9 DJ Table Ideas for your DJ Rig of 2020 [Updated]

A DJ rig is comprised of your DJ equipment such as turntables, mixers, synths, launchpads, laptops, and many more.

If you are an old-school DJ, you probably still use vinyl records for scratching and mixing songs.

However, there is one thing that most DJs, especially beginners, overlook; and that is a DJ desk or table.

Having your own table saves you a lot of time when setting up for shows.

Frequently, when a DJ gets to a venue, may it be proms, weddings, or birthdays, they don’t always have a table ready for the DJ.

In the rare event that the host has a table, sometimes it does not really work, and the DJ has to adjust.

Having your own DJ table for gigs allows you to be more comfortable when performing.

With your own table, you do not have to adjust to the height and compromise your set up based on what table is available.

Home Furniture Works, But Specific DJ Tables Are Always Better.

With that being said, you do not have to settle for a computer table or any table you can find at IKEA.

There are tons of brands you can buy online right now.

In this article, I will show you some of the best choices you can buy, depending on your DJ setup.

Some DJs keep it minimal, with just a laptop and a DJ controller, while some like to add more gear to their rig.

More equipment requires more space, so whatever rig you got, I’m sure there is an excellent choice for you on the list.

Some of the options will also vary in size, weight, and purpose.

Before we move on to the list, let’s discuss some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a DJ desk appropriate for your setup.

DJ Desks: What Are They For?

Home Furniture Works, But Specific DJ Tables and desks Are Always Better

DJs use professional tables that are explicitly built to accommodate their DJ rigs.

Having one can save them the time of looking for a desk at the venue and setting up the rig.

Having a DJ desk ready, all the DJ needs to do is to plug into the house sound system and start their set.

Customized DJ desks are better because different DJs have their own rig that differs in the size of the equipment.

The best thing about having your own desk is ORGANIZATION.

I am a sucker for being anal and organized, which is why I prefer to have my own desk.

You don’t want anything to be misplaced during your set.

DJ desks are also more durable, well-designed, and more efficient than ordinary house furniture and tables.

Some DJ desks will have a headphone holder, a laptop deck, and compartments for your gear and an organizer for your wires.

Benefits of Having a DJ Table:

  • All your gear is organized
  • Portability
  • Saves you time
  • Looks more professional

9 Great DJ Table Ideas for your DJ Rig of 2020

In a rush? Here is a quick rundown for you:

Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System
Odyssey ATT Dj Truss Table
Top Pick
American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade+Bluetooth Speaker
ProX Transformer Series Fold Away DJ Performance Desk Facade W/ Wheels
DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth + 20" x 40" Flat Table Top Includes Both White and Black Panels + Carrying Cases!
Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System
Odyssey ATT Dj Truss Table
American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade+Bluetooth Speaker
ProX Transformer Series Fold Away DJ Performance Desk Facade W/ Wheels
DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth + 20" x 40" Flat Table Top Includes Both White and Black Panels + Carrying Cases!
Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System
Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System
Odyssey ATT Dj Truss Table
Odyssey ATT Dj Truss Table
Top Pick
American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade+Bluetooth Speaker
American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade+Bluetooth Speaker
ProX Transformer Series Fold Away DJ Performance Desk Facade W/ Wheels
ProX Transformer Series Fold Away DJ Performance Desk Facade W/ Wheels
DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth + 20" x 40" Flat Table Top Includes Both White and Black Panels + Carrying Cases!
DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth + 20" x 40" Flat Table Top Includes Both White and Black Panels + Carrying Cases!

Alright, now let’s look at our contestants:

ProX Transformer Series DJ Desk

ProX Transformer Series DJ Desk - best mobile sturdy dj table

The ProX Transformer Series DJ Table is a conventional and straightforward table for the more traditional DJ setups.

It is an excellent choice for DJs that use two turntables and a mixer. It also has a compartment underneath where you can place your turntable case or vinyl collection.  

It may not fit significant DJ controllers and a laptop because the table deck is pretty narrow.

It is a pretty simple DJ desk that is fit for beginner DJ setups and club DJs that do not use a whole lot of equipment.

