In the “Hardware” subdirectory you will find a lot of articles and guides about physical equipment, such as computers, music studio equipment, cameras, and a lot more. Basically, any electronics which are crucial for or relate to music production. Are you looking to build a music studio or can’t decide on which headphones to buy for mixing? Do you feel like you may need a new PC or laptop but don’t know what specs to look at? “Hardware” subsection has all the answers for you!



In the “Software” subdirectory, you will find different software products that are necessary or related to music production and promotion. Are you wondering which DAW to use or looking for the best VST plugins for hip-hop production? Have you heard of social media automation tools but never found a good guide on how to use them?  “Software” subdirectory is what you are looking for!



In the “How-To” subdirectory you will find easy tips and “hacks” to learn cool music and video production related skills. Do you want to shoot a music video but don’t know how to start and what to do? Do you want to start playing songs on a piano or a guitar quick? Well, then “How-To” subcategory is where you should be heading in order to learn some new things!



In the “Promotion” subdirectory you will find a lot of techniques and routines you can implement to promote your tracks, music videos, digital products, and a lot more. Are you wondering if it’s worth it to spend time promoting your creation yourself when you can pay marketing agencies? Do you have a product that you’ve been trying to promote for a while and nothing seems to work? Definitely stop by and check out a few guides and articles in the “Promotion” subdirectory to get some inspiration!