Top 10 Best Free Apps for Songwriters of 2020 [Updated]

Are you an artist, composer, songwriter, rapper, or even a poet?

Songwriting can just get a lot easier, speedier, and simply better!

I know how much it sucks when you get into that zone where you are completely ‘blank’ with little or no inspiration.

Well, these apps are just what you need to kick start and have amazing songs out there for your audience. 

There were times, I was somewhere and the inspiration to write came.

Of course, I don’t carry my notepad everywhere with me (I am not an overly classy man).

With my handy apps, however, I was able to put words together and get them saved when the moment came.

The key features I’ve come to realize about these apps are that they are also pretty good at helping you in finding lyrics, organization of the lyrics, and song chord formation and progression.

With these free apps, your works can be saved and backed up on the cloud so you don’t lose them.

These apps are the best for songwriters and guess what – they are all free.

While there might be better apps out there, I haven’t found anything remotely as good that comes at a price tag of $0.

They are also pretty basic, so you won’t need too much storage on your phone!

Alright, let’s take a look:

Abbey Road’s Topline 

Abbey Road’s Topline - best chord progresion app android

This app helps me record audio files that are up to two layers in just one track.

I can simply import my files, convert songs to whichever sharable format I need, and be done with it.

Well, it also lets you organize your songs, which is good for someone with OCD like me.

iOS Garage Band

Garage Band - best free songwriting chord instrument progression app for apple tablets and computers

With this app, I can create a track from scratch in a matter of an hour or two – everything is just too straightforward.

It also gives me an option to take free piano lessons for easy, medium, and advanced levels (which I don’t use due to having no discipline).

The only drawback – it’s an iOS app and you’ll need an Apple tablet or laptop to play with it.

Rhymers Block

Rhymers Block - best free app for rappers songwriters to write lyrics that rhyme

This app helps keep the inspiration flowing.

It helps suggests rhymes as I type on it via a system that displays information by using various colors.

Pretty easy and straightforward and helps with a brain fog when writing. 

Tap That Tempo

Tap That Tempo - song tempo bpm free app for djs music producers songwriters


Tempo finding just got easier, as this app helps me find the tempo to a song by simply tapping along with the beat.

While most DAWs have this option, it can come in handy if you don’t have your computer handy.

Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer - free app for singers piano guitar players

My music ear has been sharpened to know various chords and intervals between chords which strengthens my songwriting skills.

Worth a shot if you are playing a piano or plan on mixing and mastering your tracks by yourself.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable - free easy songwriter app for recording lyrics

Evernote scannable helps me in transferring pieces of written notes or lyrics to the notes on my phone.

It scans those words and when transferred to the phone, organizes it (almost always without mistakes).

This is one of my favorites because it tends to give my scribbled notes a better organization.

Capo Touch

Capo Touch - best chord progression app for ios iphones and ipads and android

Once the track is imported into the app, step by step, I get to pick a drum line or instrumental I enjoy most in the song. 

Then, I proceed to edit the song however I choose to, with the best elements handy.


Metronome - free addition to your songwriting app for computer pc laptop - windows and mac

I am able to practice my songs at various levels and paces to see which works best with this metronome.

Similar to Tap That Tempo, Metronome is a pretty basic app. 

I would keep it on my phone just in case.

Songwriter Lyrics Pro

Songwriter Lyrics Pro - best free songwriting tools for musicians download

Times when I had no inspiration, this app aided me in finding my lyrics and kept me on the go.

Worth it?


Ultimate Circle of Fifth

Ultimate Circle of Fifth - easy free app for songwriters to learn chord progressions

I get to experiment and play around with chords, progressions, and different keys, thanks to Ultimate Circle of Fifth.

Everything I do can be saved in the app and exported easily afterward.

Pretty sweet deal for a price tag of $0.


I think any songwriter will find these apps absolutely rewarding.

You can never go wrong with these – after all, you aren’t losing any money or time. 

If anything, you are gaining more exposure to the various songwriting apps.

Anyways, I hope this article was helpful.

Now, go and rock!

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