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Increase Social Engagement Fast With Jarvee – an article about the social media platforms automation software called Jarvee. It helps you automate quite a few processes on eight major social media platforms. I describe all the functions and features of Jarvee and then go in-depth and talk more about each social media, tactics, and strategies to increase engagement.
High-Quality Studio Sound Packs and Kits – a giveaway of three different sound packs designed by me. I put together an Essentials, Trap Kit, and Feelin’ Blue Edition sample packs, which include all kinds of drums (kicks, snares, hats, etc.) and FXs (special effects, to spice up your beat). Most importantly, they are all free to use for commercial purposes, which is important!

Best VST Plugins for Hip Hop Production: Beginners Guide – these days there are hundreds if not thousands of VST plugins out there, both free and paid. In this beginners guide, I’ve included drums and synths VSTs, which are more than you need to create a decent beat. Some of them cost nothing, Other go up to $400+ (eg. Omnisphere). Easy and straight-forward!

Best Drum VST List – for this list I handpicked the best free of cost drum VSTs that will help you step up your production game. Mostly for beginners and amateurs, as professionals are using the more advanced plugins of premium quality that you have to pay for. All five drum VST plugins on the list are nothing but a gem but a beginner.

The Best DAW Software For The Beginners – in this article I just describe the top digital audio workstations, such as FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc. (a total of 7 DAWs). I also note which versions you can purchase, and in which ways they are different from one another. Suitable for someone who hasn’t picked a DAW yet, and is looking for particular functions and perks.