Top 11 Best Sheet Music Publishing Companies of 2020 [Updated]

If you are a piano player, the best way to practice reading notes is by playing different pieces by reading off different music sheets.

You can also read and play piano sheet music for leisure because, as a piano player, learning new pieces can be fun and fulfilling at the same time.

I have prepared a list of some of the best sheet music publishing companies with fantastic music editions.

By buying sheet music legally, you are not just getting the best music sheet edits, but you are also helping this industry stay alive.

Here is the list of the 11 best sheet music publishing companies:

International Music Company

This music sheet company was founded over 50 years ago by A.W. Haendler in New York.

Now, it is under different ownership and management, but they still feature some of the best music sheets and editors such as Kenneth Coper, Arthur Schnabel, and Ferruccio Busoni.

The cover of this edition features a simple single-colored background with plain black texts. It is simplicity at its finest.

Barenreiter Urtext

Founded in Germany, Barenreiter Urtext was started in the year 1927 by Karl Vötterle.

This sheet publishing company offers the latest methods of music research and modern printing.

It is one of the most qualified and authoritative editions that features the best composers, such as Johanne Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Faure, and many more.

Weiner/ Vienna Urtext Edition

Weiner Urtext Edition was founded in 1972, and it attempts to follow the original writing of songs as close as possible.

The cover is published in orange, and it has some of the most accurate music sheets that show not only the notes but also the way it is played in each section.

It also provides information about pieces, like the history of the piece, and sources the editors used for the music.

ABRSM Signature Series

ABRSM is one of the largest music publishers in the UK.

They provide quality learning and extensive tests to filter the quality of musical students from all over the world.

In the Signature Series, they provide some of the most high-quality editions from classical music.

If you are looking for an edition that focuses on classical music, the ABRSM Signature Series is an excellent choice.

Durand Salabert Eschig (Durand Edition)

Aguste Durand was a famous composer back in the 1800s.

He is an organist that studied at the Paris Conservatoire.

Together with his colleagues, they formed the Durand Salabert Eschig Edition.

This particular edition is well-known for its high-quality production of sheet music that mostly focuses on French musicians.

One of the most notable editors for this edition is Alfred Cortot.

He has edited some of the best music from composers such as the world-famous Frederick Chopin.

Henle Verlag Urtext

This music sheet edition is simple, and it is published with a blue cover.

It is very authoritative, and I recommended to most pianists, especially to teachers who are looking for a great resource of sheet music.

This edition focuses on the best classical composers.

It was founded by Gunter Henle, an accomplished piano player.

He decided to start this edition because he noticed many flaws and inaccuracies from other publications.

To right their wrongs, he started the Henle Verlag Urtext and made much better editions of classical music.

As of today, the Henle Verlag music library contains over 1000 pieces.

Most of their employees have their doctorate in music studies, which means that their edition is competent and accurate.


Paderewski is one of the most celebrated editions.

It has some of the complete works of world-renowned classical composers such as Chopin.

The only downside to their publications is that they only offer one artist per book.

Still, if you do want to dedicate your time to learning the works of one of your favorite classical composers, you can choose from one of the Paderewski Editions.

They feature the works of pianists such as Chopin Complete Works: Preludes I.

Every piano player and teacher should own one of these sets of musical sheets.


The Kalmus Edition may not be known for having great quality.

It does have some of the best pieces in its catalog.

It has some of the more complex musical compositions such as Scriabin Piano Concerto and many more.

This edition will have the black and gold text on the cover.

This book is not made with the best quality, so make sure that you take care of the book and store it in a place with less humidity.

Edition Peters

Edition Peters has been publishing music sheets for over two centuries.

It started all the way back in the year 1800 by founders Franz Anton Hoffmeister and Ambrosius Kuhnel.

They have successfully published the music of some of the greatest modern composers in that time period, including Beethoven and Haydn.

When the company started, they went by the name “Nuer Verlag des Bureau de Musique.”

Later they changed their name to Edition Peters when Khunel passed in 1984.

The company was then passed down to a bookseller named Carl Fredrich Peters.

Their company is known for publishing accurate but affordable music sheets.

Dover Publications

Dover Publications or Dover Music Publications offer the most affordable editions of your favorite music scores.

Dover offers a more extensive list of sheet music, and they probably have the widest variety as well.

The music sheets are not just accurate; their book covers are also well-designed and built with quality to last for hundreds of years.

However, some musicians do claim that some of their music sheets often have typos, I never really noticed them myself. 

It is because I wasn’t too keen on details like a professional piano player.

If you are looking for a budget option, Dover is definitely worth checking out.

It is a good book with tons of music sheets you can use to build up your skills in piano playing and composing.

Alfred Masterwork Edition

This edition features piano sheet music of all kinds.

It produces pieces from well-known composers, as well as music theory and introduction lessons.

Some of their most notable editors are Dr. Maurice Hinson, Stewart Gordon, and Dr. Willard A. Palmer.

Their editions offer a wide variety of songs and lessons suitable for beginner piano players and pros alike.


While there are a lot more music sheets and books, you can choose from.

This selection features some of the best of the best.

You may find the best sheet music publishing company on this list, but that is all a matter of which artist you like best.

Have fun playing, and don’t stop learning!

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