25 Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners and Kids [Updated 2020]

When looking for easy songs to sing for beginners, you need to factor in your vocal needs along with the vocal range.

Look for the catchy sings that will suit you but don’t be afraid to take slightly more challenging ones.

Search for songs that lie in the right range and which will help hone and bring out your strongest points as an upcoming vocalist.

As a beginner singer, you have some wiggle room in how you will develop your vocal techniques.

If you are just starting out, go for songs that will give you some good variety.

This way, you will get the opportunity to build your vocal range by hitting both the high and the low notes.

Variety also brings some versatility to your musical performances.

When you are looking for easy songs to sing for beginners, you should also pick ones that you will enjoy.

You are likely to give your best when singing something that you love and which you are comfortable with.

Singing a song that you love also helps build your confidence as a singer and primes you for the more challenging tracks.

Below, we look at some of the top song tracks that you can use for both your performance and practice when you are starting out as a singer.

Let it Go by Idina Menzel

Let it Go is an uplifting number that will work nicely for female singers, especially those who love dramatic ballads and have a good range.

It has the feel-good vibe that will make you want to keep on practicing and singing.

The song has been overdone for musical auditions but it makes for a good practice song.

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Shake it Off is an upbeat feelgood number with repetitive verses which makes it easy to memorize and sing.

This is the perfect song for you if you want to work on your breathing and faster singing.

It is a simple and enjoyable melody and one that is also very danceable.

Try it if you also want to try out singing and moving at the same time, which is often a challenge for many aspiring singers.  

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Beautiful is another easy to sing and widely popular ballad.

It will work best for those singers with low to mid-range vocals.

The song offers some variety so if you want to test your vocal range, do runs on the bridge and sing the chorus with more power, this is a piece that will work for you.

Any Christina Aguilera song will give you plenty of range and this, too, doesn’t disappoint.

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has an impressive 4 octaves with an expansive mixed/chest range and The Climb is one of her powerful numbers.

If you want to work on your vocal belt, then this song will be an ideal choice for you.

Singing this song will also bring out the power in your voice.

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s breakthrough gospel-flavored ballad starts with piano chords and drumming that slowly builds over a sequence.

Sam added several layers of vocal takes to the track.

The song has the kind of aching simplicity that makes it very easy for a beginner to sing.

It sounds like a classic and is the kind of track that you don’t easily forget.

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s melancholic A Thousand Years does not feature too many notes and will work for both men and women.

In spite of the limited number of notes, it still has a good variety for a beginner singer.

The song is also very emotional and is guaranteed to tug at your heart and soul.

It offers an intermediate challenge so you will need to do plenty of practice to get it right.

However, the lyrics are simple enough to master and memorize with ease.

Cry Me a River by Justine Timberlake

Cry Me a River is a good beginner song if you want to practice some falsetto.

It also works best for a male singer.

The song offers variety as Justin Timberlake has quite a good range.

This is a good song for practicing and perfecting your singing, particularly for a male singer.

Somebody by Lewis Capaldi

Somebody is a great song choice if you want to spruce up on your intervals or the jumps between the high and the low notes.

It’s a technically difficult song even though it is easy to sing.

At Last by Etta James

This classic ballad by Etta James is much loved by many aspiring singers and is a good choice for female singers.

You can practice with this to learn how to hold on the long notes.

It is a slow rhythm and melodious song which makes it a pleasure to sing and listen to.

Many listeners will be familiar with At Last as it has been covered by many artists over the years, including Beyonce.

This affords you the opportunity to practice with its many versions and even modernize the song.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

One of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits, this song remains a timeless and powerful love ballad that transcends generations.

Like At Last, you can sing this song to practice holding onto the long notes.

It is a song with great variety that will enable you to work all your vocal cords.

If you have mastered, it can make for a cheesy audition performance or a karaoke song.

This is indisputably a female song and one that enables you to really show off your vocal range once you have mastered it.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

If you are looking for a contemporary hit that is also ideal for beginners, then Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud is a good choice.

Not only is this a popular song but it also enables you to experiment with your falsetto.

If your voice can handle it, it can really run.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindy Lauper

This ageless school anthem from the 80s has everything to make it the perfect beginner song including fun, a catchy melody, and its upbeat feel.

It is a nice song to practice with as it allows you to hone your singing technique as well as the performance side.

