Top 38 Best Free Kontakt Libraries of 2020 [Updated]

Kontakt was first introduced in the early 2000s.

The digital software caught the eyes of DJs and music producers all over the world, but because of its versatility, it started to become popular for all digital music producers as well.

People have the option to download the free and paid version of this software, but if you buy the full package, you get more sounds and get to download the best free Kontakt sound libraries.

Native Instruments did an excellent job with this DAW, as it came with some of the best sounds, including synths, drums, keyboards, and many more.

Purchasing different sounds can be a little expensive if you want to expand your Kontakt sound library.

Lucky for us, third party creators are kind enough to share their Kontakt libraries for free!

In the list of the best free Kontakt libraries, you will discover new sounds that you can use to boost your creativity.

As a producer, I am sure you couldn’t pass on the opportunity to get new sounds for free.

So here it is, the best free Kontakt libraries you can download and use right away:

#1 Rhythmic Robot Audio NanoMod 7

The NanoMod 7 is part of a series of 10 different sample packs.

The 7 is a teaser that you can download for free.

If you liked the NanoMod 7, you could download the others for a very affordable price.

Check it out here.

#2 Frozenplain Victorian Music Box

Sampled from an authentic music box, this sound library is an excellent representation of the calming sound of a music box.

Create relaxing music that can put anybody in a calm mood with the Frozenplain library.

Check it out here.

#3 Crypto Cipher

This sample pack consists of 10 Indian instruments, including a ThingamaKit and Pambai.

The creators of this sound library are masters of producing Indian music.

Adding world instruments in modern tracks is not so bad.

If you are into experimenting with different instruments, you can check this library out.

Check it out here.

#4 Samplephonics Leeds Town Hall Organ

The Samplephonics sample pack is filled with pretty impressive pipe organ sounds that you can download for Kontakt and other different formats as well.

The samples were based on the 150-year old Leeds Town Hall Organ.

Check it out here.

#5 NS Drums J-311 Kit Version 3

This drum kit is an acoustic drum sampler that includes all the tools you need to create, realistic, and convincing acoustic drums.

It comes with a good layout of drum components and master control to add compression and EQ to tweak the sound to your liking.

(The links is dead, sorry guys :/)

#6 Mihai Sorohan Vowel Ensemble

This Kontakt plugin was built around a six-voice choir that uses multisamples to create the vocal pads.

This sample pack includes the best backing vocal samples that you can add to your tracks.

In this plugin, you get clear oohs and aahs that sound very realistic.

Check it out here.

#7 VSTOff C4 Drum Kit

This VST is a unique sounding drum kit that was sampled from the sounds of the French car model, the Citroen C4.

It includes the moving of metal parts, including the banging of the door.

It is quite unique, but it sounds great for backing instrumentals for your tracks.

Check it out here.

#8 Output Signal FREE

This VST is the lite version of the Signal Pulse Engine Synth by Output.

The user interface looks cool and futuristic, and you get a lot of sound design capabilities even with the lite version.

Check it out here.

#9 Riverwood Air RAW Power Metallic Percussion

This Kontakt plugin features the sound of metal percussion.

Striking metal objects give off a unique sound that actually sounds musical.

The RAW Power Metallic Percussion is for industrial music producers who like to experiment with different sounds.

Check it out here.

#10 AudioWarrior Free Djembe

The AudioWarrior Free Djembe is the only djembe virtual instrument you’ll ever need.

It features different pitch and modulation settings to make the percussion instrument sound realistic.

Since it was sampled from the real thing, it catches the subtle dynamics of using a real djembe if you are using velocity-sensitive MIDI pads.

Check it out here.

#11 Bigcat Instruments

You can download three different libraries from Bigcat Instruments, including Drummer’s Paradise, a Saxophone, and the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra library.

These libraries include high-quality sampled instruments that I am sure you will love.

Check it out here.

#12 Cinematique 

This next Kontakt plugin is another commercial provider that allows you to download their teaser content.

Some of their landscapes and chimes sound really remarkable, and you would find some hidden gems in this old but gold sound library.

[The library isn’t available any longer]

#13 Fluffy Audio Simple Flute

I know t says “simple flute” on the title, but the flute sound of this flute sounds quite great.

The interface is the one that is simple enough and easy to navigate.

It also comes with effects such as vibrato.

Check it out here.

#14 Ivy Audio

Ivy Audio offers four different Kontakt sound libraries that you can download for free.

You can download these libraries via BitTorrent, and you are given the option to donate some money to the developers.

Some of the libraries Ivy Audio offers are the Piano-in-162, Clare Solo, and Scott Drums.

All of their libraries sound really good, and you might want to check it out. After all, they are free.

Check it out here.

#15 Project Exodus 99 Sounds

This Kontakt sound library is for fans of cinematic themes.

It provides rich layers of epic sounds that are ready to use right off the bat.

It is an excellent free sample pack that fans of cinematic songwriting and musical score.

Check it out here.

#16 SoundBetter Singers Pack

This Kontakt plugin is for polishing vocal and backing vocal tracks.

It is filled with vocal embellishments and samples that are recorded by five different vocalists.

Add a little flavor with these professionally produced vocal samples.

Check it out here.

#17 Hawpri Rosinspiel

This next Kontakt instrument will blow your mind.

With this plugin, you can create unique sounds, such as playing the glockenspiel using a bow or anything you can think of.

Adding the soft attack element to traditional instruments gives them that excellent pad effect.

Check it out here.

#18 Precisionsound Amore Grand Piano

I find it hard to find a grand piano with an authentic sound, but this Kontakt plugin sounds very realistic.

