Lenovo vs HP Laptops: Which Brand is Better? [Updated 2020]

A comparison between Lenovo vs HP seemed like a no-brainer at first.

That is until I learned that last year Lenovo was the best-selling PC brand worldwide.

Surely, there is something to this popular Chinese brand.

Lenovo is better known for its near-ubiquitous ThinkPad which is no doubt the most-recognized laptop system globally for business and enterprise uses.

Lenovo products feature the Active Protection System internal roll cages, Enhanced Experience as well as many other cutting-edge technologies that some laptop brands can still only dream of.

I have always known HP as the quintessential laptop brand.

They make reliable, high-performing, and durable laptops.

The HP product line also gives me enough diversity of options to pick from so no matter my needs, whether low-end or high-spec, I can always find laptops that I’m looking for.

There is a gulf in pricing between HP and Lenovo models.

HP laptops come at premium pricing and Lenovo products are generally a cheaper option.

If I was looking for an absolute cheap laptop that can still guarantee some reasonable specs, I’d go for Lenovo without blinking.

HP laptops offer uncompromising quality and a sleek and stylish design with appealing metallic finishes but HP’s choice of components and materials results in significantly higher pricing.

This is passed down to the consumer.


are lenovo laptops better than hp laptops - lenovo vs hp

For decades, Lenovo laptops have been considered as of average quality but the company’s frenzy of innovation and top-quality products have now busted that perception.

Lenovo laptops now assure end-users of outstanding quality.

They are currently some of the best-performing and most-durable laptops in the market, something which is underscored by the fact that they are the top-selling laptop brand globally.

On top of the significant quality improvements, they still retain very affordable pricing.

They are within reach of most buyers.

In terms of price-to-performance, you will get an excellent bargain with a Lenovo laptop.


Lenovo generally has very lightweight laptop designs.

The designs are not only compact but also streamlined.

Lenovo’s flagship laptop model is undoubtedly the ThinkPad which enjoys global popularity.

It offers users an elegant design and practicality.

The Lenovo ThinkPads are particularly popular in the business world.

If I bump on someone using a Lenovo in a workplace setting, chances are that it is usually a ThinkPad.

They exhibit very innovative and elegant designs.

They are both practical and portable.

The ThinkPads also provide a very impressive battery life.

Product Variety

It is not by accident that Lenovo is a top-selling laptop brand globally.

The brand offers users a good variety.

There is a vast array of laptops that will suit different customer categories.

If I’m shopping for a Lenovo laptop, I can be sure that I’ll find what I need be it a business laptop, gaming laptop, Chromebooks, or a 2-in-1.  

Lenovo also offers a variety in design or look.

There are laptops that look different across its spectrum of product categories.

For someone looking for more than just standard colors and designs, this variety can be a powerful appeal.

The company appears to have invested heavily in building different varieties of laptops to accommodate different price ranges.

They have very high-quality offerings right across the spectrum.


With Lenovo laptops, I can get a vast spectrum of laptop options and categories to pick from.

That means that whatever my needs are, I can always be guaranteed of finding a Lenovo laptop that checks the right boxes without having to compromise on the specifications.

Prices will vary depending on the laptop type and specs.

Lenovo laptops can be as cheap as $140 or as costly as $2,000.

However, the biggest advantage with Lenovo laptops is that I don’t have to blow fortune to get a relatively great laptop with superb specifications.

The Lenovo laptops are also reasonably priced across different categories so it is possible for me to get a very capable Lenovo laptop for a good price.


Lenovo is currently one of the most innovative PC hardware manufacturers in the market.

It has expanded its product line, introduced new products as well as new features and innovations.

Lenovo was one of the first to introduce HDR displays on its laptops and desktops.

Another innovation that the company has excelled in has been in the gaming hardware niche.

Its gaming laptop range is highly competitive in the market.

Customer Support

Customer support is one part where Lenovo really excels and even outdoes HP.

Lenovo provides users with various avenues through which they access customer support.

There is telephone support as well as chats and forums.

The company also provides helpful and comprehensive FAQs via its official websites.

Most of the Lenovo laptops have been backed by up to 12 months of warranty.

The warranty can be longer than 12 months depending on the type of machine that you purchase.

The more powerful high-end machines have a longer warranty.

Apart from repairs, parts, and components, the Lenovo warranty also covers servicing and shipping costs depending on the specific laptop model purchased.

Lenovo’s Standout Features

For me, the most outstanding feature with Lenovo laptops is that they have been built really well.

Take the Lenovo ThinkPad, for example.

On top of that, Lenovo laptops tend to be relatively affordable compared to HP laptops.


are hp laptops better than lenovo laptops - lenovo vs hp

HP has been around for much longer than Lenovo and has established a reputation for solid quality, performance, and a good product variety.


Many of the HP laptops have unique components.

Processing power varies but you will have to pay for it.

For faster and better processors, you will have to cough quite a good amount with HP compared to Lenovo.

HP also offers various options when it comes to graphics.

The Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptops come with AMD’s Radeon RX Vega M. Get even superior graphics with the HP gaming laptops.

