Cody Blade, a rapper and entertainer from Florida.

Interview With Rapper and Entertainer Cody Blade

Today we are going to interview Cody Blade, a rapper and entertainer from Florida.

Alright Cody, how about you tell us more about yourself?

I’m a person who makes hip-hop music. My newest song DreamTeam will come out January 2nd with Young Haunt. I also make YouTube and comedy videos. Social media is the outlet I use to try to entertain. I have a love for pro wrestling.

I’ve done ring crew a time or two now. I troll to get eyes, but the hype isn’t my main attraction. Cody Blade is a brand that is mostly me the goal I seek to do is give back to what’s given to me in my darkest hours.

Your childhood wasn’t the easiest. Can you tell us more about it?

My dad has some substance issues which he’s come to beat. My mom had had a lot of medical troubles including cancer. I was bullied at school. Having a domestically abusive stepdad who I won’t name due to a restraining order. Growing up between criminals who didn’t care. I saw things that I wish I didn’t.

As I got older, things got better. People don’t ask questions like this due to awkwardness. The one thing I can’t stress enough in conversations about this is no matter how hard something is a pity, it’s not what I want or need.

I move forward to get what I want. I learned these values during my early childhood, and they stuck with me. Things are hard, but they could be worse. Those reading, don’t feel bad for someone’s situation but help them in it. It’s all worth what the future holds.

How did you manage to cope with all the stress while still being pretty much a child?

The morals I was taught played a big part. So did comedy and music. They would help distract and keep me sane. My mom is a big reason also. I always knew that I wanted to do something bigger than what was around me.

Rise above them, so I took on different hobbies. I had to do it for my brother and me, looked at the bad and motivated myself for years that way to cope. I got to a better spot later, but the mentality of “I have to outdo these people for me” didn’t leave. So in short, music entertainment and dedication to the big picture.

Do you think your early life events affected the way you are right now?

Of course. I know they always will, but I’m looking to use what I got from them to get to the next event. Why should I let the past negatively affect me when I can turn pain into gas to the luscious destination of my next milestone or success?

You’ve mentioned the past few years have been better, and things have been looking up. Do you think everything will only go upwards from this point on?

Undoubtedly due to my mindset. I don’t plan to fall if you don’t want to support my rise or rise with me. Then leave because I’m only going up and this as my first interview is apart of the upward surge.

How do you feel about the fact that most people don’t take younger bucks seriously unless they blew up like Lil Tay or the Backpack Kid?

It’s a shame. Lil Tay may be apart of the problem because the media shows the shock value and things that outrage so they can build a quick figure, get a view clicks, and never change. The more people who think that we are wrong don’t want young people to take over.

I think the part that is the scariest is this same thing has happened for generations yet most never learn how many times history has repeated itself. I’m less angry about young people getting a chance as I am telling people that a subjective view is objective because a majority will never look into after they see it on TV.

I believe we need to look at maturity or talent over a number. This is what they should mean by age is just a number. Not the way scum try to use it. I beg people to not mindlessly follow a trend or story, but thinking like that won’t get me high up, so maybe if I sell out, I can sell in. As Nick Cannon once said, you got to get their eyes to feed them.

The life itself is not easy. However, it will seem like a breeze compared to the cut-throat music industry. Why do you think you will get places?

As I said, ambition and motivation had gotten me so far in life, and I listen to older people of success on how to get success. I have the charisma and image for the music industry, and all i need is money to blow up.

Trying to change the world order is something every nihilist teenager wants to do. It’s beautiful how innocent some minds are. What do you aspire to do?

It’s guys like J Cole, Tupac, and John Cena. These guys are respected and done great things with a platform to spread messages bigger than them. XXXTentaction did too. Cena is doing the “Make a Wish” more than anyone to inspire. All these people did the change.

There is a list of civil rights movement leaders and other prominent figures who did the same. While some made small changes, it’s the little things before big. Also, the adults who told me if society would have told them it isn’t all sadness or rainbows they would’ve been better off.

I’m trying to do little things like entertain to inform because it helps society long term. Even if it’s one person, who learns something they learned something. It’s things if I would have known earlier that could have helped me well let the people in that position know. We grow as a society slower than people but if enough people grow – society grows as well. Watch me create a masterpiece in my music studio.

What motivates you to work hard? Is it your friends, your family, the desire for wealth and fame, or something else?

The idea of giving back is what I’ve been given through outlets. Also, a dead friend motivates me and my music.

What was the “lowest” period of your life? You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.

I don’t know. I’ve had a lot, but I’m trying to get to the high points.

What marketing strategies do you implement to get your music heard? Would you say every new song of yours is better than the previous one?

It’s mostly word of mouth locally and online, shoutouts, hashtags, spamming feeds, and a lot more. I do believe i improve I’m always open for criticism and more to improve.

You still have a long way to go. What are you working on at the moment? What are you doing to ensure you won’t be swept off along with thousands of other upcoming artists?

An album called “The Reams Tape.” Having a personality and music that keeps people coming back for Cody Blade.

How about a word or two before we wrap everything up here?

Please check out my new song with Young Haunt on January 2nd called DreamTeam. His Instagram is @xlilwinkx. He is one of the most versatile and lit artists today. Shout out to you Lxl Bov. He is fire and a great guy who has also done an interview with Blue Buzz Music.

Any artist needs to follow @newmusicalert_radar on Instagram because what he’s doing is revolutionary. It’s a mistake not to support him; he is excellent, and I mean it. The page has a great sense of community for artist growth, and I love it. Follow @yueyonthebeat. He is changing music also. He has some of the best beats.

I mean you lost if you are not rocking with #domoremusic. Anyone can get a Cody Blade feature on a track. Follow me on Spotify. Anyone can get to where they want to go. I’m open to talk. I’m also looking for brand deals, to be an affiliate, and work with companies and be an influencer.

If you follow me and tell me via DM that you came from Blue Buzz Music, I will shout you out on my story.

Where can people get a hold of you?

@cody.blade on Instagram. @bipolar_blade on Snapchat. My DMs are always open, and my YouTube channel comments as well. My email [email protected]

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