Ensoniq KS-32 Review – Updated 2020 – Specs, Manual & More!

One of the latest additions to the Ensoniq keyboard family, the KS-32 is designed to be a studio that delivers the feel of a true piano and the functionality of a MIDI workstation.

It is a synthesizer developed to cater to those who prefer playing keyboards rather than programming them.

The Ensoniq KS-32 is certainly an amazing package with loads of exciting features and extras.

In this review, we take a closer look at the offerings and intricacies of this product to help readers decide whether it is worth giving a try.

Ensoniq KS-32 Review – Updated 2020

Ensoniq KS-32 Review updated

The Ensoniq KS-32 is a 76-key synthesizer with a large number of exciting features to impress any music enthusiast.

What makes this keyboard stand out from others is the weighted action piano-style keys.

However, the weighted keyboard is not the only piece of action it offers.

The instrument comes attached to a programmable digital 24-channel multitimbral synthesizer, making it a fully-featured workstation.

The keyboard gives the feel of playing a classic piano with the flying-action mechanism of the keys that simulate the acoustic piano experience.

It also offers a choice of 14 velocity response levels and pressure settings.

There are pitch, modulation, and aftertouch wheels with 16 programmable zones on the keyboard.

The KS-32 also comes with 180 preset sounds created out of three voices to sample synthetic and acoustic sounds.

You find a lot of keyboard-style sounds including electronic and acoustic piano, clavinets, jazz, and other organs.

All the presets have definite features and are quite realistic and impressive.

There are bass, guitars, strings, drums and percussion instruments, and more along with analog synth sounds.

The Ensoniq KS-32 offers the facility of controlling FX parameters in real-time.

You can also set presets to control external MIDI sources.

Sequences can also be recorded in real-time with a choice of add, replace, and looped options.

All the eight tracks are polyphonic and can control MIDI instruments.

The synth also comes loaded with features like automatic punch in/out points for sequences, tap tempo, post-recording editing, and more.

You can also benefit from step editing, post quantizing, changing the number of bars and beats, append sequences, edit key range data and clock, timeshift and transpose.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to audition the edit before saving changes to the memory.

The synth provides sufficient memory to save up to 70 sequences.

You can also get the optional memory expansion kit to have more notes to play with.

To use the space efficiently, you can mute or transpose tracks and save as a part of the song data.

With a KS-32, a song is much more than a set of sequences chained together.

This is because it is possible to record a set of eight song-length track after creating a song and editing its steps.

Each of these can be assigned parameters and sound and they are independent of the individual sequences.

The basic MIDI parameters are easy to set up for each voice in a preset.

The tracks can send MIDI information on each of the MIDI channels separately.

The keyboard can not only be used as a multitimbral sound module but also attached to guitar and other controllers.

Ensoniq KS 32 Specs

Ensoniq KS 32 Specs

Here are the specifications of the Ensoniq KS 32 MIDI studio:


  • Number of keys – 76
  • Weight – 49 lbs
  • Dimensions – 49.5 x 4.5 x 13.9 inches
  • Power – AC
  • Control Input – pedal
  • Communication Port – MIDI IN/OUT


  • UI – LCD display
  • Input – menu driven
  • Output – headphone, stereo main, stereo 2, ¼” phone jack
  • Audio Output Count – 5


  • No. Of Oscillators – 3
  • Sampling – 44.1 KHz
  • No. Of Envelopes – 3
  • No. Of Filters – 1
  • LFO – 4

Ensoniq KS 32 Battery Replacement

Ensoniq KS 32 Battery Replacement

To change the battery in Ensoniq KS-32, remove the bottom cover of the keyboard by removing the screws.

Once you remove the cover, you can find the main printed circuit board that holds the backup battery.

You can flip the board over to detach the battery from the board.

To do this, unplug the connectors and locate the battery near the 10-pin connector.

Get a replacement battery that is compatible with the Ensoniq KS-32 synthesizer and replace the battery.

You should first back up sounds, songs, and sequences you have created on the instrument.

There is no need to back up the factory data and sounds because they will get reloaded automatically once the battery has been replaced.

Ensoniq KS 32 Manual

The Ensoniq KS-32 is an extremely simple keyboard.

It is a user-friendly, versatile, sophisticated instrument that can function as a music workstation or as a centralized instrument with MIDI.

The synthesizer comes with a detailed, comprehensive user manual that contains everything you would want to know about the digital device.

The manual describes the different parts and functions of the workstation in detail and the steps to set it up and get started.

You can find detailed instructions about each and every setting the tool facilitates.

There is also an extensive description and diagram of the layout, design, and controls on the instrument to make it easier to work with.

All the buttons and their functions are explained in detail.

Then, you can read about the effects provided by Ensoniq KS-32, sound programming, presets, sequencer, and more.

The manual also has a dedicated section for sample applications to help you make the most out of the instrument.

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