9 Best Free Fender Rhodes VST Plugins of 2020 [Updated]

The iconic sound of the famous Fender Rhodes is one of the warmest electric piano tones.

It has a distinctive sound that you can use to create soulful music.

Scoring an original Rhodes piano is rare and hard to find, but fortunately for us music producers, we can download some Rhodes VSTs right now, and experience that iconic sound.

Artists such as The Doors, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles are some of many artists who incorporated the Rhodes piano into their music.

Guess what?

You can do it too.

Without having to buy the real thing, you can download a free Rhodes VST.

In this article, I will show you a list of the best free Rhodes VSTs that you can download right now!

LazySnake VST by Andreas Ersson


This free VST plugin gives you an instrument with a mellow sound.

It is excellent for creating lounge music and excellent for any genre.

The interface is simple and straightforward to use, and the parameters are easy to tweak.

Beginner music producers will have a blast using this free Rhodes VST.

It may not be a real Rhodes VST or advertised as one, but it sounds really close.

You can also add some effects like the wah and tones that are highly similar to some of Ray Charles’ songs.

Check it out here.

MrRay73 and MrRay22 VST by Guido Scognamiglio

MrRay73 and MrRay22 VST by Guido Scognamiglio - free fender rhodes vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, cubase, pro tools, logic pro, garageband

This next virtual instrument is a set of two different musical instruments.

They are donationware, meaning they are free, but if you want to make a donation to the developers, it would be a big help for them.

The sounds on these VSTs are useful for creating funky piano tracks.

It also includes some cool effects such as a chorus, wah effect, tremolo, distortion, stereo delay, and a panning effect.

Check it out here.

SFZ + Learjeff jRhodes3 Soundfont

SFZ + Learjeff jRhodes3 Soundfont - best free fender rhodes vst plugin for windows and mac computers

This next one is a free Rhodes soundbank.

You can pick an SF2 capable VST player to load this Rhodes piano sound font onto it.

You can use it for FL Studio and other DAWs.

In this example, I chose the SFZ+ player because it is the best Sf2 capable VST that goes well with the JRhodes VST. 

Check it out here.

MDA ePiano

MDA ePiano - free rhodes fender vst pugin for beginners and professionals

The MDA ePiano has a neat looking design.

It does not have a GUI, but it is clean and straightforward.

In fact, it does not even look like a virtual instrument plugin.

The parameters are clearly stated so that you can adjust them according to your preference.

You can use this plugin on both Windows and Linux computers.

If you are a MacBook laptop owner, you can download the 64-bit version, so it works with the all-new Mac OS Catalina.

Check it out here.

4Front R-Piano VST

4Front R-Piano VST - free rhodes piano bass vst download

The 4Front R-Piano VST gives off a clean sampled Rhodes sound.

They are sampled to emulate the sound of the real thing, including subtleties and nuances.

For a free Rhodes VST, this plugin sounds pretty accurate, and it works for Windows and Mac OSX.

Check it out here.

EP Station VST by Big Tick Audio

EP Station VST by Big Tick Audio - fender rhodes electric piano free download

The EP Station VST is a great emulation of an FM piano.

It may not be a direct emulation of a Fender Rhodes piano, but it does sound highly similar.

You can use it to create pop songs, ballads, and original soundtracks for television.

It has a clean electric piano sound that features effects such as a phaser and chorus.

Check it out here.

Clavia Lab by Simple Media

Clavia Lab by Simple Media - best free electric piano vst plugins

The Clavia Lab plugin is a free plugin that has impressive electric piano sounds that emulates some of the iconic sounds of Fender Rhodes and even Grand pianos.

It also has some organ, harpsichord, and clarinet sounds that you could use for your tracks.

Check it out here.

Orange Lounge 2004A by StarrFish Lab

Orange Lounge 2004A by StarrFish Lab - best free e-piano vst plugin freeware

The Orange Lounge VST is a Japanese-made VSTi that is really groovy, giving you a deep house vibe.

It is not precisely a Rhodes VST but is sure sounds really close to one.

Plus, the sound is really superb for a free plugin.

Check it out here.

RhodyMK1 by Wahnsyn

RhodyMK1 by Wahnsyn - free fender rhodes vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, logic pro, pro tools, garageband, cubase

This last plugin emulates the Fender Rhodes piano quite well.

From the interface to the sound, the RhodyMK1 stays true to the classic piano aesthetic and sound.

Check it out here.

What Are Best Paid Rhodes VSTs?

If you did not like any of the free Rhodes VSTs mentioned above, I got to be honest, they do sound good, but the interface seems poorly designed and limited.

So, if you want something better, you can buy these Rhodes VSTs:


Music producers really love the classic and iconic sound of the Fender Rhodes piano.

It is a good thing that we live in a time where you can recreate the sound of iconic instruments.

I hope this list of the best free Rhodes VSTs will help you with your music production journey.

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