Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele Review [+ Best Cordoba Concert Ukuleles]

Talking about the stringed instruments, there are many brands offering some of the finest quality models at affordable prices.

Cordoba has caught the attention of musicians with varied styles and abilities living in different parts of the world.

This brand is famous for classic nylon-stringed guitars though they make highly renowned ukuleles.

Ukuleles from Cordoba are remarkable instruments and have got a global appeal worldwide due to their diverse range of features.

The Cordoba 15cm belongs to the 15 series that offers some entry-level ukuleles.

While some other manufacturers tend to compromise on quality to reduce the price, the Cordoba 15cm concert ukulele is something you can rely on for years of use.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this concert uke and learn more about Cordoba ukuleles to help you make a wiser decision.

Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele Review – Updated 2020

Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele Review updated

The Cordoba 15cm Concert ukulele is a fully hand-made, sleek instrument made out of premium-quality quartersawn mahogany wood.

It is an entry-level ukulele that provides a playback at a price that other brands don’t offer.

The ukulele falls in between the tonal spectrum of soprano and tenor.

Because of the size, this ukulele is the perfect choice for beginners who are new to playing a fretted instrument.

It inclines towards the brighter side of the tone spectrum.

It is a good starting point for beginners and a reliable tool for experienced musicians.


This is a standard concert shaped model in laminate mahogany with satin finish.

While the contrasting cream edge binding to the back and top give it a familiar look, what adds to the charm is the abalone inlaid soundhole ring.

The construction and wood are the most important factors that determine the playability and sound of an instrument.

The mahogany body and neck of the uke give a classic feel and look.

As the instrument is handmade, great attention’s paid to craftsmanship and detail.

The ivoroid binding framing the edges expose the honey-toned wood.

The fretboard and bridge are made using dark rosewood contrasting the mahogany and making the uke elegant.


As this instrument features a longer neck with bigger spaces between the frets, fingers get an easy time getting a full note from the string.

The ukulele carves longer, fuller tones to give a feel of a high-end instrument.

Longer neck makes sure there is more tension on strings and lesser tuning problems.

As the fretboard is made from a combination of mahogany and rosewood, fretting becomes easier and stronger.

Rosewood bridge saddle means there is no rattling of the strings.


High-quality mahogany body and excellent craftsmanship make the 15cm Concert ukulele sound great.

The overall tone is sweet and balanced.

The instrument has a fuller tone as compared to a soprano and it is longer though it is tuned to the same key.

Due to the long neck, there is increased tension on the strings and the uke has a smaller chance of falling out of tune.

Mahogany can be found on a large number of concert instruments and for a reason.

You cannot expect much resonance from the instrument but the tone is balanced between low, medium, and high voices.

Any other instrument mixing woods would not deliver what Cordoba delivers.


Cordoba excels in terms of hardware as well.

The bridge and fingerboard are made using rosewood and have pearl button tuning machines which are durable and well-constructed.

The tuners are simple to use and keep the strings in tune.

This 15cm Concert avoids tuning problems that most entry-level instruments tend to have.

This ukulele features the Aquila nylgut 7U strings typically found in high-end instruments.

Jamming with these strings produces a soothing and balanced output.

Ivory body, abalone-style rosette and fingerboard binding on this model make it different from others in the same price range.   

Best Cordoba Concert Ukulele

Let’s take a look at what Cordoba has to offer:

Cordoba 20cm Concert Ukulele Review

Cordoba 20cm Concert Ukulele review - best cordoba concert ukulele

With the 20cm Concert ukulele, the quality is exceptional and the entire impact is that of a high-end model rather than a budget-friendly option as it is.

It features a rich mahogany body and premium quality Aquila strings to deliver a sound that rivals some of the more expensive instruments.

This concert ukulele is a reliable and top-quality product with all the elements you need for a perfect sound.

The overall look and feel are elegant, sophisticated and classy.

With solid mahogany sides, back and top in satin finish and rosewood bridge and fingerboard, it makes an excellent investment for beginners as well as experienced players.

Cordoba 21c Concert Ukulele Review

Cordoba 21c Concert Ukulele Review

Another amazing concert ukulele from Cordoba is the 21c model from the 21 series.

This range of ukuleles combines the highly popular guitar tonewood of ebony and spruce.

The concert-sized ukulele comes in a solid spruce top with ebony sides and back.

It has a mahogany neck, composite fingerboard, bridge, and headstock.

The instrument features refined, subtle aesthetic with a sleek, satin finish, and classic hand-made wooden rope style binding and co-ordinating purfling.

The ukulele has standard Aquila nylgut strings and chrome open geared tuners.

It is an excellent choice for a concert instrument and suits beginners to pros.

Cordoba Concert Ukulele Pack

Cordoba Concert Ukulele Pack - cordoba up100 review

The Cordoba Concert Ukulele pack comes with the UP100 concert ukulele in all mahogany body.

The instrument belongs to the 100 series of the brand and features a beautiful satin finish and rosewood fingerboard.

It has a rich and bright tone and sounds better than other instruments in the same price range.

It is a great choice for a first instrument for a beginner or an easy to carry, reliable ukulele for a pro.

The Carodba pack includes a digital clip-on chromatic tuner with color display, ukulele chord, travel bag, picks, and lesson book containing some music lessons.

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