Tascam TH 03 Review – Updated 2020 – Tascam Closed-Back Headphones

As more and more audiences consume music primarily via headphones and earphones, this is arguably the best time to own a solid pair of studio headphones.

A “sound” pair of closed-back headphones ensure maximum sound isolation while recording tracks.

So the musician can monitor the mix as they play, without sound bleeding.

Amidst the variety, one studio headphone that “cuts through the noise” is the Tascam TH 03 as the best-budget studio headphone.

Is it only the budget factor that makes this headphone so popular or is it also feature-packed?

Let’s find out by taking an in-depth Tascam TH 03 review and comparing it to its counterparts.

Tascam TH 03 Review – Updated 2020

Tascam TH 03 cheap budget closed-back studio headphones review

Tascam’s TH-03, a stylish set of budget-friendly studio headphones, is designed for sound engineers and musicians.

They are best suited for professionals who work in a studio and also its portability helps musicians who travel frequently carry it around with ease.

Powerful Bass

The Tascam headphone produces clean quality audio which makes you hear the music just the way it is meant to be heard by the end audience.

Noise Isolation From Closed Ear Cups

One of the biggest highlights of the TH-03 is the way it isolates background noise and creates a deeply engaging ambience with your music.

The headphones are constructed in a closed-back design which ensures optimal noise isolation by preventing the sound from bleeding into the microphone while recording.

Soft Padding

The design of the ear cups and headband is trimmed with soft padding which makes them comfortable to wear even for longer periods.

The ear cups have the ability to swivel away giving way to one-ear monitoring.


Foldable, portable, and compact, the Tascam headphones are travel-friendly and can be easily carried anywhere you travel.

With the compatible 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, you can easily use the headphones indoors as well as outdoors.

For those who are just starting out with their music production journey, the Tascam TH 03 is a great choice.

The noise isolation is good enough for most tracks and the slightly unbalanced sound would not affect the final output that much.

Not to forget, the headphones come at an almost throwaway price.

Tascam TH 02 Vs TH 03 – How Do They Compare?

Tascam TH 02 Vs TH 03 - which headphones are better for sound, bass, sound isolation

Let’s look at how Tascam’s 2 top models compare:

Sound Accuracy

Tascam TH-03 headphones feature decent sound quality with crisp highs and rich bass response.

Alternatively, the Tascam TH 02 offers a slightly better sound experience with higher sensitivity and frequency response.

It produces more balanced and clear audio which suits a variety of applications and genres.

The Tascam TH 02 delivers clean highs, mid-range, and a rich low end, whereas the TH-03 can produce unbalanced sound in some cases.

Noise Isolation

There isn’t much to argue in this department as Tascam TH-03 comes out as a clear winner.

Its closed-back design comes with an earpiece that blocks all kinds of external noise.

On the flip side, the Tascam TH 02 does not highlight a noise isolation feature which can prove to be a major drawback for some.

So if you are looking to completely immerse yourself in your music and not be disturbed, Tascam TH-03 is a winning pick.


The Tascam TH-03 black studio headphones aren’t the sleekest and fashionable headphones out there, but they are highly functional.

They offer you premium quality features without being too stylish-looking.

The Tascam TH 02, on the other side, have a little bit of edge in the style department.

However, with the trendy design, durability is compromised.


Recording takes after takes and then mixing and mastering them requires a lot of time.

Hence, we have given equal weightage to comfort here.

The Tascam TH-03 features softly-padded headbands and earpieces which are comfortable to put on.

The ear cuffs are luxuriously cushioned as well as the headbands are padded for optimum comfort.

For a budget price, the TH-03 cannot get any more comfortable than this.

The TH-02 is also touted to be quite comfortable with 90-degree rotation and soft ear cups, however, some users have experienced discomfort with TH-02 after a few hours of usage.


No matter how good quality sound it produces, if a headphone doesn’t stand the test of time, it is practically money down the drain.

Even though one shouldn’t have high expectations from a studio headphone in this price range, the TH-03 comes with a stainless steel framework which not only makes it durable but also light in weight.

On the other hand, a few TH-02 users have complained about cheap quality build and discomfort.

Overall, the Tascam TH 02 can make some improvements on the durability front.


Both Tascam TH-03 and TH-02 are fully portable and allow for easy mobility.

Further, their sleek design allows you to effortlessly fold earpieces and store them in a compact profile.

Tascam Vs Audio-Technica

Tascam Vs Audio-Technica - which headphones are better for sound quality, bass

Audio Technica is a close competitor to Tascam headphones in terms of the affordable price range.

Similar to Tascam TH-03, the Audio Technica range is built using durable quality materials and does not look cheap.


Both of these headphones offer a great fit.

Both are comfortable over-the-ear headphones that don’t feel heavy once you put them on.

Target Level

The Tascam TH-03 is more of a beginner level headphone, great for a musician’s first Ableton session.

More serious users will find its unbalanced sound quality and its lack of fidelity infuriating.

On the other hand, Audio Technica is touted as the first pair of “serious” headphones for advanced musicians who make their way towards professional music production.


Tascam headphones are clearly more affordable than the ones by Audio Technica however, you need to make a personal decision whether you want to invest an extra 50 dollars for the Audio Technica if you are getting better quality sound.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a budget, the Tascam TH 03 gives you the most bang for your buck while the Tascam TH 02 still needs a whole lot of improvement.

For a slightly higher price point, Audio Technica offers an incredible price-to-performance ratio that cannot be matched.

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