Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele Review – Updated 2020 – Complete Guide!

Vintage ukuleles are always popular among those who love playing and collecting this special instrument.

These classic-looking instruments from the past not only look sophisticated but have a great value and story attached to them.

One such vintage uke is the Duke Kahanamoku ukulele from the 20th century.

This ukulele has gained a lot of popularity because of the attractive shape and amazing tone.

In this review, we take a closer look at this vintage ukulele and try to learn more about what makes it so special.  

Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele Review – Updated 2020  

Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele Review - ready to play

Named after the famous surfer and Hollywood star from the 1900s, Duke Kahanamoku is one of the most sought-after vintage ukuleles ever.

This uke features a beautiful design and high-quality construction.

Various models from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s exist in different parts of the world, preserved by music lovers who value the instrument passed through all these decades.

This ukulele is often made out of mahogany or koa wood and the fretboard is rosewood.

Any antique collector would be pleased to see and listen to these rare ukuleles.

The instrument often comes in its original case.

When the strings are played, it sounds like a high-quality uke. Duke Kahanamoku sounds great and appeals to ukulele lovers.

While most Duke Kahanamoku ukuleles were made by the Aloha brand in Hawaii, some of the models have marks of Japan and other Asian countries.

A lot of them are made in fancy mahogany or koa wood and are so durable that so many music enthusiasts have preserved the instrument without any damage or wear.

Duke Kahanamoku Soprano Ukulele

Duke Kahanamoku Soprano Ukulele

Coming from the 1950s, 60s, or 70s when the great surfer lived, Duke Kahanamoku soprano ukulele is an antique instrument cherished to date by fascinates.

The soprano ukulele was made in an all-solid nato body and neck and features a satin natural finish.

Most soprano ukuleles have a ‘Duke Kahanamoku’ decal at the top between the soundhole and the bridge.

It can also have friction tuners.

The rarest Duke Kahanamoku soprano ukulele is the one with the Royal Aloha logo in the mahogany veneer body.

Its special feature is the soft, mellow tone.

The Japan-made ukulele was made in the 1960s and can play an amazing sound.

Sopranos are the most popular type of uke and having a vintage soprano can help you enjoy the traditional feel they are associated with.

Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele History – What You Should Know?

Duke Kahanamoku Pineapple Ukulele – A Complete Guide

Duke Kahanamoku was a swimmer and surfer from Hawaii who won three gold medals in the Olympics and was renowned as the greatest freestyle swimmer in the early decades of the 1900s.

The famous surfer and later a Hollywood star acquired numerous recognitions as a sportsperson as well as an actor.

In 1990, a cast bronze statue of Kahanamoku was erected with his arms stretched in front of his surfboard.

As a tribute, the Hawaii music promoter McVay named his Waikiki showroom ‘Duke Kahanamoku’ at the International Market Place and gave Kahanamoku a share in finance at the showroom for using his name.

The Duke Kahanamoku ukulele is believed to have come from this Waikiki showroom which was later renamed to Le Boom Boom.

It is a brand name after the Hawaiian hero and surfer.

Various manufacturers in the time between 1920-1960 made these ukuleles that have been passed through ages to the present date.

Duke Kahanamoku Pineapple Ukulele – A Complete Guide

Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele History – What You Should Know

A fascinating version of the vintage Kahanamoku uke, a pineapple-shaped instrument comes from the 1940s.

The uke is made of solid mahogany and has a great sound.

The ukulele symbolizes the commemoration of the great surfer, Duke Kahanamoku who is considered to be the father of surfing even by modern swimmers.

The vintage ukulele has amazing quality construction that has lasted for so many decades.

The neck of this pineapple ukulele is straight and it facilitates comfortable action.

This type of Duke Kahanamoku ukulele is highly sought after by fans of vintage instruments.

The beautiful pineapple color makes it more appealing and popular.

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