built around a community of creatives.

If you are a music producer looking for your next project, you can search this website for singers who uploaded their songs and use them for your own projects for free.

You can choose from a wide selection of over 5000 acapella tracks on this website.

Aside from having access to tons of tracks, the CC Mixter community is also helpful.

You can meet creatives such as yourself and share ideas and tips.

Final Verdict

Incredible website, full of great acapella samples that comes at my favorite price tag of exactly $0.

Check it out here.


looperman review - free acapella loops ans songs 140 bpm

Looperman was started to be an overall hub for music and video producers, DJs, and talented individuals.

In this community, people can share their talents and projects with each other, free of charge.

Since it was launched, it is still the same thing it was back then.

The acapella selection in this site features almost 10,000 different samples you can download and use for free.

It is easy to find the acapella tracks you need because they are all labeled with the BPM, key, and genre.

Each of the acapella downloads has a pretty transparent license agreement, but basically, everything is free to use as long as you follow the license terms.

Final Verdict

Looperman has a wide selection of user-created and uploaded tracks.

You can also meet fellow producers.

However, since all the files are user-created, there is no guarantee that everything is in high quality, but you can always check and listen for yourself.

Check it out here.

Free Vocals

free vocals review - top best acapella sites for djs and producers

This website has a good number of free vocals to choose from.

Vocalists from around the world upload their work on this website for music producers to use.

All of the vocals are in good quality because they have undergone quality assurance tests with the website’s strict vetting procedure.

The Free Vocals website has a free download section where you can download free vocal tracks that you can work with.

There is also a members section where you can get premium tracks by purchasing the licenses.

This section will most likely have better quality than the free downloads section.

By purchasing the license, it gives you exclusive rights to use the acapella tracks for your own projects for release or to earn money.

Final Verdict

This website features a selection of high quality acapella and vocal tracks made by talented vocalists.

However, there are only nine vocalists that are featured on the Free Vocals website.

If you are looking for a wider selection, this website might not be for you.

Check it out here.

Official Acapella Tracks

In this last section of the article, I will show you some of the websites that feature official acapella samples from released or existing songs.

It will feature mainstream music that you would hear on the radio.

You can use them for personal use, but you cannot release them or make money out of these tracks.

Although, you can still have fun with these free to download acapella tracks when DJing for birthday parties and small gigs.

You can still create unofficial remixes of these pop songs, which is pretty enjoyable and a good way to practice.

MS Project Sound

ms project sound - best acapellas download free on youtube

This website has tons of acapella selections such as songs from Dua Lipa, Avicii, and DJ Snake.

It has a selection of vocal tracks as well as instrumental tracks that you can use to make remixes at home.

You will need to sign up for a free membership that offers a limited number of downloads for each month.

If that is not enough for you, you can always go premium and pay for a VIP membership that gives you access to more download and exclusive content.

If you like this acapella site, you can subscribe for $4.99 a month.

Final Verdict

This acapella site has a great selection of quality tracks.

You even get to download a reasonable number of tracks per month, even without a VIP subscription.

Check it out here.

Acapellas 4 U

acapellas 4 u review - best free acapella sites for beginners

This next acapella resource has been around for over a decade.

A lot of DJs and music producers have been downloading their acapella samples from this website since 2003.

Acapellas 4 U hosts over more than 30,000 acapellas for you to download.

All the members can download up to 30 acapella samples a month, which is not bad since it is free.

However, if you max out your monthly downloads, they do not offer premium membership.

You are, however, given the option to download money for their site.

Final Verdict

This acapella resource site has a massive catalog of acapella tracks that is completely free.

It is also a useful website for beginner music producers because they also have forums where you can communicate with experienced DJs and producers.

The site, however, could use an update.

Check it out here.

Reddit – Isolated Vocals

reddit isolated vocals - free acapella music download online

If you go on Reddit, there is a subreddit that is dedicated to uploading isolated vocal tracks.

This subreddit has over 50,000 members.

However, not all the tracks are produced with high quality, and some of them are self-produced.

Still, there is a chance that you can download high-quality vocal tracks.

Final Verdict

This subreddit is a good resource for any type of genre.

Most of the other sites only feature mainstream hits and singles, but this subreddit offers more.

The only thing you need to watch out for is the quality of the tracks uploaded on the site.

Check it out here.


voclr review - a, b, c, d, e, f minor and major acapellas

This website is one of the newest acapella resources that surfaced in recent years.

Voclr hosts more than 12,000 acapellas on their site, and most of the tracks are from famous producers and singers.

If you love pop music, you will most likely find a track you can use on this website.

The free membership gives you access to download five tracks per month.

However, free membership blocks access to download some of the premium exclusive acapellas.

Upgrading to a premium account, on the other hand, gives you unlimited downloads and access to the exclusive acapellas on their site.

It also removes the annoying ads and pop-ups on their site.

Final Verdict

Voclr features a clean and simple interface where you can easily search the tracks you need.

However, without a premium membership, there can be a lot of ads.

Most of the tracks you can download are produced in high-quality, so that is one less thing to worry about.

Check it out here.


acapell review - vocal isolation and extractor online free download

Acapell is a long-running acapella resource that hosts some of the highest quality tracks on the internet.

The only thing that really bugs me is the annoying pop-ups and ads when I visit this site.

The quality of the acapellas on this site is excellent.

You can download them for free if you have the patience to go through several pop-up adds before you get to download one.

Final Verdict

The quality of the tracks you can download from this site is incredible, but the site can be really annoying.

It also does not have an SSL certificate, so be careful of what you click on the website.

Check it out here.

Remix Packs

remix packs review - best acapella sites for djs and music producers

This next acapella resource is host to over 6,000 tracks.

They don only offer acapella tracks, but they also offer stem packs and song instrumentals.

I really like how clean this website is, although it still has ads, they are not as annoying as the other ads that pop up out of nowhere.

It is easy to search the files you need by searching by genre.

Final Verdict

Remix packs is an excellent website where you can download high-quality stem and acapella packs.

Although pop-ups may occasionally interrupt your browsing, it is still bearable.

Check it out here.


If you are new to DJing or producing music, you will enjoy creating remixes and mashups from acapella and stem tracks.

If you haven’t had the courage to create your own songs, there is nothing wrong with starting with creating mashups and remixes.

Even pro producers still do it. It is a great way to build up your skills.

I’m sure you will find the tracks you need from the best studio acapella sites on this list!

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