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How To Build a Budget Music Studio: Best Guide For The Beginners – as the title suggests, this guide covers a lot of different subjects in brief and linking to the more in-depth articles about each single component of every music studio!

Best Computer For Music Production: Which One to Pick? – this days there are so many options out there. Most beginners just get lost when picking a computer  because they don’t know which specs they need the most when producting. That’s what the article about.

Best Dynamic Microphone: Which One to Pick? – dynamic microphones have been around forever and been used for all kinds of stuff: not just concerts and jams, but radio, political announcements and a lot more. So which one will suit your needs?

Best Condenser Microphone: Which One to Pick? – every single recording studio in the world has a condenser mic in use. You can record anything from the instruments to vocals to podcasts with them. However, the price range is insane. So which microphone would be the best to start with?

Best Budget Microphone to Record Your Vocals – we all know what a microphone is. However, there are many kinds of them in the industry. The most popular ones tend to be dynamic and condenser mics. Find out what each kind is primarily used for!

Microphone Accessories: The Only Essentials You’ll Need – you have finally bought a microphone and can’t wait to record. However, do you know that most of them come without any accessories? Well, this post should clarify the must have’s to use alongside with your mic!

Best Portable USB Audio Interface: Which One to Pick? – when you get all your equipment, you need a tool that will connect everything together. It’s called an interface and there are tens of them on the market. Which one will suit your needs the best? Find out!

Best Studio Monitors Under 500 Dollars – when making a beat and more importantly when mixing and mastering you will need to monitor your track. Headphones will do but studio monitors will make your job a lot easier. Find the best options for under $500 in this post!

Best MIDI Keyboards For Beginners – if you’ve played piano or just like the feel of a keyboard, then MIDI keyboard will be a great add-on to your studio. Nothing wrong with using your mouse and a piano roll, but you will need a MIDI to add more life to the sound. Found the best bangs for the buck in this article!

Best Budget Headphones For Music Production – are you mixing on a laptop or using Logitech speakers as a reference? Well, you haven’t even started and already screwing up. You definetely need a pair of reference headphones to make  a beat stand out from the crowd. You are lucky, that’s what this blog post is about!