This ProX is made out of MDF wood, making it a more durable option. It also has an anti-vibration feature that can withstand even the most intense DJ sets without breaking apart or any component accidentally falling out of place.

It also includes cable ducts that route through the front and side panels, which makes for a more organized setup.

If you are a fan of simplicity with minimal setup, you should definitely check this table out.

Final Verdict

It may not have a lot of extra features such as foldability and additional decks.

Still, in terms of simplicity and durability, the ProX Transformer Series is a very solid choice.

This DJ desk is ideal for live performances and DJ battle setups.

You can stack their gear at an angle that is great for battling without worrying about it tipping over because of instability.

The only downside of this table is its weight. It weighs over 60 lbs, which can be difficult to transport.

Still, other than that, this DJ table is a pretty solid choice for both beginners and pros alike.

ProX Z-Style Standard DJ Table and Flight Case

ProX Z-Style Standard DJ Table and Flight Case - dj desk workstations studio booth

This next DJ desk is one of the most portable desks on the list.

The ProX Z-Style uses its patented 3/8-inch honeycomb plywood that is digitally designed and has a very distinctive look that looks very pleasing to the eye.

The table size measures 48 x 28 inches that provide any DJ with abundant space for different kinds of setups.

The height is around 3 feet, which is the ideal height for DJs to reach and use their gear comfortably.

The ProX Z-Style desk is sturdy enough to handle 200 lbs. of gear without breaking down.

When setting up your rig on the table, make sure you evenly distribute the weight to avoid tipping over.

It is also equipped with Penn Elcomcasters, making the Z-style desk more durable than it already is.

Even if the table does not have rollers, you can still move the table quickly if you need to adjust the position.

ProX cases really set the bar for durability.

This DJ table is an ideal desk for taking with you on tours.

When you adjust the legs, you can compress the dimensions to a 48 x 25 x 10-inch compact flight case that can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

In addition to its unique style, it also features hexagon grids throughout its shelves and gear surfaces.

The laminated wood is also scratchproof, and the foam and protection pads are made with recycled materials, making it a greener choice.

Final Verdict

Overall, the ProX Z-style case is a stylish, comfortable to manage, portable, and durable case that touring DJs would definitely appreciate.

CedarsLink DJ Rack

CedarsLink DJ Rack mobile mini dj rack stand for laptop and dj controller

If you are into sleek and elegant designs with high function, you may want to check out the CedarsLink DJ Rack.

The model can accommodate any type of setup and DJ style, and it is also one of the most stylish designs made by the company.

Buying this table for your setup makes you look more professional as it showcases an elegant style.

This DJ table is made with high-quality materials and finished with keen attention to detail.

For durability and strength, the frame comes with aluminum support.

For the most part, it is made with high-grade metal.

It’s quite minimal and not overly expensive, which is awesome if you want to keep the costs low.

It can accommodate different types of controllers and traditional setups – and perfect for a classic laptop-controller setup.

Final Verdict

The CedarsLink DJ Rack is a suitable option for a studio DJ table and live performances as well.

It is not flashy but does the job incredibly well.  

Fastset Musician DJ Table Workstation

Fastset Musician DJ Table Workstation - sturdy wooden metal dj table desk

Now, this next one is not like any other table you have seen so far on the list.

The Fastset Musician DJ Workstation is not made for touring and traveling; it is made to be fixed in your studio.

Clubs and venues can also get one of these tables as a house table for every DJ who will perform at the site of the gig.

The black finish gives it a clean and elegant look. It is made of durable metal, making it last longer than an ordinary furniture table.

The Dimensions are suitable for basic DJ setups, and it also has cable routing for more organization.

Final Verdict

I recommend this DJ table for DJs that regularly perform at a venue or for a home studio setup.

The table is quite heavy, weighing over 50 lbs.

Overall, this table will look really great as a furniture piece in your studio or a fixed table for your regular gigs.  

Odyssey Truss Table 2

Odyssey Truss Table 2 - best dj studio desk metal with wheels

The Odyssey Truss Table 2 is another portable table setup.

It is a simple, compact, and affordable option that is great for touring, live performances, and for any type of event.

It can accommodate your DJ setup with more space for extra gear such as headphones, a microphone, or an additional mixer.

