How to Make a SoundCloud Mix? [5 Tips To Get Started in 2020]

A DJ mix or set is a recorded session of sequenced tracks that are typically mixed in a straight-up DJ fashion.

It will include creative DJ transitions, effects, scratches, and other DJ elements.

To create your own DJ mix, you should have turntables, a mixer, and a recording device to record your session.

You can also make a DJ mix with a laptop, recording software, and a DJ controller, or a combination of all these various DJ equipment.

A DJ mix is usually a way for DJs to showcase their techniques. You can either perform a mix live or make a recording.

What is a SoundCloud Mix?

What is a SoundCloud Mix

A SoundCloud DJ mix or a SoundCloud mix is a DJ mix that is uploaded on the streaming and music sharing platform; SoundCloud.

There are a lot of ways to make a SoundCloud DJ mix, and we will discuss all of those ways in this article.

Make sure you keep reading until the end to learn more.

How do you make a SoundCloud DJ mix?

There are a lot of ways to start creating a DJ mix for SoundCloud.

You can either use a DAW to arrange a mix without using any turntables or other equipment, or you can record the output of your mixes straight to your computer and upload that live mix onto SoundCloud.

The latter option is a much more legit DJ technique.

Using a DAW is completely acceptable, you are still mixing music, but the difference is that you are not doing it live.

Arranging a DJ Set vs Playing a Live DJ Set

how to mix tracks from soundcloud dj mixes

Are you planning to become a DJ that can play and mix live?

Or you just want to settle on releasing pre-arranged DJ mixes on SoundCloud?

If you chose the latter option, then you do not need any DJ gear at all.

All you are going to need is a computer and a DAW like Traktor or Ableton which are DJ-friendly.

Of course, you can perfect and master your transitions and make a perfect mix, but some people do not consider that DJing until you can mix music using DJ gear, and doing it live.

Although it may not be a big deal for SoundCloud listeners, knowing that you just mixed a set using a DAW might not be as fulfilling as executing a mix live.

Now that we got through these important factors you should know before mixing a DJ set, here are a couple of tips on how to make a SoundCloud DJ mix:

#1 Just Start

how to make a mix for soundcloud - best way to record a soundcloud mix

Just start. You are a DJ, and you probably have the right gear, so just start without preparing.

If you are an intermediate DJ who has been playing a couple of shows already, then you can probably nail down a SoundCloud DJ mix.

All you need is your DJ equipment, a recorder, and you are good to go.

Just play as if you were DJing in a bar or club, and do the things you would normally do.

Once you are done, you can render the file as an MP3, Wav, or M4a and directly upload it to your SoundCloud account for the world to enjoy.

#2 Use a DAW

how to create your first dj soundcloud mix live

As mentioned before, you can use a DAW to create mixes with or without DJ gear.

If you have DJ gear, you can plug it in via USB or through an audio interface, and start recording.

If you do not have DJ equipment, you can still manage to create DJ mixes, it would not be, however, be considered as a genuine DJ mix.

Of course, it sounds like one, but some say that if you did not mix it manually, you did not mix it.

#3 Practice

how to make a dj mix on soundcloud for beginners

Make sure you dedicate enough time for practicing your sets before recording them.

You definitely do not want to release a set with a lot of errors.

What you post online perceives you, so posting something half-done would not give a good first impression.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, practicing your technique is a great way to build up confidence for recording a close to perfect SoundCloud DJ mix.

#4 Record Sessions Using DJ Software

ways to make soundcloud mix for beginner djs and producers

Some DJ software like Serrato and Rekordbox allows you to record sessions and render them as digital files.

This method is a great and easy way to produce DJ mixes you can upload on SoundCloud.

You can also try a plugin called mixtape. This opinion allows you to use Serato and record the output directly on Ableton live.

This option gives you a chance to play live, and tweak imperfections at the same time, resulting in a true and clean DJ mix.

#5 Prepare Your Tracks Beforehand

how to make a music dj mix to dj for soundcloud mix

If you are about to record a DJ mix session and upload it on the internet, you have to execute the set with as few errors as possible.

Before recording make sure you have your set on-lock.

Rehearsing on the spot and recording over and over can be a little stressful on both the person recording and the person playing the instrument.

Preparing your track cues and knowing your tracks from the inside out is a great way to master your transitions and mixes.

Related Questions

What are the best DAWs for making a DJ mix?

The best DAW for making DJ mixes are Traktor and Ableton Live.

These DAWs are made for DJ/ music producers who want to make and perform their mixes in-front of a crowd or for streaming purposes like SoundCloud.

Can you record mixes without a DAW?

Yes, you can record mixes without a DAW.

As long as you have your turntables, mixer, and speakers, you can record a mix using your phone or other recording devices.

However, the quality will not be that good.

The good thing about using a DAW is that you can record music directly into an audio interface, and produce clean audio with no unnecessary noise.

You can also tweak the transitions a little and make them sound more accurate and in tempo.


While there are easier ways to make a DJ mix without involving any DJ equipment at all, nothing is better than creating a live DJ mix where you mix the tracks yourself, instead of relying on software.

I hope you learned what you came here for, and if you ever do end up making a mean SoundCloud mix, send us the links so we can give it a whirl!

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