Guitar Strings Names [and How to Remember Them] – 2020 Guide

If you are just starting to learn how to play guitar, remembering each guitar string names or tuning is crucial if you want to learn how to tune them.

It is one of the first lessons you need to know so you can tune the guitar properly, and one of the foundations if you want to memorize every note on the fretboard.

Guitar String Names

Guitar String Names acronym - guitar strings order

The top string or the thickest string is tuned to a low E, then followed by an A, D, G, B, and higher E.

After memorizing these open strings, you can learn how to properly use a tuner and tune the guitar and remember the notes on the fretboard.

After repeatedly tuning your guitar, you will memorize each guitar string name by heart.

It is helpful if you create acronyms or phrases that represent each string of the guitar.

When I was taught how to play guitar, I had to memorize each guitar string name with these phrases, but you can always make one of your own.

  • Eat
  • All
  • Day
  • Get
  • Big
  • Easy


  • Every
  • Amateur
  • Gets
  • Better
  • Eventually

Some people like to start from the bottom or low E string.

You can try these phrases:

  • Easter
  • Bunnies
  • Get
  • Dizzy
  • At
  • Easter


  • Every
  • Boy
  • Gets
  • Dinner
  • At
  • Eight

These are just examples of phrases you could use, and you can create your won phrases to make them stick better.

It does not have to be clever or make any sense.

The important thing is that you memorize the phrase and eventually memorize the guitar string names.

Guitar Tabs

Guitar Tabs - guitar strings tabs chords chart

When learning songs from guitar tabs, you will have to know the Guitar Numbering System.

When learning a tablature, you should know the string names are numbered from the bottom up, or from thinnest to thickest.

1 would start from the thinnest or bottom string, all the way to number 6, which is the top or thickest string.

Instead of memorizing notes, you can remember the number of frets.

The marks on the guitar’s fretboard represent the fret number, so it is easy to follow the numbering system.

A traditional guitar would have marks on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th fret.

If you come across a guitar lesson saying that you need to hit the first string 9th fret, you will hit the note on the lowest string and count to the 9th fret.

I find it easier to memorize the numbering system rather than individual notes, but it is better to know both to become a well-rounded guitar player.

Memorizing the Fretboard

learn guitar fretboard with chart, notes - guitar fretboard memorization techniques, tips, tricks, guide

Memorizing the fretboard will take a lot of time and practice, but eventually, you will memorize the fretboard with the right amount of patience and effort.

Just keep trying!

You’ll notice how it gets easier and easier every single day.

When learning something, baby steps matter!


Before learning how to play songs, learning how to tune a guitar is one of the best foundations.

Learning guitar string names and making up phrases that correspond to each string is one of the best ways to memorize the strings by heart.

Unless you have perfect pitch, make sure you use a guitar tuner for accurate tuning.

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