You can even play with it a bit to add your own take on it.

2002 by Anne-Marie

2002 is a modern classic released in 2018 by the English singer Ann-Marie.

It is a gentle song with an up-tempo that sounds like something straight out of the noughties than a 2018 song.

It is an easy-to-sing song and it is also quite memorable.

You can move up and down the register with the song without being too taxed by the range.

Anne-Marie’s voice in the mid-range so even if you have a croaky voice, you won’t have a problem pulling this off.

2002 was originally done in the E major with 96 beats per minute in tempo.

The verses use the chord progression E-B-C#m-G#m-A-B-E while the pre-choruses have the chord progression C#m-A-E-B-AB.

Stitches by Shawn Mendes

This is another modern hit that can be sung by both men and women.

It is a good rehearsal song and one that you can sing with a lot of power which is well-suited for beginners.

She by Elvis Costello

She makes for a good male ballad that you can use to practice.

It features all you need when practicing including long notes.

The song also emits lots of emotion which also makes it a good choice for beginners.

Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers

Unchained Melody is a popular tune by Righteous Brothers (North and Zaret) and is a great choice for beginners who wish to make interval maneuvers up or down.

The tone quality has some great clarity and the song also exhibits rhythmic accuracy so every note is kept to the tune.

If you can make the effort, you can learn its sweet Italian version “Senza Catene”.

Its pure Italian vowels make it a joy to sing and are easy to master, even if you don’t speak Italian.

Also, there is some good advantage to singing in a foreign language that you don’t understand.

It enables you to put all your focus on the technique instead of the performance and this can be instrumental in helping you hone your singing skills.

When you sing in a language you don’t understand, it is possible to emotionally detach yourself from the lyrics of the song and simply focus on the delivery.

Ave Maria

Ave Maria was written in the 70s by Vladimir Vavilov but it has grown in popularity in recent years.

The vocal selection features long lines that are suited for a centered tone with goo support and well-managed breath.

Ave Maria is better suited for classical singers but its chord structure and the simplicity of its tune can also work in a jazz or R&B setting.

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Mr. Brightside is a popular choice for karaoke and it is also a good song choice if you are just starting out in music as the singer will largely remain in a single key.

Because of its limited range, you won’t put too much concentration on the notes which allows you to fully focus on the performance.

Stay by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko

Stay was in Rihanna’s seventh album and is an easy and straightforward song that features a repetitive melody which is easy to learn and sing.

The song also offers you plenty in terms of the diversity in the delivery.

One Last Time by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s strong and powerful voice has made her a favorite among legions of fans.

One Last Time is an easy-to-sing song for beginners, particularly those who want to stretch their vocal cords a bit.

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is one of the most popular contemporary singers.

He has an appealing darkly voice and this is quite apparent in his smash hit Sign of the Times.

 If you have a lower range, this is just the right song for you that you can use to refine your technique.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a rock ballad with some great variety.

However, you won’t stretch your voice to the extremes in a rendition of this punk rock piece.

It’s a good choice for a tenor vocalist or for your auditions.

The song is also repetitive and easy to memorize.

Fly Me to the Moon

Whether you go with the classic Frank Sinatra version or the more modern Michael Buble cover, Fly Me to The Moon is an easy and beautiful song for beginners.

It’s a perfect choice for beginners who are just learning to sing or an artist who wants to test the limits of their vocal range or to simply improve their voice.

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell’s happy anthem is a repetitive and upbeat song that you can learn and sing with relative ease.

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

The beauty with singing modern hits is that the tune is instantly recognizable.

If you are looking for something more varied, then this James Arthur’s power ballad is a good way to go.

This song can be performed by both male and female singers.


These wrap up our compilation of some of the easiest songs to sing as a beginner.

The songs can serve various purposes for an upcoming singer.

Some will enable you to test your vocal range as a singer while others simply give you the inspiration to sing.

If you are a beginner, it is generally advisable to start with the simpler and more straightforward songs which are memorable and which will allow you to build your confidence as you work up your skills.

Once you have mastered the simpler songs with simple melodies, it will be easier to handle the nuances of the more complex compositions.

As a beginner, it is also advisable to pick songs that you will actually enjoy singing.

Learning is more effective when you are actually having fun during the process.

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