Serato DJ Lite VS Pro: Which One Should You Get?

Many people are wondering whether they should upgrade from Serato DJ Lite to the paid Serato DJ Pro version.

The short answer is:

You should always start with the Lite version, and if you like the software and want to experience its full potential as a DJ software, then yes, it is definitely worth the upgrade.

If you are not happy with the Lite version, why bother getting an upgrade, right?

Of course, there are some cases where you won’t like the lite version, but you will definitely enjoy using the Pro version of the software because of its full feature-set.

That is the purpose of this article.

If you haven’t tried Serato DJ Lite vs. Pro or tried the Lite version, but you are still a little hesitant to go Pro, you are in the right place.

I will lay down the differences and compare what you can do with the Pro version vs. Serato’s free version.

How Do I Install Serato DJ Lite?

Well, it is pretty easy to get Serato DJ Lite even without purchasing a DJ controller.

All you need to is:

  • Go to the Serato website
  • Choose if you are using a Mac or Windows computer
  • Download the software
  • Install and restart your computer
  • Enjoy!

You can also download the pro version and even get a free trial if you want to try it out.

And it will even give you options and flexible pricing plans depending on the hardware you are using.

Serato DJ Lite VS Pro

Serato DJ Lite VS Pro - review for windows and mac

I divided this comparison into two sections.

The first section will talk about each platform’s similarities, and the second section will lay out the differences.

Since the same developer creates them, it is safe to say that there are many similarities.

Because one version is paid, expect to have more options, settings, and functions on that version.

However, it doesn’t mean the free version is not good.

Some beginner DJs are happy with Serato DJ Lite and skip the upgrade for now.

Serato Lite is a full program that you can download for free, but it is still a complete program that you can use without limits.

Now, let’s start by looking at every similar feature you can find on both platforms.


serato dj lite vs pro - what's different and what are the similarities

Both platforms are filled with useful features that allow you to perform beginner and professional DJ sets.

Even the FREE version can be used for live performances; you just have to be creative enough.

Serato has come a long way from the older versions, and the Lite version’s interface, stability, and user modes are comparable to previous Pro versions.

Practice Mode

Both the Lite and Pro version have a practice mode that allows you to practice your mixing, transitions, and more without using a DJ controller or hardware.

With just your laptop, you can familiarize yourself with the primary DJ functions that Serato has to offer.


Both versions feature excellent resolution that looks superb on 4K monitors.

The core functions on both versions are highly similar.

They are both 64-bit programs that are compatible with new hardware and operating systems.

Both platforms are robust and stable, allowing you to store and access large music libraries without creating much of a fuss.

Apple Music

You can add and play songs directly from your Apple Music playlists with both versions without manually adding the songs to your Serato library.

However, due to licensing, you cannot use the Apple Music streaming to play songs.

You are only allowed to use songs you purchased or ripped from CDs, and both platforms will enable you to navigate through your library on Apple Music easily.

Command or Control + L

Both platforms allow you to use this convenient hotkey that allows you to revert back to the song that is currently playing on the deck.

Sometimes, you can get lost in your library when looking for a new song, and this command will allow you to jump back to your current song’s position, saving you a lot of scrolling time.

Even if you end up on a different folder or playlist, using Control + L for PC or Command + L for Mac will take you back.


serato dj lite vs pro - what's similar and what are the differences

Now that you know some of the similarities between the two platforms let’s move onto what separates the two.

Display Modes

There are more display options with Serato DJ Pro, which are essential for some DJs that use visual waveforms for beatmatching.

Playlists and History

You cannot create playlists with the Lite version, which is kind of helpful for performing live.

Expansion Packs

Serato has tons of expansion packs, but you can only buy them if you are a Pro user.


As expected, more FX modes are available with Serato Pro.

You can also chain and tweak FX.

Slip Mode

Slip Mode exists on both the free and paid versions.

However, there are more slip functions within the Pro version.

Pads and Hot Cues

With Serato Pro, you get more pads, more hot cues, and more sample slots.

With more functions, you can create more transitions, especially for more extended professional DJ sets.


The Pro version allows you to record your mixes within the software without using third-party apps or an external device and output.

Key Analysis

Serato Pro allows you to analyze tracks automatically and more accurately, allowing you to mix by matching the same key, unlike with the Lite version that only analyzes the tempo.


It is evident that Serato Pro has way more functions, and I suggest that you make the upgrade if you want to enjoy more ways to be creative with your transitions and mixes.

However, Serato DJ Lite is still a capable software, especially if you are still learning the ropes.

But trust me, you will want to make the upgrade once you get better at DJing, and it is totally worth it!

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