Lil Cooly, a rapper from North Carolina

Interview With Rapper Lil Cooly

Today we are going to interview Lil Cooly, a rapper from North Carolina.

Hey man, how about you tell us more about yourself?

Hello, my name is Lil Cooly, one-8-one-4 is my team and my family. You’ll probably hear it in every intro to my songs haha. I’m just a small town teenager trying to chase his dream, make it and survive in this world like everyone else.

What made you move from Virginia? Was it a family choice, an opportunity, or something else?

The people we were renting our house out to were taking out rent checks, and they were cashing them and spending them shits on whatever they wanted. Shortly after that, our house had gone it to foreclosure, so we had to move.

What did you decide to get into music?

When I was in about 7th grade, one of my homies still, shout out to T.kight, had been rapping and shit. I thought it was the coolest thing, but I could never really do it. Later on, in life I started hanging out with more people who made music in their home recording studios. And then I honestly started off rapping and just freestyling stupid shit with my boys and having fun.

My homies told me I should start doing it, and then it took off from there. But music has always been in my family. My oldest brother was in a heavy metal band, and is now a producer and makes rap beats, shoutout to XoogieboiXprod. So I just feel like it was destined to happen honestly.

Tell us about what happened a few years back when you got in legal trouble. Were you around the wrong people?

I don’t really want to get into details, but yeah was just around the wrong people and had to find myself and figure out who I was.

It reminds me of how Lil Uzi got face tattoos only to pursue his artistic passion. Do you think the unconventional profession of a rapper is your only way to success?

I honestly don’t think that’s my only path. I’m a very talented individual, and I like to think of it as my only choice, that way I have no other way to do anything other than work on music.

Who are your favorite artists as of today?

I’d have to say: Asap Rocky, Madeintyo, Yachty, Gucci, DaBaby, and gotta love the legends like Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs, and all your foundational rappers that helped build the platform that all our rappers now stand on.

What do you do to stay relevant? I mean there are thousands of thousands of rappers around the United States alone of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Why do you think you are unique?

I stay myself and don’t try to be like everyone else. I got mean swank, so you can’t even hate on me there, I am a people person to the fullest, so everybody usually digs me. Either way, I feel the best way to stay unique and to stand out is to express yourself for who you are as a person.

How much did you Lil Cooly chain cost? Must keep up with all the XXL Freshmen, I am right?

A Lil Cooly chain is going to run you about 14k. But you can set you up a payment plan like I did, and pay this thing off in a couple years haha.

You can’t expect to put out music and get famous overnight. It’s a long-term plan. So what’s your marketing strategy? Is it social media only?

Nah that one hundred percent fact. But even though I know my music is good and stuff, I’m still not at my best potential and where I can be at to give the people and my fans what they want. I pretty much need to use social media to promote my stuff. I got a lot of loyal homies, and fans that help me push my music. Anyway, I can drive it organically, and that is the route I take.

Who would you want to perform side to side with?

Shit, I would hop on a track with Dababy, Rocky, BanBwoi, Famous Dex, a lot of different people. That’s because I want to create so many different projects and so many different waves of music.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your work?

Focus on nothing but music man, because dedication turns to manifestation, and that’s the key to success.

If you ever feel down, how do you manage to stay floating and keep working?

I usually chill with my girl, play me some Fortnite, medicate myself, and relax. But I typically don’t feel down, cause I’m a very positive person.

Before we wrap up, do you have a word of aspiration or two for the readers?

Never give up on your dreams, and don’t do what society tells you to because then you are going to be average, and you got the potential to be great. One-8-one-4. Shoutout to KingKidd, Manny, T.kight, XoogieboiXprod, all my people.

Where can people get in touch with you?

You can find me on Instagram: @lil_cooly252. On SoundCloud, search Lil Cooly. Also, find me on Twitter at @lilcooly252.

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