7 Easy Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners [Updated 2020

Classical guitar songs merge technique, masterful composition, tradition, and passion to create a beautiful and timeless tune.

If you are looking forward to exploring this genre as a beginner, there is a constellation of easy classical guitar songs that you can master easily with a little practice.

The classical guitar is a musical genre that has been with us for quite some time.

This provides players with a large repertoire to pick from to hone your guitar playing skills.

Its enduring presence also means that it has been here long enough for certain distinct patterns to come out of this rich musical genre.

Picking easy classical guitar songs can be difficult because there is such a large selection of wonderful classical musical pieces that you can go with.

Even if you are a prolific guitar player, you are likely to miss out on some real gems.

Mastering these classical guitar songs still takes hard work in spite of the fact that some of them are relatively easy to play.

Even if you are a seasoned classical guitar player, you will have to put some work with the song choices include here.

The classical guitar provides you with a great medium to explore some richly crafted music.

It offers you a little more depth, something you will soon come to terms with as you hone your skills.

Traditionally, the instrument has been played by fingerpicking which some beginners might find challenging.

You will need to learn the techniques and scales.

Below is a look at some of the easy classical guitar songs that you can begin practicing with today.

Some of these are the popular traditional tunes that you are probably well-acquainted with while others are more obscure tunes.

The common thread with these songs is that they offer you a unique opportunity to learn something new that will improve your classical guitar technique.

Romanza (by Anonymous)

Romanza is one of the most popular classical guitar compositions even though the original author is still unknown.

This is one of the easiest classical guitar tunes that you can learn.

Do it with an arpeggiation and open strings to get the best musical effect.

Op. 60, No. 1 (by Fernando Sor)

This is a great classical tune by the legendary Spanish composer and guitarist Fernando Sor.

Most of his work was collected into Opuses.

This classical guitar song is from the Opus (Op.) 60.

It is simple and easy to play and has remained a popular hit with many beginner guitarists.  

The Opus 60 No. 1 provides intermediate players with a lot of opportunities to explore various musical issues.

You can also use to hone your memorization skills in the classical guitar genre.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is another popular and memorable classical tune that is suited for beginners.

It is an awesome tune and also one of the simplest classical guitar songs to practice with.

If you are completely new to the classical guitar genre, this is an easy-to-play tune that you can master with ease to help you build your confidence.

In spite of its apparent simplicity, Swan Lake is not a walk in the park.

Even the simplest form of this tune will drive you to push your left hand to extreme limits.

Some of the chords will require that you play far frets in succession and they show you how far the index and the pinky fingers will stretch.

Swan Lake is also a great song for induction into the pinky finger slides.

It will sound more and more impressive once you bring the bass notes.

Waltz in E Minor (by Ferdinando Carulli)

The Italian composer and guitarist Ferdinando Carulli produced a large body of instructional material for the classical guitar.

The Waltz in E Minor is found in his Opus 241 work and is a great tune for a beginner classical guitar player.

Espanoleta (By Gaspar Sanz)

Here is another timeless and easy to master composition by the Spanish composer and guitarist Gaspar Sanz who also happened to be a priest.

Like his fellow composer Ferdinando Carulli, he produced instructional material but his work focused on the baroque guitar.

His work has had an enduring impact and still gets referenced to date.

For beginner classical guitarists, Espanoleta is a great composition to practice with.

Tanz (by George Leopold Fuhrman)

This is an old classic from the Renaissance era.

George Leopold Fuhrman died in 1616 but his Tanz composition lives on to date.

The composition was originally done for the lute but over the centuries, it was re-arranged for the guitar.

Today it is one of the most popular classical guitar songs for beginners.

Andante (by Ferdinando Carulli)

Here is another classic composition by Ferdinando Carulli who is also behind the popular Waltz in E Minor.

Andante is from Opus 241 and will provide you with plenty of starting places.

Like other Carulli compositions, it was organized into the “Opus” collections.

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