4 Most Popular Piano Songs to Play with Chords [Updated 2020]

What is the best way to practice your piano playing skills?

Practicing scales and runs can be tedious and repetitive, so another alternative is to practice songs that you know.

By playing songs, you can exercise your chord transitions, singing while playing, and your dynamics.

Plus, playing your favorite tunes is fun.

The piano is probably the most popular instrument in the world.

It is a powerful musical instrument with incredible dynamic range.

The process of leaning the piano is endless, which makes it more interesting.

The learning never stops, and that is a good thing because you have a chance to learn something new every day.

If you are new to piano, and just learned playing a few chords, I made this list of easy-to-play popular piano songs you can play.

What Makes a Piano a Great Instrument?

What Makes a Piano a Great Instrument - easy piano songs that sound complicated for beginners

Since you’re learning how to play the piano, why not learn more about how the piano became one of the most popular musical instruments that would change the music scene forever.

Before we move on to the list, I wanted to let you know the importance and origins of a piano.

The piano has been around for centuries, and the world of music has never been the same ever since.

It was invented by an Italian instrument maker named Cristofori.

The piano originated from a harpsichord, but instead of a system that plucks the strings, Cristofori decided to devise a system that would strike the metal strings.

This new system created a more dynamic sound that people fell in love with.

With the addition of foot pedals that can modulate the tone, the piano just became more dynamic.

The piano has many qualities that just cannot be emulated by other instruments.

The piano played a significant role in songwriting.

The piano has been used to write millions of songs in any genre, from classical composers to modern songwriters.

Whether its rock, blues, pop, jazz, or alternative, the piano has been there and has been utilized by many.

The piano is not just a musical instrument; it is also the perfect visual tool that would help us understand music theory, chords, keys, and modes.

Now that you have an idea of how important this instrument is, it is time to learn these simple songs that would someday help you practice becoming a piano master.

Most Popular Piano Songs
You Can Learn How to Play with Chords

Most Popular Piano Songs You Can Learn How to Play with Chords for beginners

Alright, let’s take a look!

#1 Hey Jude by the Beatles

Chords used:

  • F Major
  • F Major 7
  • C Major
  • Bb Major
  • C7
  • F7
  • G minor
  • G minor 7
  • Eb Major

Hey Jude is a fun song to play on the piano.

It is an excellent song for practicing your dominant 7, Major 7, and Minor 7 chords.

It does not have a lot of chords, but it involves a lot of chord variations, which is fun to learn and play once you get the hang of it.

This song consists of a lot of changes on the right hand while playing the same root notes with the left.

This song is about heartbreak and sadness in real life, which makes it evident that the best songs are written from personal experiences.

#2 Someone Like You by Adelle

Chords used:

  • E Major
  • D Major
  • A Major
  • B minor
  • A/G#
  • F# minor

This sad ballad by Adelle is a fun and easy song to play.

Despite its deeply emotional lyrics, you will enjoy playing this popular song.

The chords revolve around the key of A, and it involves chords with over notes.

For example, the A over G#m chord will have the same 3rd, and 5th with the root note moved half step down.

Most of Adelle’s songs are sad, which is what makes them so enjoyable to listen to.

You can really feel the sadness in the lyrics as well as the chord progression.

By learning this song, you can learn to arpeggiate the chords like on the record or play the chords rhythmically.

#3 Fallin by Alicia Keys

Chords used:

  • E minor
  • B minor 7

This song is probably the easiest song to play on this list.

It only uses two chords for the whole song.

You can also arpeggiate the chords like on the record or strike the chords in a rhythmic pattern when playing this song.

With just two chords, you can practice your dynamics to indicate the song sections.

Playing dynamically can make the song more fun to play despite only having 2 chords.

#4 Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

Chords used:

  • E Major
  • D Major
  • A Major
  • B Major

This song only uses four chords, and it is relatively easy to play.

This song is very upbeat and fun to play.

This song is written from the viewpoint of a devil, which can be a little dark.

The lyrics may be a little dark, but the chords are all major chords that contrast the lyrics.

This song made critics and fans speculate about the band’s beliefs, which turned out to be rumors.


The piano is here to stay, and I don’t think any instrument can replace the piano for the most popular for music.

Learning piano is a great way to get into music and music production.

With piano knowledge, it would be easier for you to create melodies and chord progressions of your own.

I hope you learned a thing or two after reading this article, and I hope you learn and become an excellent piano player soon!

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