5 Free Omnisphere Presets You Need to Download in 2020 to Expand Your Sound Collection

Omnisphere 2 is one of the best synth virtual instruments.

Without downloading anything, Omnisphere may already have a ton of useful presets that you can use on the dot, but for music producers like us, we can never get enough presets and plugins.

In this article, I will show you some of the best free Omnisphere presets that you can download right now.

They will make excellent additions to your music collection, and they might even spark a new idea for a song or riff in your head.

Now, let’s dive into that list!

5 Best Free Omnisphere Presets To Have in 2020

Let’s look at our contestants:

#1 Atari Avalon by Plughugger

free omnisphere 2 banks and presets

This sound expansion pack for Omnisphere includes an interesting collection of 88 presets taken from a classic retro synth engine called the Steinberg Avalon.

It brings the power and sound of a retro machine and uses the power of Omnisphere to give it life in the modern age.

Download the preset for free here.

#2 Into the Ensonisphere by Plughugger

best omnisphere piano presets free download

This collection of presets is very unique, but I have to say that they are not for everyone.

If you like unique gated synths that make excellent sounds for creating cinematic score, this preset collection will interest you the most.

Download the preset for free here.

#3 Omnitaur

best free omnisphere expanstions sounds for trap music

Inspired one of the best modular synths by Moog Minitaur, this sound preset collection has some of the best modular synth sounds that you can use without tweaking.

It contains a total of 50 synth bass, leads, synth pads, and gated arp sounds that you will find very fun to use if you are into man-made synth waveforms.

Download the preset for free here.

#4 The Lobby Piano

best free r&b presets, sounds, and banks to download

Piano VSTs or grand piano presets are one of the most challenging to find for free.

Synth sounds are easier to find, but finding a natural-sounding piano VST preset is very frustrating, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Let me tell you something, even the paid options don’t really sound too good, so finding a good grand piano preset depends on the software or engine you are using.

Omnisphere is one of the best software options for creating grand piano presets, and The Lobby Piano is a collection of simple but sophisticated piano tones.

Download the preset for free here.

#5 FlavourSphere

best free omnisphere sound expansions for trap, hip hop, edm, r&b music

You would think that FlavourSphere is just another synth preset collection, but there is something special about the quality of these presets.

It includes 30 excellent new presets for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere plugin.

It contains huge-sounding powerful synths to gated rhythmic patterns, arpeggiated sounds, and everything else in between.

It also includes soft synths and different flavors, hence the name.

With its wide range of sounds, it can inspire any music producer and beatmaker to create riffs, luscious chord layers, and catchy progressions.

Download the preset for free here.


There might be tons of free Omnisphere presets out there, but without having to go through each and every one, you can start with these top 5 options I handpicked just for you!

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