Casio LK 265 Review – Updated 2020 – Casio Lighted Keyboard

Lighted keyboards provide an amazing way to learn playing the piano.

They are aimed at making it fun and easy to learn playing an instrument by eliminating the difficult task of reading music.

Beginners would find a lighted keyboard particularly convenient in the early stages of learning.

One such fantastic lighted keyboard comes from Casio, the reputed manufacturer of electronic keyboards.

The Casio LK 265 is a keyboard that comes with illuminated keys to make learning easier and fun for beginners and kids interested in learning to play the instrument.

In this review, we take a closer look at the product and talk about its features and offerings to give you a better idea of what you can expect from it.

Casio LK 265 Review – Updated 2020

Casio LK 265 Review – Updated

Designed to help beginners learn playing songs quickly, the Casio LK 265 is a lighted keyboard that guides the fingers so that you don’t need to read the music when you are learning.

With built-in rhythms and the ability to play your favorite songs, the keyboard makes it fun for children and beginners to learn to play the piano.


Let’s look at the most notable features of this digital piano:


The Casio LK 265 keyboard features 61 full-size keys and is quite compact and portable in design.

It can be run on battery and carried anywhere.

You can play it inside and out with 6 AA batteries.

The LCD display is easy to read and bright with simple buttons that help you make adjustments easily.

Touch-sensitive keys let the sound respond to the touch and style of playing.


The keyboard comes with 400 instrument voices and 100 built-in rhythms, making it easy to experiment with the sounds and create your own.

It also offers 60 practice songs to help with your piano lessons and the ability to expand the library to contain your favorite songs.

It is equipped with all the features you would want in a digital piano including a built-in metronome, tuning, transpose, and 8 levels of polyphony.

Onboard Lesson System

The lesson lite module includes voice fingering guide and onboard scoring and allows customizing lessons for left, right, or both hands.

Dance Music Mode

This feature transforms the keyboard into a dance music machine.

It offers 50 different styles of dance music to choose from including bass, drums, effects, and synth.

Beginners can use this feature to create their dance music in no time.

Chordana Play App

The Casio LK 265 comes with free access to Chordana Play app for Android and iOS.

The app offers its library of songs and lesson system to guide beginners to play along with the display.

It also allows converting a library song into a MIDI file, playing it online or offline, playing along on the keyboard, or storing in the memory.

The app can be used to assign melodies to the hand, tune, transpose, change the tempo, or use the repeat function to learn as you prefer to.

The app also has an on-screen virtual keyboard display which enables you to practice playing with a smartphone or tablet touchscreen in the absence of a keyboard.

Chordana Play app tracks your progress and converts learning into an interactive game.


  • Light-up keyboard for simplified learning
  • Portable and compact
  • Wide range of built-in voices
  • Comes with dance music, songs, and rhythms
  • Onboard lesson feature
  • Full-size touch-sensitive keys
  • Ability to turn off the keyboard lighting
  • Free Chordana Play app


  • There is no option to export sound

Casio Lighted Learn-To-Play Keyboard – What You Should Know?

Casio Lighted Learn-To-Play Keyboard – What You Should Know

Casio Lighted Learn to Play Keyboard is intended to make learning piano playing fun and exciting.

Light-up keys and ‘Step Up Lesson System’ provide the necessary assistance and instructions to get experience and start playing music on your own.

It is a versatile keyboard that not only suits beginners.

Advanced players can benefit from a large number of built-in voices, rhythms, and MIDI capability.

The keyboard comes with 61 full-sized illuminating keys and more than 100 pre-programmed songs that you can play along.

With programs like Step Up lesson, Lesson Lite, and more, learners of every level can find practice systems to keep them motivated.

The user can also switch the key illumination off, use the notes to display so that they can improve the play.

Casio lighted learn to play keyboard, though designed for beginners, match to the classic models when it comes to sound and functionality.

It is extremely portable and light and can be transported anywhere. Configuring the instrument for specific genres is only a button-touch away.

Players can make and remix dance tracks using a combination of keys.

Casio Light Up Keyboard Songs

Casio Light Up Keyboard Songs

The Casio LK 265 comes with 60 built-in songs and has a capacity to store 30 more songs.

These practice songs make it easy to learn efficiently.

It allows for a repetition learning system where you just have to press the key that lights up.

With enough practice, you can gradually start playing a composition on your own.

The illuminated keyboard has a built-in function for learning music using the configured keys.

The lighted keyboard allows beginners to start playing short pieces of music in just a few hours.

The keys are directly displayed on the keyboard and not on the display.

Up to 10 keys light up at a time, allowing you to play the most challenging pieces of music.

You can convert any song in your library and import it as a MIDI file to play along on the keyboard.

Casio LK 265 Manual & Troubleshooting

Casio LK 265 Manual & Troubleshooting

The Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with a user manual to give complete access to advanced settings and preferences.

The manual contains the keyboard diagram to explain the buttons and their controls.

It also explains all the functions and features of the lighted keyboard with detailed descriptions.

The manual shows step-by-step instructions for setting up the instrument and getting started with using it.

The special features like dance music mode and step-up lessons are also explained in detail.

The Casio LK 265 manual also contains a dedicated section for troubleshooting.

It lists all the common issues experienced with the instrument and the right action you can take.

All the symptoms are described in this section covering different aspects of the instrument so that you can quickly resolve the problem.

Apart from this, you can also find answers to common concerns about the keyboard in the FAQ section on the manufacturer website.

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