Blac Lui Kang, a rapper from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Interview With Rapper Blac Lui Kang

Today we are going to interview Blac Lui Kang, a rapper from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Pleasure having you here man, how about you tell us more about yourself?

Um, let me see. I’m a 1,000 things depending on the situation (shrugs). But yea artist out of Greensboro Nc, born initially in Brooklyn, New York. I am also the CEO of Cream Team, and I’m damn good at what i do

Let’s start with a basic question. Do you have any musicians in your family?

Yea, my grandfather, played the guitar, which was my introduction to music, I didn’t play very long however that was my introduction to music

What made you get into the music industry? North Carolina doesn’t quite “scream” hip-hop and rap music as much as LA or New York do.

What made me get into the music industry? I mean first I love music/hip-hop. Probably happened once I realized I could ride a beat and or create songs I ran with it.

Other than that, it was just the progression and the look on people’s faces when listening to my music that kept me going. As far as Greensboro doesn’t scream hip-hop, I am Greensboro hip-hop, if it didn’t have a voice, it sure does now.

A friend of yours has told us that you are “from the streets” and actually live what you rap about. Can you tell us more about that?

Lol I mean just that, no fabricating, no cap, no fairytales, not to glorify the streets or what comes with it, but I am a product of my environment. Every song tells a piece of my life, I take real life situations and put it on a beat.

The hip-hop is extremely oversaturated these days, thanks to social media and SoundCloud. How were things back in the days when you were starting?

It was hella different like you mentioned. There were no social media, so hand to hand combat was what it was, I’m talking city to city and state to state. This makes matters worse for my type content of music I had to go where that type shit was going on at. Sometimes it was chancing, and sometimes it was love, you dig?

How developed is the music scene in Greensboro? Is it divided between the younger and older generations at all? It feels like there is a difference in core values that happened in the past 10-15 years.

The music scene in Greensboro has developed over the years a lot, there’s a lot of unseen and heard talent. There are young and old. Do I see division among us?

Of course and it isn’t just an old vs young situation, it’s more like I didn’t come up with him or know him, so I’m not supporting. But oh wait, his song on the radio, now let me jump on board. It’s like if it’s beneficial for them, then they know you (shrugs).

Things are looking up now for you. Can you remember a challenging moment in your life that made you rethink everything? It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.

Yea definitely can! It seems like it just happened, I lost my family, meaning I had a wife and kids for 15+ plus years and lost them behind stupid decisions (but it worked out for the better).

The same week I lost a close friend, and the following week my name was thrown in a situation I had nothing to do with, which had me involved with the law. From all those things, I made my mind up about who and what to deal with, who was for me and who was against me.

Do you have a wife or kids?

No wife ( girlfriend) yes I have kids (7 and a possible to be exact).

As you pass your school and university years, the balance in your life becomes crucial. Most people can’t keep staying up late because they have jobs, responsibilities, etc. How do you manage the work-life balance?

Lol, I’m still learning. As the music business picks up and my kids get older, more and more responsibilities arise. There times I would much rather be at my daughter’s basketball but because I may have a show or session that night. It becomes a task, one thing about libras is that we love balance.

What keeps you motivated to keep working on your passion instead of putting hours into a 9 to 5 job to have a slight chance of getting a promotion? Are you trying to spread some kind of message?

It’s like a long tunnel that you have been walking down for years. You get tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, but when you think about quitting that light ahead is way closer then that dark exist behind you. You’ve come too far, as far as spreading a message. I do that through music, random conversations etc.

Did you have to sacrifice anything along the way to get where you are right now?

Of course, time with my kids, spending time with loved ones, risking my freedom on a daily to provide for mines and still fund my music.

Who has the most potential out of the recent XXL Freshmen? Why?

I don’t have a favourite artist as of now.

Would you say SoundCloud and other streaming services are helping or hurting artists?

Well, you know any outlet is good, and this what SoundCloud is – an outlet. I wouldn’t say it hurts artists.

Who were your favourite artists to collaborate with throughout your career?

I would have to say Bankroll Fresh.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Before we wrap everything up, would you like to give the word or two to upcoming artists that can’t seem to find the way?

Stay prayed up, let your positives outweigh your negatives, help those who you’re able to. Good karma is like good credit. Anything can be done with it (winks eye, clicks teeth)

Where can people get in touch with you and see your work?

All social medias Blac_Lui_Kang, YouTube channel Blac Lui Kang Cream Team.

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