Icyyy Jay, an artist and rapper from Newport News, Virginia

Interview With Artist and Rapper Icyyy Jay

Today we are going to interview Icyyy Jay, an artist and rapper from Newport News, Virginia.

Hey man, it’s a pleasure to have you here. How about you tell us more about yourself?

Thank you for having me, I was born in South Jersey, moved to Virginia when I was like 10. I was always interested in music. I used to listen to Michael Jackson, Coldplay, and Jay-Z growing up.

When did you decide that music was something that moved you? And no cliches about how you’ve always loved music please lol.

It had built around me. I grew up in a musical household, some of my family members used to just freestyle to have fun. Sometimes I used to watch freestyle videos and concerts live. I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

You’ve mentioned earlier that you were raised in Virginia. How’s the industry out there? Tell us more about that.

The industry out there is interesting. It’s so underrated and has a lot of talent, but some people will act selfishly. Like they wouldn’t support each other and too worried about who’s the next one to blow up. If we had all worked together, we could’ve all been out on, and that’s the way I see it. People always say that your hometown is going to be the last town to support.

Do you feel a big difference between South Jersey and Virginia? What’s the most notable difference? You can even go off the music theme here.

Yeah, there is a big difference between the sounds of the music and the opportunities. I can say that South Jersey has a significant chance of people getting put on because it’s by a big marketing city “Philadelphia.” There are always opportunities in Philadelphia like every week. I did open up for Young Nudy in Virginia Beach, and it was lit. The whole crowd was feeling me.

Are you a part of the community? How does a collaboration process look like for you?

Yeah, I am a part of the Virginia community. I’ve been working with some producers and other artists. I always try to support other people, don’t matter if their music is terrible or not. It’s about how hard they work, and that’s what I support. Collaboration process can take some time depends on how people try to market their work.

Do you prefer collaborating or buying beats? Why?

I prefer collabing because you’re building a bond with that producer so that you can come up together. Look at Playboy Carti and Pierre Bourne. They got a good duo going and support each other.

How long does it take for you and your friends to record a song?

I can record a song in 25 mins. For example, I recorded my “interstellar EP” in 3-4 hours. I don’t mess up, the only time I would restart is if it doesn’t sound right. I’ll redo the whole song if I don’t like my sound. My friends would probably take like 40 mins for a track because sometimes they don’t write. I write all of my music. I’m still crafting my sound — shoutout to my engineer Quabeats.

What’s the favorite work of yours up to this moment?

My latest EP “Interstellar” because I finally started to get my sound. If you hear my other projects, you can tell that I developed. This was my first project that started using sound because it makes a huge difference and helps the way you deliver.

Any big projects coming up soon?

Yeah, I got some project collaborations coming up and my own projects coming up. I always drop projects like every 2-3 months 6-8 songs. January I’m thinking about releasing my “inner demons” EP.

How do you stay motivated when things get in the way?

I try to push things aside and take things one step at a time. I focus on the little things before the big stuff.

A lot of people start with music production being their side hustle. As a result, they end up having little time to themselves which leads to stress. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? How do you cope with that?

I always feel overwhelmed, but I also say to myself that it’s all going to come together and fall in place. I use management on things that are important at the moment and the consequences of it.

Who is your favorite artist of 2018?

It’ll probably have to be Playboy Carti or Lil Uzi Vert because they are leading a new wave of music.

Before we wrap up, do you mind coming up with a word or two of aspiration for the readers?

Self-made, be yourself because others are going to look up to you. For aspiring artist out there – keep working because it’s all going to pay off.

Where can people get in touch with you?

You can find me on Instagram @icyyy_Jay and on all major distribution platforms. Also my email for bookings and inquiries [email protected] Thank you for having me!

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