It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your equipment, and you can fold it quickly for fast setups and teardowns.

However, some users say that the tabletops are slightly heavier than the frame, which is why you will need to evenly distribute the weight of your gear on the tabletop surface.

Final Verdict

It may have a couple of downsides, but the Odyssey Truss is still a table worth buying if you are looking for a lightweight and portable DJ desk option.

Plus, it is very affordable. With proper assembly and care, this desk can last you for a while.

American DJ Pro Event Table

American DJ Pro Event Table - best dj table booth metal

The American DJ Pro Event Table is another foldable and portable option that boasts a lightweight and stylish frame ideal for touring around and mobility.

Whether you are a mobile DJ or club DJ, you will surely make use of this all-around event table for one of your gigs.

Investing in a table like the American DJ Pro will help improve your professional image as well as saving you time when setting up your rig.

The Table is more significant than most tables, giving you more stage presence.

It may be a massive booth, but you can still manage to fold it in a compact package for transportation.

It is made with aluminum bars that are collapsible for extreme portability.

You can customize the front board and put your logo for branding.

DJs do not only create or play music for a crowd; they also create a brand for themselves.  

Final Verdict

This Pro DJ table is suitable for any type of DJ for any kind of performance.

Whether you are performing at house parties or small clubs, this DJ table is an excellent choice for both convenience and aesthetics.

Odyssey ATT DJ Table with Scrim Werks

Odyssey ATT DJ Table with Scrim Werks - professional dj table furniture

Aside from learning techniques and enhancing your skills, DJs are supposed to showcase their unique aesthetics to make for a more memorable and impactful performance.

You can achieve the look you want with the help of your clothing choices, accessories, and gear.

Choosing the right table will also add color to your sets, and the Odyssey ATT Table has got you covered in that area.

This table is a sleek choice with a contemporary studio vibe that is excellent for any kind of event you are playing.

It is made with high-quality aluminum with a diamond design and textured surface, giving it a simple yet stylish look.

In addition to its looks, it is also a durable choice that can hold heavy equipment. Surprisingly, this table is very lightweight and portable.

You can take apart the two detachable flanges to fold the two sections in half, making it easy to load and transport to your next gig venue.

The table will have two scrim screens for added style. The whole table setup includes a carry bag that can carry the entire package for transportation.

The scrims can cover your setup, making you look more professional.

The scrims also have a great lighting effects when the club lights pass through, adding a little bit of “fire” to your performance.

Final Verdict

The ATT DJ Table is another one of Odyssey’s excellent and innovative DJ tables.

I recommend this table for DJs who want a functional yet straightforward table that they can carry around from venue to venue with ease.

DJ Event Facade Scrim Metal Frame Booth

DJ Event Facade Scrim Metal Frame Booth - dj event table workstation

Some professional DJs like to hide their gear to give a classy, not flashy look during their live gigs.

The DJ Event Facade is an excellent choice if you want to use scrims to hide your set up.

This DJ desk is easy to set up and tear down.

It is also very light and portable so that you can take it to your gigs with ease.

You can also choose between the white or black variants depending on your preference.

It has stretchable fabric panels that are washable, and a carry bag for maximum portability.

For added convenience, it does not need any tools when you need to set the table up or tear it down.

If you need this table for larger setups, you can always connect it with another unit.

You can buy an extra unit for larger setups and attach them to create a larger table and façade.

Final Verdict

The DJ Event Façade is a convenient table that fits a traditional DJ setup.

It is durable, portable, and easy to set up, making it a great option.

I recommend this DJ table for Beginners and Pro DJs who want to hide their setup during live shows to create a professional vibe.

It is a versatile desk that you can use for any type of gig at any venue.

Odyssey Adjustable Carpeted DJ Table

Odyssey Adjustable Carpeted DJ Table - non-slip rubber work surface carpet dj table

The Odyssey Adjustable Carpeted DJ table is another one of Odyssey’s unique products.

This DJ desk demonstrates the portability and comfort of use.

It is a lot more compact than most setups, but the one thing that makes it stand out is the carpeted surface.

It is a soft surface that will stop your gear from slipping or getting scratched.