It is a great grand piano virtual instrument you can add to your sound arsenal.

Check it out here.

#19 Cinesamples Jerry’s Pianos

The Cinesamples plugin is a combination of two different Steinway Grand Pianos sampled simultaneously, creating a full dramatic sound that is excellent for creating cinema music scores.

This piano plugin sounds absolutely stunning and epic.

Check it out here.

#20 Strix Instruments Zvenigorod

This plugin includes dark and ominous sounds of a toy piano that is sampled from an old Russian device.

The interface looks like a relic, and it captures a true mysterious sound and aesthetic.

I like the percussive tones and presets on this unorthodox piano.

Check it out here.

#21 Hugo Kant

This library is developed by French producer, Hugo Kant.

This library is filled with flavorful sample libraries that come in several formats, so you can use these samples for other DAWs as well.

If you are into Jazz or Hip-hop, this sound library is definitely worth checking out.

Some of the notable sounds in this library are the Fender Jazz Bass and the Fender Rhodes piano.

Check it out here.

#22 The Alpine Project

The Alpine Project is a collection of lost Kontakt libraries.

The people involved in building this project did an excellent job of hunting down some of the best samples and made them into a full library that many Kontakt users can enjoy for free.

The best sounds they offer are Strings, Woodwind, and Brass virtual instruments and samples.

Check it out here.

#23 Impact Soundworks

This next library is filled with a wide selection of commercial Kontakt libraries.

It releases some of the teaser samples as full sound libraries.

They did the job of scouting some of the best free demos and zipped them together into one package.

Check it out here.

#24 Wavesfactory

The Wavesfactory Kontakt library is full of great instruments like pipe organs, tape drums, and a music box.

It also includes some of the best sound effects that you can download for free.

Check it out here.

#25 Soniccouture

Soniccouture is a collection of 3 different sound libraries that you can download free of charge.

Their libraries are teasers for their commercial products, and if you decide to purchase the full library, they are very affordable.

The most notable instruments included are the collection of choir horns, music boxes, and harpsichords.

Check it out here.

#26 Audio Imperia Epic Trailer Sounds

This next sound library consists of some of the most epic sounds you can use for creating movie trailers.

Very talented sound designers from Australia created it.

Check it out here.

#27 WaveAlchemy DRM Drums

These drums are derived from the Vermona DRM analog drum machine that was created in the 1980s.

It is not a popular choice as musicians chose the Roland 808 back then, but this library sounds different and unique, which is pretty hard to find these days.

Check it out here.

#28 Sennheiser DrumMic’a!

The Sennheiser Kontakt sound library consists of an acoustic drum kit that was sampled using the Sennheiser microphones.

It is loaded with samples as well as MIDI groves that you can use for your tracks.

Check it out here.

#29 Kralc Soft Guitar Chords

These guitar chords may not sound too realistic, but they do add a certain amount of flavor to your tracks.

It is hard to recreate the right plucking when emulating guitar with the use of a MIDI keyboard, but you can use Kontakt key switch features to select different chord voicings.

Check it out here.

#30 Embertone Ivory Wind

This free plugin is excellent for creating layers of woodwind instruments.

I do not recommend using them as solo instruments because they can sound unrealistic alone, which is why it is better for adding layers to create a rich sound.

Check it out here.

#31 Prodyon Shortnoise

This free library consists of over 300 Kontakt instruments.  

Browse through the different variety of sounds this plugin has to offer to get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll never know when inspiration strikes, and it could strike after hearing new sounds.

Check it out here.

#32 Mahmoud Altaf Egyptian Darabuka Lite

The Darabuka is a traditional Egyptian instrument with a well-articulated ringing tone.

This instrument can cut through nicely when mixed with different tracks so that it can be an excellent addition to your percussion instrument quiver.

It sounds way realistic for a free instrument plugin.

Check it out here.

#33 Xtant Audio The Total Composure Orchestra

This library is built around samples that were found on the internet.

Using the sound modeling capabilities of NI Kontakt, these samples were enhanced to sound much better for you to use.

Check it out here.

#34 Pettinhouse Audio Acoustic Guitar Free

The Acoustic Guitar Free by Pettinhouse Audio is a limited version of the full paid version.

However, even this version has more than enough features, sounds, and parameters that you can use already.

If you liked the sound of this plugin and unlock its true potential, you can upgrade to the premium package.

Check it out here.

#35 Sonuscore Orchestra Kontakt Instruments

This Kontakt plugin sound library is filled with rich-sounding orchestral pads that can add highlights to your tracks.

It includes a set of orchestra chords and sustained string chords.

These two instruments complement each other to create an epic sound.

Check it out here.

#36 Kralc Wooden Percussion

The Wooden Percussion plugin by Kralc gives out a very organic sound.

It is an excellent alternative to your existing percussion set.

The wooden planks can be used to create melodies for almost any genre.

Check it out here.

#37 Rattly and Raw The Hipsters Bongos

Another percussion VST, these bongos are hard to beat.

These bongos are made to be enjoyed.

You can change the setting using the uniquely named parameters to create different tones.

They actually sound outstanding, especially if you are using MIDI drum pads.

Check it out here.

#38 PocketBlakus Cello

This virtual instrument for Kontakt features a well-recorded and produced cello sample.

It is a great free VST that can blend nicely with your other instruments.

It is the best cello sound that you can throw into the mix.

Check it out here.


I know that was a pretty long list to go through, but it is definitely worth it.

Adding new instruments to your collection is always a good idea, especially if they are free.

I hope you find and download a few of the best free Kontakt sound library for your next track!

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