9 Simple Piano Songs for Beginners and Kids [Updated 2020]

Any song that “sounds simple” and easy to sing along can make for a great piano song.

Some of the easiest songs on the piano encompass everything from the popular hymns to traditional songs and folk songs.

If the song is easy to hear and pick, it will be similarly easier to play on the piano.

However, there are still some fairly popular folk songs and radio pop songs that sound complicated but which are surprisingly simple to play behind the gloss.

A lot of these are songs that you will be familiar with.

They are a ubiquitous hymn in North American culture.

Apart from the traditional and folk songs that have been around for much of the 20th century, some of these are also songs from popular kids’ television series.

The common thread in all of these songs is that they are instantly memorable and if they are memorable, you can trust that they are also fairly easy to play on the piano.

It is not for nothing that the songs and melodies are so well known, almost universal.

Take the ‘Happy Birthday’ song/tune for example.

Below, we look at some of the easiest piano songs for beginners with a simple rhythm that you can belt out behind the gloss even if you are a complete novice in this.

What Makes for an Easy Piano Song?

Apart from the memorability factor that we have mentioned above, an easy piano song for beginners will be one where you will not be moving too much on the notes.

Also, they all have a simple rhythm.

They will be simple songs that you will be able to easily play with one hand.

Playing the piano, of course, entails using two hands.

If you are a beginner, this is not always very easy.

With the easy piano songs that we have listed below, you will be able to easily belt them out with each of your hands at a time.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Even small kids can belt out this popular tune on the piano.

It is particularly popular with kids who are learning to play the piano but adults can still use it to practice and hone their piano playing skills.

To get this right, you can begin playing this by placing the right thumb on note C.

All the notes required to belt out this popular tune will be beneath your fingers.

The only note that will not be covered by your fingers is the highest note which will be one note from your little finger.

Happy Birthday

The near-universal ‘Happy Birthday’ tune is perhaps one of the best known in the world and works perfectly in all languages.

It is also one of the easiest piano songs that you can try out as a beginner either on your piano or keyboard.

To punch out this tune, place your right thumb on the C and this will nicely bring out the first half of the songs beneath your fingers.

However, ‘Happy Birthday’ also features an octave jump where you move from C that you begin with onto the next C.

In case you are playing the higher C using your little finger, the next sequence of notes will also fall under comfortably under your fingers.

‘Happy Birthday’ also features a single black note, the B flat.


The simple tunes that we have provided above are ones that you can easily play with the right hand.

Once you are ok playing with the right hand, you can now start mastering the left hand.

Because all music consists of chords, it is essential to learn the basic chords using your left hand.

This is a logical step for piano leaners because eventually, you will have to learn how to play with both hands.

The song ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen is a great tune for beginners that you can play with both hands, using the left hand for the chords and playing the melody with your right hand.

Jingle Bells

Virtually all of us know the ‘Jingle Bells’ Christmas tune.

This chorus is also one of the easiest to learn on the piano.

It is simple and easy to play as it consists of various repeated notes.

It is much easier to learn this on a piano than trying out a totally unfamiliar tune that you have never heard or memorized before.

Jingle Bells has a complex verse but it is not difficult to master on the piano.


Here is another beautiful and fun song that you can easily belt out of the piano after a few goes.

It is a bit more complex than the songs listed above.

It is hard in the right hand and on the off-the-beat rhythm which makes this a more challenging tune.

The left hand features a pattern that will repeat again and again for the chorus so once you master this part, you will have mastered the song.

It also features a number of chords on the right hand that you can start with before you go to the actual tune.

This will not be a walk in the park like the other memorable tunes above but it is easy to learn if you take it step by step.

Cinderella Song Lyrics by Lavender’s Blue

This is also one of the most familiar and easily recognizable songs of our times.

It’s featured in Disney’s latest ‘Cinderella’ albeit a faster version.

However, with some practice, this is a song that you can pick up quite rapidly and render on the piano.

It’s also a great song that the family can join in on and sing together.

Imagine by John Lennon

John Lennon’s famous ‘Imagine’ song is also a great piece for a beginner piano player.

This is the kind of song that is suited for both beginner and intermediate players and one that you can learn easily in order to build some confidence in your piano skills.

To flawlessly render this piece, you need to learn some chord symbols along with the lead sheets.

Instead of the individual notes and shapes, you will also need to memorize its chord progression to make this work perfectly.

This way, you can play this song along in countless ways.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John

‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ is a classic Disney soundtrack from The Lion King movie.

The lyrics are also very simple so you can easily sing through the phrases.

There is the version of the song as it appeared in the movie and another one that came out in the single released by Elton John around the time that the movie was coming out.

Whichever version you choose to go with, this is a song that will sound really nice on the piano.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ was released in 2005 in his debut album Back to Bedlam and went to smash the charts across the globe.

It was a major global hit and it is a tune that is easily recognizable.


These are some of the top easy piano songs that you can start playing today to practice or charm your audiences.

The list includes a collection of some of the great pop songs and even a few classics.

Some are suited for beginners while some would work better for intermediate piano players or those who are transitioning into the intermediate level.

No matter your skill levels or preferences, these are some easy piano songs for beginners with the right notes and chords to help you get started on a promising note.

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