Reno Ukulele RU150 Review – Updated 2020 – Ultimate Guide!

There are a few instruments that aren’t quite “mainstream”, but they sound exceptional.

Ukulele is one such underestimated instrument.

However, it is a cost-effective and easy to master instrument that you can add easily to your live performance toolkit.

It is also compact and portable to be carried around on travels.

Uke has been recently gaining popularity among guitarists and a great choice for those who want to learn a stringed instrument.

Various brands have introduced their own versions of the best ukuleles with different sets of features.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Reno Ukulele RU150 which is an affordable and functional choice.

We talk about the features and performance of this uke to help users make a wise decision.

Reno Ukulele RU150 Review – Updated 2020

Reno Ukulele RU150 Review and chords

Reno RU150 is an entry-level Soprano ukulele from one of the most renowned brands of instruments.

The Soprano model is the most standard and common type of ukulele.

It is the tiniest ukulele famous for the clear, thin sound it produces.

This type of sound is generally preferable for ukuleles.

The Reno ukulele RU150 is available in a variety of bright and interesting colors to choose from.

The instrument is made out of laminate and has a matte finish in the color you select.

The neck and headstock fingerboard are also painted in the same color.

The design and finish justify the price.

It has overall a solid build with the bridge piece painted in the same color and finish.

It is decorated with two pieces of synthetic mother of pearl similar to fret markers.

The ukulele comes equipped with nylon strings.

The tuners hold the tuning well and feature a chrome body with a nice look.

Once you set it up, the instrument plays amazingly and sounds as good as some other high-end offerings.

Considering the price, the ukulele has so much to offer.

It also comes with a simple gig bag with a shoulder strap and carrying handle to make it easy to carry.

Reno Ukulele Review – What You Should Know?

Reno Ukulele Review – What You Should Know

Reno introduced their ukuleles for the first time in 2005 and it was a major step in their business.

They got their ukuleles designed and quality controlled in Scandinavia to make sure that they meet the quality requirements of a professional instrument.

Ever since the introduction, hundreds of thousands of Reno ukuleles have been owned by music enthusiasts across the world.

While buying a ukulele as a beginner, you should see that you don’t end up getting a random one from any shop.

They can be made poorly and disappoint you when you try to play.

There are four types of ukuleles – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

The baritone is not meant for beginners because it is constructed differently and it becomes hard to find the tutorials and tabs for them.

Of others, Soprano is the traditional sized ukulele and largely used by beginners.

As it is the smallest, there is less stretching for notes.

Moreover, this type of ukulele is also the cheapest of all.

A soprano like the Reno ukulele is a great choice to get started with.

Reno Ukulele Festival of 2020

Reno Ukulele Festival

One of the best uke festivals in the world, the three-day Reno Ukulele festival is held annually to celebrate the growing popularity of the instrument.

The ukulele is a unique family of electric and acoustic instruments played in diverse styles.

The festival combines concerts, workshops, organized jams, open-mic performances, special daytime entertainment, and vendor marketplace where music lovers can enjoy and relish.

The Reno Ukulele Festival of 2020 is scheduled to be held at Nugget Casino Resort, Nevada from 24th to 26th September annually.

Different performances, workshops, and concerts will be held at different times during the three days.

Visitors can see Grammy award winners, big multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and guitarists performing live.

The daytime stage and marketplace can be accessed for free while the concerts and workshops are ticketed.

A large number of activities and features are added every year to the festival.

The three days and nights of music, dance, and shopping make it a highly popular festival in the States.

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