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Interview With Rapper M-Hunt

Today we are going to interview Matthew Hunter Stotz, more well-known as M-Hunt, a rapper from New Jersey.

Alright, how about you tell us a little bit about yourself to start? Where are you coming from?

I am coming from New Jersey.

Have you been influenced by music at all in your childhood? Has anyone in your family every pursued a career in arts?

As a child, I was just always into music. My uncle back in the day was in a band, and he played in his own band. He played the drums. The production of Fallout started right before and finished after his passing as well which is why I reference him in the song, “I Did,” on the album.

How did you come up with your rapper name?

Man, that took a long ass time for something that seems so simple. So the first letter of my name starts with M and the middle name is Hunter. I combined the two. However, the crazy thing is that is not what I was thinking when I made it. I was thinking I’m hunting for M’s. It wasn’t until afterward I was like “oh shit, that’s smart as hell, I’m a fuckin genius.”

When did you decide that you are going to start recording? It’s a big step considering you have to invest a fair amount of money in your gear and soft.

Absolutely. My first album, “Vital,” was only on SoundCloud because I didn’t buy like any rights to the beats and it showed for it. With this album, “Fallout,” I invested as much as I could into it and it’s on all platforms, and I feel much more proud f this in every aspect.

You’ve mentioned you are only starting to produce – when did you decide that you want to do more than just rapping?

When I bought FL Studio, I was like well I just spent like two of my work paychecks. I better make the most of this shit. So after I dropped Vital or right before, I started messing around with it and Patty Mill$ taught me how to get started. So, I’ve never actually finished a beat but, I’m really good at melodies and hi-hat placements and everything. So now that Fallout is out I’ll focus more on that as well as my record label I just started.

What’s the name of your label and what’s the goal/purpose of it?

The label is called Future Past Records and basically what I try to do alongside Simarjit is bring in underground artists and get them all into one spot so that more pro labels can find us easier. We also offer a bunch of services for people who aren’t looking to be part of the label but want promo or boosts or features from our artists for decent pricing.

What does your home studio look like?

Honestly, just a microphone and a laptop on a desk. Nothing insane.

Where do you get the beats for your tracks? Do you buy them or get friends to help you?

A mix of both. Both buy, and friends send me beats.

Speaking of your professional career, how did your first album do? You must’ve gotten some good feedback by now.

My first album was at about 58k plays in the first two weeks. It got a mix of both good and bad feedback. Always going to have haters.

How come you’ve decided to release the second album 3 months later? It must’ve been hard to put together considering you aren’t a full-time rapper.

After Vital, I was still always in a studio. I have my house studio, school studio, and friends houses so I would call myself a full-time rapper. But yeah, after Vital I wrote the record Try Me that features Mona Mula and then I wrote The Shelter and then from there I was just like “fuck it, might as well make an album.”

What’s the main message that you want to deliver with “Fallout?”

To snapback at critics but also to just show where I feel I am at in the world.

Tell us about the album production – how did it all go? Sounds like you were almost living in the studio.

I basically was I was recording a minimum of 3 days in a row, and I do basically live in the studio. It was crazy if I was rapping, I was writing. If I wasn’t writing, I was finding beats or freestyling to find new flows. Crazy.

After everything was recorded, who mixed and mastered all the tracks on the album?

It was a mix of me, Patty Mill$, and Simarjit.

Who was your favorite artist to work with?

Simarjit is always fun to work with because we have that competitive edge against each other. I feel we bring out the best in one another. Kid Vishis also because that’s Royce Da 5’9” ‘s brother and just got off tour with Eminem so I was extremely hype for that and I’m glad I was given that opportunity.

Which artists inspire you to keep working hard?

My greatest inspiration is and always will be Eminem. He saved me. He showed me my niche. I also get inspired by Joyner Lucas, Big Sean, Post Malone, and Kendrick Lamar. As well as Travis Scott

What’s your long-term goal? Is it fame, money, or simply happiness?

Simply happiness man. I have been through too much shit. Money and Fame is great, and I’d love to be able to live life and take care of future kids and a family but that money and fame, it’s not going to my grave. And that sounds cliche, but it’s merely the truth.

Do you ever feel like all your efforts are worthless because the chances of “making it” are so low for upcoming artists? How do you motivate yourself to keep going?

I sometimes do yes. Maybe more than less. But what keeps me going what keeps my drive is, I love rapping. And I’m always inspired most of the time, and it’s just a passion at this point. Many artists are only in it for the money and fame, but this is my passion. I love music, and I love hip hop and rap.

Any last words of aspiration to other aspiring artists out there?

Just don’t give up if its meant to be it will be.

How can people get in touch with you?

My Instagram @mhuntofficial

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