Dell vs Lenovo Laptops: Which Brand is Better? [Updated 2020]

Dell and Lenovo are two PC brands that easily come to mind when you are shopping for a new laptop.

But how do these top-tier brands really stack up?

In this article, I run a Dell vs Lenovo comparison, taking into account the design, product variety, components, innovation as well as the customer support each of these provides to help readers figure out which of these two to go with.


are dell laptops better than lenovo laptops - dell vs lenovo

Dell is a well-established laptop brand.

It is a name that is associated with reliability, quality, performance, durability, and forward-looking design.

Dell has been around since the mid-80s and has a large product portfolio that includes desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and various other computer hardware types.


Dell laptops, like their Lenovo counterparts, make for a good business use-case.

They have an excellent build with lots of innovative hardware and security features and components.

Dell laptops use both AMD and Intel processors.

The company deploys AMD processors probably more than any other computer brand in the market.

The Dell Alienware line of laptops is now a big force in the gaming niche.

They are equipped with the i7 processors.

For video editing and graphics-intensive work, Dell has the XPS laptop range to offer.

These are power-packed and can be used for the most complex tasks with the most demanding of requirements.

In the mid-range market segment, Dell laptops feature the i3 and i5 processors.

These laptops are best suited for business uses and are great for smooth multi-tasking tasks.

They can also be put into light gaming use-cases.

In the cheaper Dell laptops, there is greater use of the AMD processors.

The higher-end Dell laptops use Intel processors more.

However, some of the lower-end Dell laptops also feature Intel Celeron and the Intel Pentium Quad-core processors.

Dell’s cheaper Chromebooks are also built with the Intel Celeron Dual-Core processors.

The pricier Dell Chromebooks use the Intel i3 processors.

Such powerful processing has made them some of the best performing Chromebooks in the market.

When you are shopping for a Dell Chromebook, this is something that you will have to factor in.

If you are buying a Chromebook to power lots of apps, then you will have to make do with a MediaTek-powered Chromebook rather than an Intel-powered version as the apps are likely to stutter and have slower load times in the latter.  


I have always loved Dell laptop designs.

The designs are super-original and reliable.

Unlike HP which also sells good laptops but in standard colors, Dell is more creative in its choice of colors so there is always the opportunity to pick from a vast color range.

That makes it easier for me to shop for a Dell laptop that is not only pretty to look at but also one that suits my unique taste in color.

When I’m shopping for a Dell laptop, I’m sure that I am buying something that is well-made, durable, and also functional.

The downside is that the Dell laptops are not as thin and ultra-sleek like HP laptops.

But they do have a design edge over Lenovo even though you will have to cough out a little extra to lay your hands on a Dell brand than on a Lenovo.

From the looks, the Dell laptop designs look very conservative.

This is where Lenovo has the edge as its designs look more unique than the Dell designs.

However, Dell counterbalances this by offering laptops with wide color variations.

If you are a creative looking for some flash and innovation in a reliable build, then a Dell laptop will suffice.

Some of the higher-spec Dell machines break out of the general Dell design mold and design language and are more visually appealing.

The Alienware gaming laptops along with Dell’s consumer-facing XPS series, for instance, get the looks right.

On the graphics front, Dell laptops mostly use NVIDIA.

This is not unique as NVIDIA is a top choice for most laptop brands keen on providing their customers with jaw-dropping graphics.

The higher-end Dell laptops feature AMD Radeon which also performs superbly well.

Dell has budget 11-inch screen models and these provide the true definition.

The largest screens in the Dell line are the 17-inch ones for its gaming laptops.

They have a full HD resolution and the picture quality is quite impressive.

On battery life, Dell laptops mostly use 3-cell batteries so expect battery life per charge to be in the medium range.  

Product Variety

I like the reasonable balance between price and performance across Dell’s customer categories.

Compared to Lenovo, customers pay a slightly higher price but the upside is that you get laptops with good power, performance, reliability along with an elegant design.

A Dell laptop is no doubt worth the investment.

They are not all pricey.

I can still get affordable Dell laptops without compromising on power and reliability.

Dell laptops also spot very powerful components that will serve you well and satisfy all your computing needs.

The chassis is attractively-designed which makes the laptops visually appealing.

The product variety is incredible.

There is so much to choose from that you won’t easily wrap your head around them.

These range from the lightweight and lower-priced Chromebooks to the more powerful Ultrabooks and gaming laptops.

One thing to keep in mind about the Dell product line is that they have an edge when it comes to building laptops for the creatives.

