Top 5 Best Arpeggiator VST Plugins [Updated 2020]

If you are in the music production business you must be familiar with the arpeggiators.

They are gadgets used to create a sense of creativity and fun in your music.

The entire music-making process can be very fun if one has the right tools and gadgets required to perform the task of music production correctly.

The arpeggiators are present in synthesizers and music software.

With the help of this feature, you can browse through the notes you might’ve already entered in your system and go through them to form a sequence of notes.

They are more than often used by people who make electronic music as each sound and beat gets magnified and clearer with the help of this.

They create unique leads and bass lines with techno spirit while making melody as well.

Now, let’s look at some of the best arpeggiator VST plugins:

1. Kirnu Cream by Arto Vaarala

Kirnu Cream by Arto Vaarala best arpeggiator vst plugin for beginners

Kirnu Cream is a plug-in that is widely used because of the various features it offers.

It is a system that is mostly suggested for expert users since the features included in it are advanced and can get a lot done if you know your way around such musical gadgets.

It has a lot of features and it is still very simple to use.

This one has 4 tracks built in it which have around 12 patterns each.

It helps the user easily control MIDI patterns which add to its flexibility and user-oriented nature.

Once information is sent, there is also the feature of independent loophole pattern control.

It is compatible with both Mac and PC and has 2 versions; 32 and 64 bit – so it’ll run on pretty much any PC or laptop.

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2. Cthulhu by Xfer Records

Cthulhu by Xfer Records best arpeggiator vst plugin for fl studio, logic pro, pro tools, ableton, garage band

This is a very interesting and famous device.

The reason for it being widely liked is because it is basically two in one.

It easily performs two tasks at the same time. It is an arpeggiator and a chord creator as well.

Both of these features can be used at the same time and can be used individually as well.

It has various arpeggiator patterns that one can choose from. It is very affordable and provides a ton of features in a very less amount.

The unit might look simple and basic at first glance but once you get into it you’ll discover that there are a lot of hidden features in it.

There is also the option of locking chords with the help of which you can lock a chord and quickly move on the next while having one on hold.

This makes the entire process of mixing and mastering smoother.

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3. Thesys by Sugar Bytes

Thesys by Sugar Bytes top best arpeggiator vst plugins for windows and mac

This is a personal favorite in this list. It may be a simple arpeggiator but it provides a ton of features that increases its practicality and versatility.

It helps users create lots of different sounds and tricks in just a short amount of time.

This can be a hassle when done manually.  

The options provided for control are extensive and it fulfills a lot of needs in the price one gets it for.  

It has five mini sequencers and more than fifty chords. One of the most advanced features in this unit is the modulation sequencer.

Also, it shows 32 steps on the screen rather than the typical 16 steps and hence is a big help.

It also comes with the feature to drag and drop MIDI which is rarely seen in these units.

The sequences on it are easily customizable. This is also famous for live performances.

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4. Built-in DAW Arpeggiators
(Free Arpeggiators / Come With Your DAW) 

Built-in DAW Arpeggiators - best free arpeggiators vst plugins build-in DAW

This may be a very obvious option but it is once that should not be neglected.

It may not have a lot of fancy features that you can get in other such arpeggiators but the one in your DAW is the best and the simplest option. It can get a lot of your tasks done.

With no extra money spent, once can have the most basic and necessary features on hand with the built-in arpeggiators in your DAW.

The trick is to carefully analyze whether you need extra features in your arpeggiators.

If the answer is no then the built-in arpeggiators in your DAW are the easiest and wisest option.

The arpeggiator will vary depending on the DAW.

5. BlueARP by Oleg Mikheev
(Best Free Arpeggiator VST Plugin)

BlueARP by Oleg Mikheev - best arpeggiator vst plugin free download

This is a very easy-to-use arpeggiator that gets the job done in close to no time.

The best part about this arpeggiator is that it is free and can be easily downloaded without any financial strain.

Since it is free it does not offer a lot of fancy features but the ones that are provided in it are excellent as well.

It is mostly preferred to the electronic genre of music and works exceptionally there.

There are no monotonous up and down control settings in the arpeggiator and you can create your own patterns and harmonies.

It also offers a lot of presets. These presets can help you in starting right away or try it first to come up with different unique concepts.

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There are various VST arpeggiators available in the market.

Some come with very intricate details and fancy features; others are easy to use and simpler while covering all the basic needs.

We have even included the best free arpeggiators on the list in case you aren’t a fan of spending on your mixing and such musical needs.

One should start with the built-in DAW arpeggiator to test the waters and then opt for an advanced version.

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