The HP Omen 17, for instance, uses the Nvidia GeForce 1070 GPU and there is the option of a 4K display source.


As a more established PC manufacturing company, HP features a vast product line with some great designs and innovations.

While its basic business laptops still feature standard designs, HP outdoes itself in the 2-in-1 laptops.

HP designs are typically sleek and sophisticated.

The designs are also very compact and solid and have longer battery life and performance.

HP laptops generally look good and are very stylish.

Thanks to its decades of experience manufacturing laptops, HP spawns some nice laptop designs.

This is especially so with the 2-in-1 HP designs which are quite outstanding.

I also love HP’s very portable 13-inch Spectre x360 which is not only compact but also adaptable.

It has a solid design and battery life and performance are excellent.

The Spectre x360 can even be used as a tablet.

I find the Spectre x360 quite the looker.

It’s the kind of laptop I would turn to look at again and again.

Some even feature very attractive golden accents and aluminum chassis.

There are also Ash Gray and Blue Poseidon which also have impressive finishes.

The copper finishes appeal to many buyers.

HP also has the ZBook x2 G4 for creative professionals.

Its solid graphics bring out the colors more vividly.

It is a 2-in-1 that can even work with pens for sketching and design applications.

The chamfered rear edges of the ZBook also look quite good.

HP’s Chromebook laptops, like their Lenovo counterparts, are also available in very eye-catching designs.

The Chromebook X2 with its silvery bold design delivers in an unfettered sophisticated finish.

The HP workstations, on the other hand, tend to be heavier.

HP’s choice of materials such as the use of aluminum finishes and Carbon Fiber makes many of its products slightly pricier.

Overall, the HP laptop designs are well-executed in all the categories.

Product Variety

Like Lenovo, HP also offers an array of laptops ranging from business laptops to 2-in-1s, gaming laptops as well as Chromebooks.

HP offers a spectrum of options to suit all budgets.

When shopping for an HP laptop, I can be sure that I will get a laptop for every price range.

Quality also varies depending on the offering.

The high-end HP laptops no doubt provide superior quality.

When shopping for an HP laptop, there is the comfort that all my bases are covered and that I’ll find what I’m looking for.

Apart from the varied options for every category, HP also offers well-executed laptop designs, making it a top contender in almost every customer category, whether for business, gaming, or graphics work.

Most HP laptops will suit the business category.

In this market segment, HP offers a large selection of notebooks that will suit different budgets.


There is a laptop for every budget in the HP budget range but within certain limits.

High-specification laptops with great designs, features, and performance no doubt cost more.

HP also features options in its product line for the low-budget shoppers.

The HP Steam goes for only $200 while the HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 costs about $400.

Laptops from other brands in this class cost much less so HP may not be the best option for a low-budget shopper.

HP’s higher-end laptops pack better features and components but cost a premium.

HP gaming laptops that feature bigger storage and superior graphics cost as high as $2,000.

The bottom line is that HP laptops cost considerably more than their competitors and certainly more than Lenovo.

The price discrepancy is more pronounced as you move to the higher-end computers.

The HP hardware is however of the best quality and with excellent durability.

These are computers that will serve you for the long haul.

Customer Support

Certain aspects of HP customer support are wanting so this is an area where HP trails Lenovo.

The worst is the HP telephone support that keeps callers waiting for long before they can speak with the customer representatives.

On the other hand, HP’s web support and support via social media channels is usually superb.

All HP laptops are sold with a least a 12-month warranty.

The warranties differ depending on the laptop model.

The higher-end computers will come with a longer warranty.

Some HP models can even be shipped at no cost although this might not be the case with the cheaper models.


Having been in the market for decades, HP has spurned numerous innovations that have positioned it as the market leader.

The specifications for its Omen gaming computers have been upgraded in recent months with the improvements focusing on screens.

HP has also upgraded the model’s graphics.

HP’S 2-in-1s will work well for creative professionals as they have been tailor-made to meet their requirements.

They feature 4K matte displays and the ZBook x2 comes with a Wacom stylus.

The last few years have seen a lot of action as far as HP innovation goes.

This has mainly impacted its gaming laptops and the 2-in-1s which have undergone significant upgrades.

The Omen line of HP laptops has seen an upgrade in their specs but the innovations have mainly focused on the HP screens.

The graphics of the gaming laptops have seen a serious upgrade and their quality is now quite impressive.

In its 2-in-1 devices, HP innovations have tailored the hardware to creatives, particularly with the addition of the Wacom stylus and a 4K matte display.

These improvements have made them ideal for design and sketching uses.

Lenovo vs HP: Bottomline

Lenovo vs HP Laptops - which is better for watching movies, music, gaming, work

If you are shopping for a high-end laptop such as a gaming laptop and don’t have budget constraints, then HP will be the best option for you.

If you are on a limited budget, you will better off with Lenovo.

With HP, you get performance, durability, and dependability.

The Lenovo product line delivers a wider range of smaller laptops which are also convertible.

If portability is a top consideration for you, then you’ll be better off with Lenovo laptops.

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