The laptops also don’t come in standard designs and colors.

There is a lot on offer to meet both of your computing and aesthetic needs.

Some of the Dell product ranges include the Chromebooks, XPS, Alienware, Latitude, and the Inspiron among others.


Dell laptops are priced competitively.

Besides, if you are low on budget then you can opt for the lower-priced options.

However, you get good value for money from a Dell machine.

You can get the right laptop that will fit your budget and applications across all its categories.

Dell sells its laptops via authorized dealers as opposed to third-party retailers, one of the main factors that makes its prices competitive.

The budget Dell machines still do well on the power and reliability front.

So, even if you have a limited budget and are going for the lower end options, you won’t be sacrificing a lot.

One of the things I love about Dell is that if I fail to find the laptop that I’m shopping for, I can have one custom-built for me.

This will, of course, cost me more than if I simply purchased it off-shelf.


Dell is at the cutting edge of product innovation and this is apparent in its latest line of products.

Last year, Dell unveiled its newest product- the Latitude series of laptops.

They are business-class laptops which come with nice security and hardware features.

Some of these include a carbon fiber/aluminum chassis, fingerprint readers, smart card readers, a narrow field of view privacy settings as well as Windows Hello-compatible IR cameras.

The new Latitude and Vostro Dell laptop models position the webcam on the top center of the laptop’s screen bezel which is different from the company’s consumer-facing XPS series.

This helps eliminate the “nose cam” effect.

Customer Support

Dell offers A+ customer support. In fact, its customer support service is ranked among the best in the world among the hardware vendors.

Dell provides full-scale customer support resources encompassing a hotline, live chat, and social media support.

The Dell website also serves as a central customer support portal with a great selection of informative and helpful articles that tackle some of the most common problems that users are likely to face with their Dell laptops.

I also like Dell’s speedy Twitter response.

When you tweet them on a problem, you will receive a prompt call from their technical support officer ready to offer assistance.

The Dell technical support hotline is available for users who want to resolve their computer problems over the phone.

Dell has an efficient phone support service where a caller is assigned a personal assistant that walks them through the problem.

If the problem is unfixable over the phone, the tech support officer can request to access your computer remotely so that they can perform a further diagnosis of the problem.

Dell computers come with a 12-month warranty for hardware failure.

Dell also offers customers the option to extend the warranty for an extra charge.

Stand Out Features of Dell Laptops

Dell stands for reliability and excellent build quality.

This obtains across its vast range of products.

With decades in the industry and nonstop innovation, Dell has established itself as one of the most competitive computer brands in the market.

A Dell machine will usually guarantee consistent quality and reliability.

Dell laptops are generally a top choice for creatives.

Customer service is excellent and they carry a generous warranty.  


are lenovo laptops better than dell laptops - dell vs lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese technology company with a vast product range that includes TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The company is hyper-innovative and much of its success is attributable to its widely popular ThinkPad and IdeaPad product lines which consumers have shown a strong preference for.

Lenovo is a market leader and has outperformed Dell in global sales over the years.

In Q1 of 2019, Lenovo sold 3 million more laptops than Dell, a market share of 23% compared to Dell’s 17% market share.

The company’s ThinkPad laptops have been a huge hit and have become effectively synonymous with “business notebook”.

Lenovo purchased the ThinkPad brand from IBM over 12 years ago and has made improvements to the model that reflect the general industry design trends.

Still, this laptop remains a top seller.


Most Lenovo laptops use Intel processors.

The high-end Lenovo laptops such as the Yoga 920 and the ThinkPad Carbon X1 spot the 8th generation Gen i7 processors providing end-users with unmatched power and versatility.

These laptops are so powerful that they will tackle all tasks that you throw at them be it programming, graphic designing, or gaming.

They are mostly preferred by professionals.

The mid-range Lenovo laptops cost in the range of $600 to $700 and feature the i3 and i5 processors.

The IdeaPads are Lenovo’s budget play and feature mostly Dual-Core AMD and Intel processors.

However, the latest IdeaPads feature Quad-Core processors with clock speeds of up to 2.7Ghz.

These are ideal for the ‘light duty’ day to day entertainment and browsing applications.

Lenovo has the Chromebooks which are lighter, travel-friendly, and more affordable.

They are equipped with the MediaTek Processor.

These include the Lenovo C330 and the Lenovo Felix 11.

For a more powerful Chromebook, you can go for the powerful Yoga C630.

Lenovo also has some powerful gaming PCs featuring the NVIDIA Quadro or the NVIDIA GTX graphics cards that provide top processing power.

