Top 5 Best Free Mellotron VST Plugins of 2020 [Updated]

If you never heard of what a Mellotron is, you are missing out.

It may be a rare instrument, but some artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones have incorporated a mellotron in some of their tracks.

One of the most iconic tracks that used a mellotron is “Strawberry Fields are Forever” by The Beatles.

This classic instrument has a very chill tone that is an excellent addition to your virtual instrument collection.

Here are some of the BEST mellotron VSTs you can download right now:

#1 MellowSound by Batsounds

MellowSound by Batsounds - free mellotron vst for beginners and professionals

The MellowSound VST is close to an ancient plugin, but it is still relevant up until today.

It has a collection of mellow Strings, Brass, and Choir sounds that can add a little flavor to your tracks.

The interface is easy to use, and it includes a useful set of knobs for tweaking the sound to your taste.

Check it out here.

#2 Tapetronic by ElektroStudio

Tapetronic by ElektroStudio - mellotron vst plugin garageband emulator

The Tapetronic VST introduces some of the best tape piano sounds that are great for creating lo-fi hip-hop piano sounds.

It only works with 32-bit Windows installed on your PC, though, and it is too bad that Mac users can’t take advantage of this VST’s gentle sounds.

Check it out here.

#3 Redtron SE by Artifake Labs

Redtron SE by Artifake Labs - redtron mellotron vst plugin download free

The Redtron SE is a Synthedit VST that works with Windows in 32-bit installed on your computer.

It is based on mellotron samples, and they sound remarkable.

Artifake labs also have tons of other VSTs you can use.

Check it out here.

#4 Tapeworm VST by TweakBench

Tapeworm VST by TweakBench - best free mellotron vst plugin for pc and mac computers

The Tapeworm VST by TweakBench is another one of their cool creations.

The user interface is straightforward, only including a small number of knobs for ASDR, octaves, fine-tuning, and tape sound.

Check it out here.

#5 Nanotron by DreamVortex

Nanotron by DreamVortex - best free mellotron sounds emulator online ableton

This VST consists of some of the most fantastic mellotron sounds.

It also has choir sounds, a flute, and pop strings. Using the mobs, you can mix the sounds to your preference.

Check it out here.

What Are Songs That Used a Mellotron?

There are a lot of songs that used a mellotron.

Here are some songs that used the instrument:

  • The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin
  • 2,000 Lightyears from Home by The Rolling Stones
  • Watchers of the Skies by Genesis
  • Epitaph by King Crimson
  • Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You by The Bee Gees

What is a Mellotron?

A mellotron is an instrument developed in England back in 1963.

It resembles the look of a piano, but it produces a more mellow and warm sound that became popular in songs back in the 60s.


Mellotron has a very distinctive sound that can take you back to the 1960s.

Incorporating a mellotron sound to modern tracks is not such a bad idea.

It can be used for almost any genre, especially today.

Adding a lot of instruments to your collection can help a lot in boosting creativity, so make sure you take advantage of downloading new sounds, especially if they are free.

I hope you enjoy this list of free best mellotron VSTs.

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