Tyler Willard, more known as Tito, a rapper from Candler, North Carolina.

Interview With Rapper Tyler Willard aka Tito

Today we are going to interview Tyler Willard, more known as Tito, a rapper from Candler, North Carolina.

Tito, how about you tell us more about yourself?

I’m currently 21 years old, been rapping for about 8 years now from North Carolina. Patriot Nation or Die! I want people to feel the heart and soul I put into my music!

Do you have any musicians or people who are associated in with music the family?

Yes, my dad was in a band, and I have a brother who is in a band as well. They both play trumpet and French horn. My cousin was Dolly Parton’s manager, and my grandpa used to play bluegrass. We have a handful of musical talent in the family.

When did you realize you want to do more than just listen to music?

When I saw the impact it could have on people, I wanted to help people’s struggle, make them laugh and overall feel my message. I’m trying to convey. I want people to know my story, and I want to meet others who deal with similar issues in their lives!

When have you decided to get into music seriously? Was it after the “SoundCloud rappers” boom? It feels like more people started realizing that it’s possible to “make it” without a label and management.

Ehh I’ve always been pretty serious about my craft but yea, I guess that’s when it really popped off and gave me the motivation to go out and get it by any means!

Who were the first hip-hop artists you’ve listened to? Who do you think are the best ones right now?

Mike Jones, Lil Jon, Bone Thugs, Eminem, Ice Cube, The Game, Lil Wayne, Hopsin were some of the first I’ve ever heard.

Right now I think Joyner Lucas is going off, NF, Hopsin still going ham, Maxo Kreme, ASAP Rocky, etc.

You’ve mentioned that a lot of musicians do this for fame. Wouldn’t you want to be rich and famous yourself? We all have desires.

I would love that, but I wouldn’t portray myself as other artists do, money and fame are a big part of making it. I just want to have a loyal fanbase and be well respected, and money and fame just come with making it.

Do you know a lot of local music producers in North Carolina? Are you a part of the community as well?

Oh, yea there’s plenty of talent in the city! My homie Freedom the 10th Wonder, Party Mike, Kilo Fresh, Chris Angel – there’s so many more! But producers are making a come up too. My dude Dapper Dawson been with me since the start, Kstarns, DJ Youngkid,

The shows out in the ville are dope too!

What would you improve in the music scene of Candler? There must be a thing or two that could make things easier for producers if implemented.

Unity, and not just for Candler but Asheville. The problem with our city is that everybody wants to make it, but nobody wants to come together and show each other support. I think if we all came together we could put the whole city on the map!

How much do you work on your music?

Like almost all the time. At work, I write verses when I am on a break, and during my days off I’m at the studio working on something!

How do you manage to maintain a proper work-life balance?

Work, work, work nonstop. I consider my self a workaholic in a sense. Cause at the end persistence is key!

A lot of people have to make sacrifices if they aim high. Some miss parties, others lose friends. Have you made any yet to achieve the lifestyle you are dreaming of?

Oh, yea many negative ties have been cut, lost friends, gained friends. I’ve missed a couple of good parties, but I look at it like if I work hard now, then I won’t have to work as hard later!

It’s natural for people to feel down. Especially if you don’t see the reward of your action right away. How do remind yourself that hard work will eventually pay off?

Instagram. I got many people showing love, so I go back and read all the messages I’ve gotten. I realize I’m making an impact on peoples lives and it just makes me want to do it even more!

Why would you say your style is unique? It seems like a lot of rappers sound similar to one another. How will people be able to find you in the crowd?

I’m always experimenting with different sounds and vocals. Almost all of my songs have a different message. I try to make myself sound different than the rest!

What’s your marketing strategy? Is it only social media for now?

Yes, Instagram has been the best one yet – promotions and everything. It works well for me. I used other promotional tools, but they never did anything good.

Who are you making music for? Is there a specific demographic that will relate to your music more than others?

Uhm not really. If you’re sad, listen to me! If you want to hear some crazy wild stuff listen to me. I like to think my music Is for everyone to enjoy!

Pleasure having you here. Is there a word of aspiration you want to share with upcoming artists reading this interview?

Never give up! People are always going to give you hell for being a musician. Never give up on your dream and chase it!

Where can you be reached?

My Instagram is @titoavl. Feel free to message me!

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