It is excellent for a home studio setup, and for gigs as well.

The table is 48 inches wide and 20 inches deep, giving it the classic rectangular DJ table look.  

This surface gives you plenty of room for your setup.

It is also easy to assemble, and the unit has a handle which helps you conveniently carry the table to your next gig.

You can also adjust the height based on your preference. This table did not focus much on the design.

Instead, it focused more on the functionality and convenience, which most new DJs prefer.

Final Verdict

I recommend this setup for beginners and small gigs.

Sometimes, you will come across small gigs such as house parties and birthdays.

For those types of events, you don’t need to bring a large setup.

This table is perfect for a laptop and DJ controller to make your whole rig a lot more portable and appropriate for the event.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right DJ Desk?

How to Choose the Right DJ Desk

Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing a pre-made desk:


The height of the table should be at a position where you can comfortably move and use the equipment with less strain and fatigue.

Some DJs prefer the counter right above their waist.

Some tables have adjustable height so that you can adjust it based on your preference.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a flight case, the setup would be a little higher, when measuring or a table you need, don’t forget to include the measurements of the height of your gear as well.

Table Surface

The table surface’s dimensions are something that you should also consider.

Choose the right table size that can accommodate your setup.

If your setup consists of turntables or a DJ controller, make sure you get a table with enough space to put a mixer and your laptop as well. Keep in mind that some DJs also use a microphone, synths, and headphones.

You need a table that has enough space for all of your gear and more. If you happen to have a flight case, it would be better.

All you need to do is place it on the table, and you’re ready to blast some tunes.

Weight and Portability

The weight of the deck is also significant.

In the case of transporting your rig to the venue, you should also choose a table that has the right amount of portability but still remains sturdy.

DJ sets can get wild, but make sure that your gear is safe.

DJ Tables that are made out of metal are usually foldable, making it easy for you to fit it in your car and take it to the venue.

Materials Used

One of the best materials for tables, especially DJ tables, is medium-density fiberwood or MDF.

It is a highly durable material that showcases better stability.

The topcoat of MDF tables can repel most types of liquids to protect the finish.

If you decide to go with a metal table, they are usually lighter and more affordable.

Desk Features

DJ desks will also differ in features such as compartments, headphone holders, and wire organizers. Choose one with the features you need for your rig. Some desks even have a sliding deck for your laptop and other instruments that you need for your set.

Related Questions:

  • What is the essential gear for building a decent DJ rig or setup? The right structure will depend on your style of DJing. If you plan on setting the mood for weddings, proms, and house parties, you will probably need a decent DJ controller and a laptop with DJ software. This setup is the most straightforward setup you can start with if you will be doing a lot of these kinds of gigs.

If you are really serious about DJing and plan on producing your songs as well, you are going to need much more equipment that requires a bigger table for your rig. Aside from a DJ controller and laptop, producer DJs tend to have other devices such as launchpads, MIDI controllers, synths with vocoders, and many more. I am sure once you start to become more interested in DJing, you will get to explore and experience different pieces of equipment. Trust me, and there is nothing more fun than buying new gear.

  • Can you build your own table? Yes! You can definitely build your own DJ table if you have the proper DIY skills and resources. Buying a pre-built table saves you a lot of time and work, but making your own table is much more satisfying and fulfilling. Plus, you get to customize the shelves and compartments you need to accommodate your rig. You can also get more ideas from the items on the list when you try to build your own DJ table. You can use the same MDF or metal materials to create a table that is tailored to accommodate your gear.


Whether you choose to build a desk yourself or buy one of these fantastic DJ desks on the list above, having your desk is genuinely essential, especially for serious DJs.

Even if you do not do live shows yet, having a table for your rig at home can help when you practice your runs and mixes.

Choosing a DJ studio desk or a DJ table for live shows is not that hard. As long as it is sturdy, portable, and has the right size, you can look like a professional DJ in no time.

Skills and techniques are essential in DJing, but if you want to land gigs, make sure you look more professional by having your own table and setup.

These little things will help your career in one way or another, so do not disregard the importance of the little things. However, don’t forget to practice, as well.

I hope you learned how to choose a DJ desk for your next performance or recording session!

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