Top 15 Best DJ Drops and Voice Overs of 2020 [Updated]

DJ drops are used to make a set much more entertaining and more interesting for the audience.

They are also used for podcasts and other internet radio streams.

DJ drops and voice-overs where only being used by radio stations and famous DJs not too long ago, but today, it is being used for live streams, podcasts, and many more.

Because of the demand, a lot of companies and individuals are offering DJ drops and voice-overs that are professionally produced and ready to use.

However, the price of these services will cost hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars for famous celebrity voice overs.

There are also some sites where you can hire freelance workers to produce a voice-over track for you.

Because of the world wide web, there are several solutions for those that have a tight budget, and providers are offering FREE DJ drops in return for social media shares.

Top 15 Best DJ Drops and Voice Overs of 2020

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Here are some of the best websites where you can find the best DJ drops and voice-overs:

DJ Drops 24/7

DJ Drops 24/7 has the biggest selection of pre-made and entirely produced DJ drops you can find on the web.

Some of their pre-recorded DJ drop packs can be customized with your own script.

Prices start from $14 for a dry voice over.

Some of their megapacks can cost a lot more, but it contains a lot of personalized content that you can use for any of your projects.  

Check it out here.

DJ Drops by Wigman

Wigman has been recording voice overs for a while now.

Products from this website are reasonably priced, considering the talent.

Prices start at $9 for a 7-word dry script, meaning it won’t include any effects.

Entirely produced DJ drops will cost around $19 apiece. Prices will vary on the number of words.

Check it out here.

Music Radio Creative

Music Radio Creative is an excellent website that you will find yourself coming back to because of the quality of their work.

They started with one male voice-over artist, and now they have over 100 male and female artists that make some of the best DJ drops.

The price starts at $19.95, which includes 11 spoken words.

You can customize your order and add an extra script, special effects that you can sync with the tempo you need.

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can send it back, and they will work on it until you get the product you need.

Check it out here.

Female DJ Drops

Female DJ drops prices start at $10 for a dry DJ drop and can span up to $60 for a fully produced DJ drop with so much flare.

Their fully produced DJ drops sound really good, and you can use them for opening your set to make it more memorable.

You can purchase some of their pre-made sample packs that are produced in high quality.

These sample packs include royalty-free licenses so you can use them for commercial release.

This website covers a lot of bases, and you may find everything you need on their website.

Check it out here.

Commercial Kings

I found this website from banner ads on the web, particularly when watching YouTube videos.

It appeared right after I was searching for DJ drops.

I don’t usually click on ads, but Commercial Kings was kind of interesting, so I looked into it.

They offer high-quality voice-overs and DJ drops that are professionally produced in their studio.

Their studio includes a number of high-end equipment such as mics, pre-amps, and effects that help produce quality audio.

You can choose between male, female, and kid voices that start at $20 a pop.

Check it out here.

DJ Drops Central

DJ drops central offers custom and pre-recorded drops that are voiced by celebrities.

On this website, you can get DJ drops from artists like Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and many more.

The prices at DJ Drops Central are seasonal, and if you catch them during low-season, you can get drops for a low price of $2.

Check it out here.

Rob Ryan VoiceOvers

Rob Ryan produces some of the best DJ drops and voice-overs.

In fact, he claims to be the best in the business.

I agree with his bold statement at some point because of the fine quality of the DJ drops he makes.

Prices start at $19 for each drop, with a selection of male or female voice.

You can also choose the language if you want the voice over to be in English or Spanish.

Check it out here.

LFM Audio

LFM is a well-established website with over 120 voice artists to choose from. 

What I like about this service is their keen attention to detail and how they cater to what you need.

However, prices can be a little steep, but you do get the quality and the work done in time.

They will work on your project with the tempo and key you need for a full produced DJ drop.

Prices start at $39 for an 11-word piece.  

Check it out here.

Mixshow Drops

This website is another site that has it all. It is a one-stop-shop for all your needs for DJ branding.

Aside from providing you with a DJ drop, they also offer services like web design, logo design, and flyers.

