Raz Nein, a rapper and artist from Orlando, Florida.

Interview With Rapper and Artist Raz Nein

Today we are going to interview Raz Nein, a rapper and artist from Orlando, Florida.

When did you decide to start rapping and what pushed you to do so?

Probably like the end of 2017 when I was going through some dark times, and I needed a more constructive task in life to keep me together. Rap, I believe, is the current most versatile genre and I have more knowledge on it than pretty much anyone I know except maybe one of my producers and friends Kmak.

Have you ever had thoughts of giving up along the way to where you are now?

Of course, who doesn’t? When you’re young and dumb you think your either going to blow up fast or not at all. You have to realize that there are many testaments in the rap game that prove that hard work and grinding it out can get you there too. That is my plan.

What’s your studio setup looks like? Are you looking to upgrade some aspects of it?

When I start producing more money from this I would love to have a continuous studio I go to but bring the sound engineers I already use now to help me. As of now lots of home studios at various producers and rappers cribs with the occasional studio visit on my own.

How good do you think you are at mixing?

I don’t mix.

Would you consider yourself someone who’s “made it” yet? What accomplishment will make you think as you’ve finally achieved what you’ve been working for?

Definitely haven’t made it yet. I would say when I get respect from people in the rap community I admire and when I can support myself only on music without stress.

Who’s been your favorite artist to collaborate with?

Currently, in the works, I have a track with Pe$o Evans that’s going to be crazy. But I always like working with my collective like Bore, Stael, etc.

How do you motivate yourself to work hard, stay up late at night and wake up early in the morning?

I live my life with enough structure to not go insane but the liberty to take life as the ever-changing mystery it is.

What does your day usually looks like? A lot of work?

I work my ass off, go to school, make music, consume music, smoke a little and go to sleep.

Which artist would you dream collab be with?

So many. Out of Florida, I’d pick Wifisfuneral, Pouya, and Shakewell I think I could make the best tracks with.

How’s the music culture and community in Orlando?

I mean Florida as a whole is just a wild place, but Orlando is every possible culture all in one place all intermixing at all times, so I feel like people here have a very global cultural view. As far as music we have a decent rap scene and a magnificent metal/metalcore scene.

What do you bring to rap game that’s fresh and new?

I feel like my flow can often be different than how people usually approach it.  I talk about a lot of real shit and my demons, and I think that in combination with the turn-up tracks is a nice mixed bag. You know when you listen to Raz Nein. I’m always going to try and bring new something new to the table!

Before we wrap everything up, how about you give our readers a word of aspiration?

When everything feels like it’s gone to shit realize it could always be worse and without sadness and conflict we would never overcome anything and where is the fun in that.

Where can people get in touch with you?

My Instagram @officialraznein