Top 5 Best Pad VST Plugins of 2020 [Updated]

VSTs and plugins made home recording much more accessible.

You can get access to almost any kind of musical instrument in digital form and use it for your songs.

When I first started recording demos with my band, we never used any VSTs.

We used a condenser mic to record guitar parts straight from the amp and used the dynamic microphone to record the whole drum kit.

As expected, it did not sound terrific.

After a couple of years of research, I discovered the world of virtual instruments.

VSTs helped me produce better-sounding songs, and the difference was from the first recordings I made where uncanny.

In this article, we will focus on the best pad VST plugins you can use for your music production.

Pads are excellent for adding a layer of sound to add more tone thickness to your songs.

These VSTs I am about to show you sound just like the real thing.

Instead of buying an expensive analog synth, you can opt to buy one of these fantastic pad VST plugins to add to your sound library.

These pads can emulate some of the most iconic synths, and they sound remarkably realistic.

In this list, you will find the right VST pad plugins that will suit your music production style.

How to Choose the Best Pad VST Plugin

When choosing a pad VST for your home music studio, make sure you look for the best sound, try the presets, the parameters you can tweak, and the price.

  • The Sound

The first thing you should consider when choosing a VST plugin is the sound.

A VST plugin should not only have a lot of sounds you can choose from, but it should also sound realistic.

  • Presets

Some of the best pad VST plugins will have excellent, ready-to-use presets that sound great without doing any tweaking.

  • Parameters

It may have a lot of presets, but a VST plugin should also have a set of knobs and parameters that you can tweak to create unique sounds.

It should have EQ, filters, and effects.

Some pad VSTs also include an X/Y pad that could transform the sound in real-time.

  • Data Usage

Some VST plugins require a ton of memory and CPU usage.

Even if you have an 8GB RAM or higher, some plugins will crash, which is pretty annoying when you are in the zone.

If your computer isn’t up to date, just make sure to keep the number of plugins running simultaneously to a minimum.

  • User-friendliness

Having tons of parameters can be a good thing, but make sure that the plugin is still easy to use.

A complicated user interface is hard to navigate, and it would be challenging to maximize its features.

  • Price

Lastly, make sure you find a VST plugin that fits your budget range.

VST prices can range from zero to hundreds of dollars.

If you plan to buy a VST that is worth over a hundred dollars, make sure you will use it so that it can be worth the price.

Where Can I Use Pad VST Plugins?

Pads can be used in almost any music genre.

They are excellent for electronic genres, pop, rock, indie, and many more.

Synth pads are great for filling in hollow areas in your song, and you can use it for adding dark and ominous tones.

You can even adjust the attack to control the pads’ dynamics to create a pulsating or wave effect.

The 5 Best Pad VST Plugins

Alright guys, here is the list:

#1 Serum

Best Pad VST Plugins - best free pad vst plugins for beginners and pros

Serum is a fantastic product that caught the attention of most music producers, including myself.

It is a wavetable soft synth that you can use for most music genres.

It is a powerful plugin that you can use for creating some of the best sounds.

I would recommend this plugin for people who are looking for a plugin that they can use for designing their own sound.

Key Features:

  • Built-in effects such as compressor, distortion, flanger, phaser, and EQ
  • Ultimate customization and sound design capabilities
  • 144 wavetables
  • 450 presets

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#2 Arturia Jupiter 8

Arturia Jupiter 8 - best pad vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, reaper, pro tools, logic pro x, garageband

The Jupiter 8 is one of the best pads VST plugins I have ever had the pleasure of using.

It is modeled from a Roland Jupiter 8, and it sounds close to the real thing.

The Roland Jupiter 8 is one of Roland’s most iconic synths that put the brand on every keyboard player’s radars back in the 80s.

The Jupiter 8 VST has incredible lush pads that sound good for adding more character to your tracks.

This VST plugin has some of the warmest sounds you’ll ever find.

Key Features:

  • Warm sounds
  • Excellent user interface
  • Tons of presets
  • True analog emulation

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#3 U-HE Diva

This next pad VST has some of the best sub sounds and pads.

It features warm tones and a lot of low-end sounds that will sound excellent for most of your tracks.

The U-HE Diva is excellent for recording, as well as for using live.

Beginner and professional producers will have a blast with this VST because of its versatility.

It does not only have the best sounding pads; it also has a lot of other sounds that you can use.

Key Features:

  • Excellent sounding pads
  • Versatile VST for almost any music genre

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#4 Sonivox Orchestral Companion

Sonivox Orchestral Companion - best vst instruments plugins and vst synths with presets

This string VST features some of the best pads.

It is very affordable, and you can use it for almost any style of music.

The user interface looks really neat, and it is straightforward.

The sounds sound very realistic, especially the strings.

Plus, Orchestral Companion does not take up a lot of your precious hard drive space.

Key Features:

  • Over 90 patches
  • Lush and dramatic sounds
  • Excellent for creating dark and ominous tracks
  • Highly affordable

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#5 Rev by Output

Rev by Output - best pad vst instruments plugins with loops, rises, pulses, pads, etc

Rev is one of Output’s most sophisticated plugins.

This plugin is excellent for creating pop music.

It features a superior sound engine filed with some of the most haunting pads you will ever hear.

One thing I did not like about this plugin is its data usage.

I would not recommend this VST if your computer has low specs.

Make sure your computer is fast enough to enjoy what Rev has to offer.

Rev might be expensive, but it is totally worth buying if you are looking for the best pads in that money can buy.

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When looking for the best pad VST plugin, there are a lot of things to consider.

I recommend that you choose one that you feel comfortable using and one that fits your budget.

As a music producer, nothing is better than filling your sound library with the best sounds.

I hope I helped you choose your next pad VST.

Enjoy creating the best music!

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