Plus, they also offer DJ intro courses.

If you are a new DJ that is serious about making a career, you may find this website very helpful.

You can purchase single DJ drops for $15 and get 3 for $30.  

Check it out here.

Your DJ Drops

This company provides both audio and video drops.

If you are looking for budget options for pre-recorded DJ drops, this website can be your go-to DJ drop source.

The pre-recorded packs can also be customized by adding your DJ name for a small fee.

Custom sample packs will cost around $12, which is a pretty good deal considering how talented their crew is.

Check it out here.

Audio DJ Drops

Audio DJ drops are pretty straightforward.

You choose the artist, write the script, choose the desired effects if there are any, and they will go straight to work.

They also offer the best prices that start from $2.95 for a single dry voice over.

You can also choose from their selection of pre-recorded drops and effects packs.

Audio DJ Drops offer the most affordable customized packages you will find.

Check it out here.

Worldwide DJ Drops

Worldwide DJ Drops possibly offers the most competitive prices for DJ drops and voice-overs.

You can purchase five 10-word DJ drops for as little as $25.

If you want to add effects, you only need to add $5 extra, which is honestly not too bad.

A single DJ drop with effects will only set you back $7.

Worldwide DJ Drops is all about deals.

They may not big a huge company, but their five different voice artists are extremely talented as well as their producers.

Check it out here.

My DJ Drop

This website is created and run by Rob Nadigel, also known as DJ Emotion.

It is run by DJs that provide the best marketing services for DJs.

Because it is run by DJs, they know and understand what DJs need.

They offer a wide selection of pre-recorded DJ drops that are priced at $35 for a package of 4 different drops.

They also offer customized drops that vary in price.

You can get in touch with them through the website to get a quote.

Check it out here.

Pinky DJ Drops

Pinky DJ Drops has been providing their services for almost a decade now and has been growing exponentially ever since.

You can select if you want a male or female voice and choose whether you want the script to be in English or Spanish.

Their products are reasonably priced at $10 for a 9-word custom script.

Additional background instruments and effects will cost an extra $3.

Plus, you can get 10% if you buy two or more drops.

Check it out here.

Fully Produced DJ Drops vs. Dry DJ Drops

Fully Produced DJ Drops vs. Dry DJ Drops - best free dry dj drops

The only difference between a fully-produce DJ drop and a dry one is the addition of vocal effects or sound effects.

Fully produced DJ drops are easy to spot because of the added effects for flare.

While a dry DJ drop is just a voice reciting the script you wrote or selected.

Fully produced voice-overs are excellent intros for podcasts or vlogs.

Some podcasts that I came across use dry voice-overs because it is easier to mix and produce.

Related Questions:

  • Where else can I find DJ drops and Voice Overs?

If you still can’t get a good deal from the websites I mentioned above, there might be other options for you as a last resort, such as the websites Fiverr or UpWork.

On these websites, you will find freelance workers and independent contractors for almost any remote tasks, such as animation, graphic design, logo creation, and voice over jobs.

There are a lot of talented people on this website willing to share their skills for one time or long-term projects.

However, the list above will probably cover all your needs.

  • Can I produce my own DJ Drops?

Yes, you can produce your own DJ drops.

All you need is a capable microphone, a computer, an audio interface, and a DAW.

If you are a music producer, you will probably have all this equipment lying around your home studio.

The only thing you will need is an excellent voice for broadcasting.

I am a music producer, and I can produce music for other singers, but honestly, not all of us have an angelic voice like the ones you hear on radio commercials, trailers, etc.

If you have a broadcasting voice, I encourage you to produce your own DJ drops and voice-overs.

Who knows, maybe it could be your next career.


Using the best DJ drops and voice-overs are not just for broadcasting, podcasting, and live streaming.

You can use DJ drops in between transitions for your DJ sets.

It adds extra flavor and variation for transitioning from one song to another, and all you will need is creativity to integrate them into your mixtape or live set.

All the websites I suggested should have something that would fit your budget and your taste, so I do hope you find the best DJ drops for you to use.

Have fun browsing!

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