Breedlove Ukulele Review – Updated 2020 – Breedlove Pursuit Concert

Breedlove is a famous name in guitar circles due to its innovative designs like bridge truss systems, graduated soundboards, and even the use of sustainable tonewoods.

Breedlove started as a mid-sized company in 1990, and now it is the leading shop for Ukulele in the market.

There are new designs brought up in the market now and then by the company.

Breedlove recently presented an innovative range of ukulele designs that included electric as well as acoustic during a concert.

Why is Breedlove Ukulele Famous?

Why is Breedlove Ukulele Famous

Well, there are a couple of reasons – let’s take a look:

Beautiful Design and Build

The first factor that enhances the popularity of Breedlove Ukulele is its beautiful and innovative design.

The Lu’au duo presents a great first impression in front of people with its Myrtlewood soundboards, sides, and backs.

Breedlove makes use of Myrtlewood extensively in its ukulele because its coloring tends to be richly variegated.

Myrtlewood adds natural beauty to the ukes.

The Lu’aus duo is a bit heavier as compared to the other ones due to their internal electronics.

Breedlove has continued with its reputation for creating quality instruments.

The finishing on every instrument is faultlessly glossy and it is pretty clean even inside the soundboxes.

You won’t find any place with an excess amount of glue near the bracing.

Fun to Play

Both the Concert and Tenor Lu’aus sound perfect in tune whenever you play any melody.

People find it exceptionally pleasing to play both the ukes for extended periods without any hand fatigue.

Both the ukes possess the general sweetness of tone which you can explore by trying out different melodies.

The Concert Ukulele offered crystal clear voice with no fluctuations to make the artist explore different approaches.

If you are more of a fingerstyle player, Tenor Ukulele is a better choice.

It offered better sustain and resonance due to which the arpeggiated chords are flown together in a delightful way.

The cutaway of both the ukes allows the player to lay their hands till the last fret on the fretboard with ease.

The sound quality of tenor is much preferable as compared to the concert.

Both the ukes would turn out to be excellent when you try out plugging it in an amp.

Let us move towards the individual reviews of some of the most famous ukulele guitars offered by Breedlove.

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ukulele Review

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ukulele Review

If you are looking for all the unique tonewoods at an affordable price, you must check out the Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ukulele.

With this instrument, you can get a chance to experience the resonance and tone of a Breedlove instrument in a platform of Concert Ukulele.

The sound quality offered by the ukulele is exceptional and it is liked by both beginners as well as experts.

This ukulele is made with Myrtlewood due to which the tone is extremely balanced and it even produces much higher volume than one can expect.

You can easily connect it with an undersaddle piezo that includes tone, volume, and a chromatic tuner.


  • Concert type of body
  • Cutaway built
  • Top wood, back & sides are made with Myrtlewood
  • Fan Brace pattern of Bracing
  • Gloss Sunburst finish of the body


  • C-shaped neck
  • 46 mm nut width
  • Ovangkol fingerboard
  • Okume neck wood
  • 381 mm scale length
  • 17 frets
  • Satin finish


  • Compatible with preamp/pickup


  • Stained basswood headstock overlay
  • Open gear black buttons work as tuning machines
  • Ovangkol bridge
  • 4 strings
  • Abalone Top Purfling is its special feature

Breedlove Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Breedlove Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

For a considerable length of time, Kim Breedlove withdrew the Breedlove workshop on late evenings just to go to his home carport workshop and craft ukuleles.

Presently resigned, Breedlove is enchanted to present Kim’s Breedlove Lu’au Concert Ukuleles.

Every Ukulele is designed in Bend, Oregon, and then crafted in China with the use of Myrtlewood.

The complete design is based on Kim’s bracing and custom shape.

Kim Breedlove has worked dedicatedly to come up with an innovative design of ukulele.

The result is the Breedlove Acoustic-Electric Ukulele.

You can get your hands on the best-quality ukulele at the lowest price.


  • Top and Body made with solid Myrtlewood
  • 15” Mahogany neck
  • Ovangkol fingerboard
  • Natural shadow gloss top finish
  • Single Cutaway
  • Ovangkol bridge
  • Nickel open-gear tuners
  • Aquila super nyglut strings
  • Superb quality tone
  • Plug into an amp for different effects

Breedlove Tenor Ukulele

Breedlove Tenor Ukulele

Alongside its body shape, a ukulele’s top is the characterizing component of its sound through its vibration, the key parts of volume, tone, support and projection.

Due to some degree to its celebrated solidness to-weight proportion, ring boisterous and clear.

A strong wood top interprets those vibrations with more instantaneousness and immaculateness of tone and responds all the more straightforwardly with the purpose of a player.

On the off chance that you are at a middle level or above, you will welcome the immediately unmistakable advantages of a strong wood top.

The tenor ukulele possesses a 17″ scale that provides plenty of space up the neck.

The Breedlove Lu’au tenor possesses an attractive Myrtlewood figure, a wave headstock, and 20 frets that produce an excellent quality tone.

The Lu’au tenor completely fits the musical world of high-quality ukuleles with its full-sound passage.


  • Tenor Ukulele body type
  • 20 frets
  • Aquila super nyglut strings
  • 36 mm nut width
  • Mahogany neck wood
  • Ovangkol bridge
  • Top wood, back & sides made with Myrtlewood
  • Nickel open-gear tuners
  • Tortoise binding
  • Inlay centered dots
  • Natural gloss top finish
  • Aged toner gloss finish at the back and sides
  • 432 mm scale length
  • 185” sound hole


When you look for a good quality ukulele in the market, you might end up paying several thousand dollars these days, but if you want good quality at affordable prices, you can consider the Breedlove Ukes.

These acoustic-electric ukes possess a style of their own with excellent sound quality and features.

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