Top 7 Best Free Websites To Download Free DJ Music [Updated 2020]

No matter how hard we try to stop it, illegal downloading and piracy of music is still a thing, and it’s here to stay.

I never recommend downloading music illegally because it can hurt the music industry in a bad way, especially today, where streaming is taking over.

Well, musicians can still make money even with the dying trend of buying physical copies of CDs.

They always get their fair share with the number of streams on Spotify or Apple Music.

Plus, there are still people who still buy physical CDs and even Vinyl to add to their collection.

This article, however, is not about that.

It is about how to download free music that you can use for DJing legally.

Where do DJs Get Their Music?

Subscribing to record pools is one way, but the price is kind of steep, especially if you are just beginning a career as a DJ.

DJs also get their music from their music collection.

They can get it from Old CDs ripped to their computer, buy music from Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes) or buy them from Beatport.

Purchasing individual tracks and albums can get pricey, so I will show you some of the best websites where you can download free DJ music legally.

Exploring these different sites will help you expand your DJ library without spending too much.

When you start making good money as a DJ, you can subscribe to record pools in the future and download more music.

Make sure you have a lot of space on your hard drive and get ready to download.

Here are the best websites to download FREE DJ music:


bandcamp - dj music download sites free

Bandcamp is the home for indie-artists, and you can find a lot of music on this website.

It is an excellent streaming website where producers and labels are given a chance to share their music with the world.

Some music makers or bands allow people to download their music for free, charge a small amount, or ask for donations.

Bandcamp allows you to download full albums and EPs.

What I like most about the website is that you can discover fresh beats from new artists and producers.

However, if you are looking for music from big-named artists and producers, maybe Bandcamp is not the best place to find them.

Check it out here.


soundcloud - where do djs get their music for free

SoundCloud has been around for a while, and it has been home to indie artists and producers.

Now, SoundCloud does not only feature independent artists, but major record labels and well-known artists release their music on this platform as well.

SoundCloud has been taking down music with copyright infringement, but you can still find hidden gems on this website for you to download.

You can still download a lot of free original songs from unknown artists and discover new music.

You can probably find some deals to get free downloads on some popular singles by usually liking or sharing stuff on social media.

The only drawback of this website is the ads that pop-up, especially when playing popular songs.

Check it out here.


jamendo - free dj music pool collection

Jamendo is a site that was made for a portal for sound designers who are looking to license music for films, TV, and any other multimedia project.

They offer a lot of free songs to download, which are mostly instrumental music.

It offers a wide selection of electronic tracks that DJs can play in their sets, and you just might find songs you can play for the first few hours of dancing in the club.

I really liked how easy you can search for songs based on genre.

You can download the songs for free without signing up or anything, which is pretty sweet.

It is like a stock photo website but for music.

However, don’t expect to find big names on this website, because all the music here is created by unknown producers that put their music up for licensing purposes.

Check it out here.

Record Label Sites

timetable - free complete dj music collection download

If you are looking for music from well-known record labels, they sometimes do promos and giveaway free songs on their websites.

However, they rarely do this, so you are going to have to check the sites from time to time.

Because professionals created these songs, it is guaranteed to be of high quality.

The only downside is that you cannot choose the song they give away and promote for free, and sometimes they only do it to promote new, virtually unknown artists.

Purchasing music is still the best way to get the music you want.

Check Timetables Records (as an example) here.


soundclick - get free dj music online download

Soundclick started in the Myspace era, and continue to support independent artists and producers by offering a platform where they can put up their music.

You may not find tracks from famous artists, but just like SoundCloud or Bandcamp, you can still find worthy records for your collection that are absolutely free.

Although Bandcamp focuses more on independent bands, Soundclick is a source for some excellent electronic and hip-hop beats created by talented producers.

The only drawback of this website is that it is outdated, and some producers do not upload their tracks here anymore, especially producers from the new generation.

Check it out here.

Noise Trade

noise trade - free dj pool music options download legally

Noise Trade is a website that is similar to Bandcamp, where you can download entire albums and EPs for free.

Well, not exactly for free, because you will need to sign up for their mailing list by entering your email address.

It is not much of a bother as you can always turn off notifications.

You can also tip artists with any amount if you enjoyed their music.

Although you cannot find popular artists on this site, there is a big chance that you can find upcoming artists with great music productions that you can play in your DJ sets.

Just like Bandcamp and SoundCloud, this website is a place where you can discover new music.

Take note; if you are looking for popular songs from prominent artists, you will not find them on this platform.

Check it out here.


dj mixes now - best free websites to download dj music pools

Upcoming producers often post links to their music on their Facebook pages to get more followers.

I found a lot of decent acts while browsing through artist pages on Facebook.

You can usually download some of their songs just by liking a page.

Not only will you get regular updates of your favorite artists, but you can also often find free downloads if you like or share the page.

The only drawback is that you will have to scour through Facebook pages to find free music to download.

It is an excellent way to discover and make friends with new artists, and who knows, they might be the next big thing.

If you have time on your hands, make sure you check out Facebook pages for songs to download.

Don’t you just miss Myspace?

Check it out here.

Related Questions:

  • What are DJ record pools?

Record pools are websites where you can download audio and video files for a subscription fee.

Most record pools offer a monthly subscription, which includes access to download music from their library.

Some of them focus on a specific genre, while some have a more extensive selection.

You can subscribe to these record pools to gain access to music legally.

By subscribing to record pools, you can find more songs from well-known artists and producers.

It is rare to find free music from artists who made a name in the industry because it is their way of making money.

If you have the budget, you can always purchase music to support these artists.

  • Is it legal to play these tracks for your DJ sets?

Playing your own music or remixes you made is fine because without signing any contracts with record companies, you own the rights to your own music.

Playing other people’s tracks does require royalties, but I don’t think they won’t mind if you are not making too much money off of it.

As long as you are not claiming the music as your own, you can play the music for parties, events, and small clubs.

In most cases, DJs do not really need any permission or licenses to play songs legally.

Just make sure that you do not download these songs illegally because that would be unethical.

Famous DJs that perform in front of large crowds need a license to play music by other people, as they are making money off of them.


As long as you download a song legally, you can play it in front of small crowds and private events.

Just think of it as playing songs for your friend on a road trip or at a house party.

As you are starting to make it as a DJ, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting a license from who owns the rights to a song, for now, at least.

Now, it’s time for you to build your DJ library with these websites where you can download free DJ music!

Remember that purchasing music is still the best way to get the particular songs you want and need.

However, it is always nice that you have the option to download music for free and discover hidden gems.

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