Top 5 Best House Music Record Pools of 2020 [Updated]

As a music lover and DJ, I always find myself searching for the best genre record pools.

The best record pools should be affordable, have a wide selection, and also must have a clean interface.

It is cool if these record pools also offer video downloads, but if your purpose is to remix and DJ, you probably wouldn’t want to pay for extra.

In this list, I entered some of the BEST house music record pools.

If you are a club DJ, house music probably is what gets the crowd rolling, so it is a good idea to have a house music source where you can download unlimited high-quality house music tracks.

If you are still buying tracks individually for 99 cents a pop, you should think about subscribing to record pools where you can save a lot of money for unlimited downloads.

Here are the best house music record pools you can subscribe to, to get the best house music songs to play for your DJ sets:


zipDJ review - professional edm house lofi party dj pool

Price: $40 per month

ZipDJ offers some of the best tracks, including music from house music legends such as Armada, Spinnin, Ultra, Strictly Rhythm, Ministry of Sound, and many more.

Music from ZipDJ can satisfy most of your house music needs, and you can surely get your crowd dancing to the tracks you download.

ZipDJ’s library is massive, which also has tracks from the previous years. If you are looking for new and throwback tracks, ZipDJ might have you covered.

I do recommend this record pool for DJs looking to expand their library with new anthems, as well as the old songs that give a nostalgic feeling to you and your crowd.

Although ZipDJ might not be perfect, I really like how responsive their customer service team is when you have concerns and questions.

They really know how to take good care of their subscribers.

ZipDJ’s price, however, is a little steep compared to other house music record pools.

Still, I think the price is reasonable for the extensive music catalog and excellent customer service they offer.

You can also get significant discounts if you subscribe for more than one month.

You can get the biggest discount by opting for the annual subscription, where you can get a massive 30% off the fee.

Although some people may not need a 1-year subscription.

Check it out here.

Release Promo

release promo review - free dj pool house edm dubstep hip hop record

Price: $59 per month

Another house music record pool with an extensive song library, Release Promo, is one of the best record pools for house music.

Their library is also updated regularly to keep you up to date on the hottest house music tracks.

They also have exclusive tracks from artists that you won’t find at any other house music record pool on the web.

Famous with big names that play huge clubs and music festivals are also suggesting Release Promo.

Release Promo could have been the best option if it wasn’t for the price.

The standard monthly fee is higher than most record pools and might not be ideal for beginner DJs who are trying to make a living out of DJing small clubs.

However, if the price is not an issue, it is one of the best record pools I can recommend because of its exclusive tracks and beautiful user interface.

Buying tracks from Apple Music or Beatport is still more expensive than a monthly subscription to Release Promo.  

Check it out here.

BPM Supreme

bpm supreme - house dance edm record pool for djs and djing

Price: $19.99 per month

BPM Supreme deserves mention because not only is it more affordable than the other items on the list, it also has a wide selection from different genres as well.

Their house music selection offers over 10,000 different tracks, while there are a lot of more sub-genres to choose from under the house music umbrella.

BPM Supreme also has a list of tropical house, deep house, techno. future house, electro house, progressive house, nu-disco, and many more.

It may not have a lot of tracks, but it offers versatility.

All their tracks date back to many years, allowing subscribers to download a collection of the past to present club anthems that will surely set the dance floor on fire.

Another thing that BPM supreme offers are video downloads.

DJs may not have so much use for video files, but it is a good addition for entertainment purposes.

Some DJs like to have a projector setup for their sets.

You can use these music videos for extra visual aspects.

It may sound like the perfect record pool.

However, there is one thing that I didn’t like, which is the organization of files and categories.

It might not be a big deal for some people.

I feel that you may miss some tracks because of the mix-up.

You can always search for a specific song using the search toolbar.

Check it out here.

DJ City

dj city review - dj music subscription service for house music

Price: $90 for three months

DJ City is probably one of the most significant record pools in the world wide web.

The libraries are updated regularly to keep subscribers updated to the latest anthems.

However, some tracks are also being removed regularly, so make sure you download the tracks you want before they take it down.

Despite tracks being removed regularly, the library is still huge and filled with rare remixes and commercial top 40 hits, as well as house music aimed for pure house music fans.

The only drawback to otherwise an excellent website is that there is no option to opt for monthly subscriptions.

You can only subscribe to this platform on a quarterly basis, which costs $90.

It could be reasonable since DJ city offers more than just house music.

It can be a problem for people who want to switch to different record pools.

Check it out here and read my review here.

Direct Music Service

direct music service dms review - best house record pool for djs and music producers

Price: $29.95 per month

Direct music service offers an outstanding back catalog filled with not only house music, but you will find tons of different genres you can play at clubs such as timeless disco classics.

The modern house music selection covers modern tracks from almost any sub-genre you can think of, which is a pretty good deal considering the reasonable price.

However, the price may be reasonable at first glance, but unlike other websites, Direct Music Service does not offer unlimited downloads.

It is kind of a bummer and might not be worth almost $30 a month.

Here are Direct Music Service subscription plans:

  • Starter Package: $29.95 per month. (up to 40 downloads)
    • Yearly Starter Package: $269.95
  • Semi-Pro Package: $44.95 per month (up to 80 downloads)
    • Yearly Semi-Pro Package: $359.95 per year
  • Pro Package: $64.95 per month (unlimited downloads)
    • Yearly Pro Package: $449.95 per year

Limited downloads are not exactly what you would call a good deal, but this website still has some of the best selections that may be of some value.

You can check their library yourself and decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Signing up for an annual membership can also give you significant discounts on their plans, but it can cost a lot of money upfront.

Check it out here.

Related Questions:

  • Are there recording pools for other music genres?

Yes, there are tons of record pools that have a music library dedicated to other music genres, such as hip-hop or Latin music.

you can also find record pools with mixed genres, but I find it better to stick to genre-specific record pools if you are looking for rare remixes of songs.

If you are mostly going to play top 40 hits for your shows as a club or mobile DJ, you can subscribe to mixed-genre record pools to save money, and just download new hits off of Beatport or Apple Music to add the new chart-topping singles.

  • Why are house music record pools limited compared to other genre record pools?

Because there are so many house music sub-genres, and house music is not as mainstream as EDM and pop music, it is not receiving the same amount of attention.

With that being said, there are not a lot of record pools that want to pay a lot of attention to house music and its sub-genres.

  • Aside from record pools, where can I get music tracks for my DJ set?

Sources like Beatport sells music for about $2 per track, which is more expensive than $20 bucks for unlimited downloads a month.

If you really want to help producers earn money, you can just opt to buy music directly.

Usually, you can get any song you can think of by purchasing them from one of these sources.


Not all the record pools I have mentioned will supply you with all the specific house music tracks you need, but they are some of the best house music record pools to get your music.

As a club DJ, playing house music at clubs will be expected by the audience, so make sure you have enough songs that can fill your set with intense dance music and satisfy your crowd.

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