Top 6 Best Strings VST Plugins of 2020 [+ 3 Free Strings VST Plugins]

Music has been revolutionized over the past few decades. It has accumulated a following of masses all over the world and, over the years, has been a major inspirational factor in people’s lives, and that has led to immense growth in the music industry as well.

Even though one of the earliest pieces of music came into existence some 3000 years ago, it wasn’t considered to be the entertainment mammoth that I know it now to be.

This is mainly due to its relatability and its ability to make the listeners drown out the world around them and just fall into a safe space.

But to create that feeling isn’t easy. Music is widely considered to be made just by the tap of a few buttons and wires and it’s good to go, but the complexity that goes into the production of songs is unthinkable.

You’ll need to find the right rhythm and octave sequence so you can keep all the instruments that go into the song synced and matching with each other. Then comes the chord that will be used, and that chord progression needs to be followed by every instrument present so it all goes well together.

Every chord will be played in a different way on each musical instrument so it compliments each other rather than conflict.

Now, let’s talk about our favorite instruments.

strings are one of the most important free VST plugins to make music

A few of the most important instruments used in music are the strings – guitars, violins, violas, and so on.

It’s a staple for anyone trying to make music or learn it as well, and it surely goes into almost every song that is produced.

Let’s take a guitar as an example:

Guitars come in different variations and ones that make completely different sounds.

You can find the common acoustic guitar being used, or the fan-favorite electric guitar, bass guitar or other string instruments.

All of these variants are essential when producing songs and need to be in the studio of every major producer.

However, songs are not produced the way they used to be back in the day. As our technology became more and more advanced every day, the music industry jumped on the train as well.

Instruments had to be played over and over till the end of the song all together in studios when things weren’t as efficient. But then during the surge in popularity of computers in the ’90s, music made their way on these devices soon enough as well.

It was considered a more efficient method of creating music when the software was made to do everything an instrument could do, but better.

This technology was known as the VST or Virtual Studio Technology, and as the name suggests, it was a virtual studio on your computer.

What’s a VST?

what a free strings vst - tool to create strings sound digitally

Virtual Studio Technology was invented in 1996, by the audio company Steinberg. Due to their invention of the technology, now every VST plugin has to be licensed by Steinberg. VST plugins are known to be an emulation of instruments that you can use in your songs, for the most part.

There are thousands of plugins available that can produce the sound of any instrument possible, but it doesn’t stop there.

There are mainly two types of VST plugins that are used by producers: one is an instrument VST or a VSTi, and the other one is a plugin that’s used to make sound effects, known as VSTfx.

Both of these plugins are often used together in music to produce high-quality music that definitely qualifies for studio quality.

VST plugins often are made to mirror their physical counterparts as well.

There are countless audio-correction machines that sound engineers use on a daily basis, and these machines are then digitized to the most specific of details to reproduce them as software versions. These software versions are known as plugins.

This is extremely helpful for the people who want to use these machines because these plugins are much cheaper, or in the case of this list, free, and also are easier to learn.

However, these VST plugins do not work as standalone software in most cases. You’ll need to add them to your Digital Audio Workstations.

What’s a DAW?

DAW is a must for most free strings vst plugins to function

A Digital Audio Workstation is the software that makes all the magic happen.

It’s the studio that uses these VST plugins to help you make a proper song. DAW software is used for the production and recording of music or any other professional audios such as podcasts, voiceovers and so on.

This software consists of countless options to choose from and to make your studio experience as life-like as it can be.

All the major producers in the music industry use DAWs as their daily driver for music-production as well, and that speaks for its reliability.

DAWs are not restricted to one mixtape and can make use of multiple track options so you can integrate different sounds and effects to complete your sound levels.

This software mostly makes use of the presence of MIDI controllers to make these sounds and sound effects that you see with so much variety.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and what it does is carry information on a plethora of channels, and you can set an instrument that it can play on each channel.

So you can make a MIDI channel to play the piano, or do the same for guitars and whatnot.

These MIDI channels are also the storage place of the VST plugins that I’ve talked about.

Top 6 Best Strings VST Plugins List

Even though having so many options at your disposal without physically needing instruments seems like a great option for many producers, it’s to be noted that it all can be a little expensive as well.

Digital Audio Workstations themselves can be a bit costly to install, especially the best ones in the market, and to add to that by having to buy expensive plugins as well can be a bit too much for most people.

So I’ve done my homework, and are here to provide you with the best strings plugins you can download for yourself.

AudioBro LA Scoring Strings

AudioBro LA Scoring Strings guitar vst plugin free download

AudioBro has been in the music industry for quite some time now and has one of the more popular string VST plugins on the market.

The company has one goal in mind, and it’s providing convenience for the user to the best of their abilities.

The software itself is lightweight and automatic as well, so the user doesn’t have to do all the technical stuff themselves.

It has an efficient feature called an auto-arranger, which essentially analyzes your own compositions, and moves them to distinct instruments which then continue playing the same chord progressions as present in your composition.

