Does Djay 2 Work with Spotify?

When I first got my hands on the Djay 2 app on my iOS device, I have to say that it was easily one of the best DJing apps on mobile.

Not only did it work with Spotify, but the app was also very responsive to the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 DJ Controller I was using.

Without downloading or purchasing music, you can integrate your Spotify Premium account to work seamlessly with the Algoriddim Djay app.

You can create playlists within the app, tag the songs with hot cues, and load them on the deck easily.

It was a DJ app that works great for beginners and pro DJs alike.

In fact, the Spotify integration was so seamless, you can even play full DJ sets without having a problem at all.

Does Spotify Still Work with Djay?

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Unfortunately, the good days of using our Spotify Premium account for DJing are over.

Djay announced that Spotify would no longer work starting July 1st, 2020.

However, I still got to use it until September, until it finally stopped working, which is kind of unfortunate.

Having the Spotify option made things very convenient, and even beginner DJs can learn how to DJ without building a song library.

Djay was the last iOS and Android app that used the streaming service, and there is no clear reason why it had to cut its partnership with the company.

I think that Spotify is going to follow Apple Music’s footsteps, and change the language on their contract and DRM, which will affect the licenses to use the songs and tag them for DJing.

What Comes Next?

The Djay app, however, did not actually leave you hanging.

As an alternative to Spotify, you can now use the streaming app Tidal with your Djay app, allowing you to keep using streaming within the app.

What is Tidal?

spotify integration for algoriddim djay pro 2 - can you spotify with djay 2

Tidal is a streaming service that prides itself on its high-quality listening experience.

It uses lossless CD quality, which is not found in most streaming services these days.

If you are a casual listener, you probably wouldn’t notice much difference.

But if you will use these songs for DJing, the quality would make a significant difference.

Tidal Monthly Plans:

Standard Plan

This plan is a normal plan that you can compare to other streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. With standard audio quality, this plan is great enough for listening to your favorite songs and more.

HiFi Plan

This plan allows you to listen and stream audio in CD quality.

Most files in this plan use the lossless FLAC format.

It would probably need a faster internet connection than the standard plan.

Master Plan

This plan is the king when it comes to audio quality.

If you are a professional DJ, this plan is the best for remixing songs.

However, if you are just beginning, the standard plan would be enough.

Spotify or Tidal?

Spotify or Tidal for djay 2 or other dj apps to mix songs

If you have been using Spotify for a long time now, you would probably find it a hassle to change streaming services.

Tidal is a solid app that is great for DJing, and it works!

Spotify, on the other hand, is the best for music listening.

It has the best playlist and algorithm that allows you to discover new music.  

However, if you want to stream and mix music on your DJ sets, Tidal would be the way to go.

It would be a waste if you had to pay for two streaming services right?

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