They are perfect for pro gamers and streamers.

In the lower-end laptops, Lenovo still uses the Intel Integrated HD Graphics cards.


Lenovo today stands for reliability.

I can find laptops in multiple designs.

The laptops are not only reliable and functional but they also have an appealing look.

Lenovo’s Chromebook is stylish and slimmer in design.

The most appealing Lenovo laptops are its 2-in-1s such as in the Yoga range.

In the Chromebooks and the Yoga range, one cannot help but appreciate the comfort and convenience in the design.

The designs are versatile and the laptops can be used as tablets, laptops, or even in the tent mode.

They make just the perfect product lines for work and play.

They are also portable so you can carry them long and use them anywhere. My most favorite is Yoga 920.

In the gaming space, Lenovo has the Legion range.

The design comes with sharp bold angles and backlit keyboard which gives the machine its sharp looks.

One gets their money’s worth even with the cheaper Lenovo laptops.

To begin with, the company does not compromise on the build quality.

The IdeaPads, for instance, are built with Polycarbonate material for durability.

The Lenovo ThinkPads are built with a carbon-fiber body with a chassis that has shock, vibration, dust, and temperature resistance.

Like Dell, Lenovo laptops come in a variety of colors together with soft-touch finishes.

Product Variety

One thing I love about Lenovo laptops is the variety in the models that I can pick from across the categories.

That means when I’m shopping, I have a higher probability of finding a machine that is as close as possible to my preferred specs.

From the ThinkPads to gaming laptops and the Chromebooks, there is no dearth of options when it comes to a Lenovo laptop.


Lenovo laptops are generally cheaper than similar-spec laptops from other manufacturers.

The affordability of the product means I can get one of the best price-per-performance with a Lenovo laptop.

From a shopping perspective, that means a higher probability of me finding really good specs without trading off too much on my preferred specs and desired quality.

Across its range of laptops, notebooks, 2-in-1s, gaming machines, and business machines, you can always find a laptop model that will suit your budget.

There is just a good availability of different laptop models that you can choose from, no matter your requirements.


Lenovo is a computer hardware company that is always at the frontiers of innovation.

It offers a diverse range of machines and consistently spawns new user-friendly design, security, and performance tech that make their laptops a joy to use.

Lenovo innovation labs spawned the TrackPoint; the red ball in the middle of the keyboard that can be used as a substitute mouse and which has been lauded widely in industry circles.

Lenovo displays have an HDR for a superior viewing experience.

The Lenovo gaming laptop line is built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU.

On the software front, Lenovo also introduced the WRITEit handwriting recognition software that enables users to use a stylus to write text on their laptop instead of typing it.

Customer Support

I have always found Lenovo’s customer support to be of top-notch quality.

Like Dell, it offers wide-ranging resources and portals to handle customer queries and those customer service portals are generally efficient at resolving users’ problems.

These include live chat, web support as well as social media support.

The web support works best for me for computer issues which are not hardware-related.

The phone support is somewhat disappointing.

There are constant complaints about the length of the waiting times as well as on being bumped around to various operators.

Some advisors have also engaged in aggressive sales tactics for totally unrelated queries, going to the extent of nudging callers to buy into the company’s premium software services.

Battery Life and Display Quality

The battery life is one performance metric where Lenovo trumps Dell.

Lenovo laptops tap into 6-cell batteries that provide a runtime of 6 to 10 hours based on the usage.

With Lenovo’s HDR, you can get some mindboggling levels of resolution with screen sizes of about 11.6 inches.

It also works perfectly with 15.6-inch and even 17.3-inch screen sizes.

Standout Features

For me, the most outstanding aspects of Lenovo laptops are affordability and variety.

There is a model for every budget and the ThinkPad is a corporate workhorse.

Lenovo vs Dell

dell vs lenovo laptops - which is better for watching movies, music, gaming, work

There are clear differences between Lenovo and Dell laptops on almost all the key comparison factors be it in the build, components, price, and performance.

Dell is a more established brand and simply delivers the best in performance and reliability.

However, if you are looking for variety, options, and the best price-per-performance, you will never go wrong with a Lenovo laptop.

In head-to-head comparison of Dell vs Lenovo, Dell is a better-quality brand with hardware and component quality that is almost beyond reproach.

But Lenovo products tend to be cheap and will give you better price-to-performance.

If you are after the best value for money rather an uncompromising quality and performance, you’d be better off with a Lenovo laptop.

The Lenovo products still offer impeccable quality and have a superior design and innovative edge in some aspects.

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