It also consists of different player channels so they don’t override each other, which also helps with the overall sound performance.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

Output Analog Strings

Output Analog Strings ample electric guitar vst download

Output’s motives with this string VST seem very vivid, and what they’re trying to achieve is greatness.

Analog Strings, first off, have a modern looking interface with a combination of gray and neon blue color theme which will make you want to work even if you have no plans to.

They also have a large library of sounds and instruments that you can use, and even have 500 preset samples to choose from, classified into relevant categories to help you with ease-of-use.

It also has several tools and settings that allow you to completely change the wave pattern of the sounds being generated, so you can adjust it according to your liking.

Moreover, multiple effects like reverb and echo are available in every channel player so your music takes off to the next level.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

Cinesamples Cinestrings

Cinesamples Cinestrings free metal guitar vst plugin cinematic studio strings

Cinesamples keep it straightforward and simple with their cinestrings plugin software.

It consists of a fairly simple, but sleek looking interface and a lot of dials to be seen on the main page.

You have many presets to choose from that’ll aid you in sound mixing or writing.

Moreover, it has a separate page for the mixer, where it has four mic positions for you to choose from.

To add to that, they also boast an impressive sound quality with the help of the Core library available.

Another page it has is the mapping page, where cinestrings give you the ability to tweak with the MIDI controllers and the overall sound generation to match it to your liking.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

8Dio Adagio Strings

8Dio Adagio Strings output analog strings vst plugin

Right off the bat, you can notice the brilliance in the design of the Adagio Strings plugin, thanks to the genius of 8Dio.

The software takes the look and feel of an old, antique sound machine with a sleek wood finish that anybody can become a fan of with just a look. Looks isn’t the only forte of Adagio however; the plugin consists of a massive sound library built-in, running on the core power of Legato which is well known in the industry.

It gives you the freedom to shape and tweak the sound notes to your will with its editing controls.

Furthermore, they also have 3 mic positions available in their plugin setup, being close, far and a mixture of the two.

With its looks and functionality, it’s safe to say that 8Dio has produced a masterpiece in the sound game.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

Eastwest Hollywood Strings

Eastwest Hollywood Strings realistic strings vst plugins free download

As the name suggests, Eastwest has brought to the competition a string VST plugin that can surely be considered the Hollywood of all strings plugins.

Apart from the decent looking interface, Hollywood Strings has an extensive library and can operate without any issues.

However, the best part about this VST plugin is indeed the sound quality that sets it apart from all other plugins available.

The sound players along with the quality of the MIDI controllers produce an excellent sound with unmatched quality.

This is probably due to the high-quality strings that would’ve been used while recording the MIDI samples in the first place, which ensures amazing sounding channels in the plugin.

And if you still want to take it up a notch, you can make use of the portmanteau controls present to bring an even more realistic sound.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

Native Instruments Session Strings Pro

NI has been one of the most popular VST plugin providers these days, and justifiably so.

They prove that with the excellence of the Session Strings Pro.

It consists of a simple main page interface, with a couple of dials or so, and then takes it up a notch with a full-blown graphic of a set of violins on stage, which gives the feeling of it living up every bit to its “pro” functionality.

With the help of a partnership with e-instruments, Session Strings Pro has a humongous collection of instruments at your disposal, probably one of the best out there, which you can use per your liking.

The usual tweaking and alteration are offered with the sound channels, but you can take it up a notch by using its presets to match your sound, whether you’re working on a pop genre or an R&B one.

Check this strings VST plugin here.

3 Best  Free Strings VST Plugins

Alright, some of the guys on the list are pretty pricey and it’s understandable that not everyone will be able to afford them. That’s why I am also listing a couple of free strings VST plugins for you to try out before spending a fortune on a professional tool.

String Synthesizer – beautiful and full of excellent features. The only drawback for a beginner is that you should be fairly familiar with emulation, as it doesn’t provide samples. Luckily, it makes up for that with a full ADSR envelope generator, phaser, delay, and the “ensemble” effect. 

Horus – more of a mix between a string machine and a poly synth, as opposed to a dedicated free strings VST plugin. It comes with 64 voices, 4 oscillators, chorus, phaser, and various filters. For the price of $0, it’s a gem! 

DSK Strings – interesting and a lot more visual strings VST plugin that you can download for free. Once again, DSK are being amazing at what they do with 2 layers, 22 waveforms, multiple effects, octave select, and micro-detuner. 


In the fast-growing music community, you need to have your hands on the best plugins possible if you have any chance of making it by producing songs.

As can be seen from the list, you can easily get the top plugins in the market without having to spend anything.

While all of the above-mentioned plugins are great in their own regards, I’d suggest going for Output Analog Strings due to its ease of use and functionality.

But rest assured, you’re going to be satisfied with any of these plugins nonetheless.

Whether you need to tweak and edit the soundwaves of the instruments as per your liking, or if you just want a massive sound library to choose from, you’ll be covered with any of the options on this list.

So go through the user manual of these plugins, install them in your Digital Audio Workstations, and start producing!

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