5 Best Wired Multi Room Audio Systems of 2020

If you love listening to your music or movie in hi-fi sound why not treat yourself and free your sound from your living room to all areas of your home?

With a wired multi-room system, you can have the immersive depth of surround sound from your favorite movie or TV show right in your bedroom as you listen to an album you enjoy.

Multi-room audio uses your wi-fi connection to spread audio all over your house.

This is great because it means no more messing around with, or falling over, wires as you try to set the system up.

And another added benefit is that you can scale your system as you require.

You may start with just two speakers in one room, but you can quickly and easily, and, most importantly, inexpensively, expand to other rooms.

You can even control certain multi-room systems using Siri or Alexa for that added futuristic touch.

Who wouldn’t love coming home and being able to just speak to your multi-room system and instantly start listening to your favorite tunes?

It’s both cool and convenient.

You could listen to a different song in each room if you wanted to – how awesome is that!

And whilst there is a ton of these systems on the market right now, picking the best one for your needs is not always easy.

Everyone knows that Sonos is the most recognizable brand in this space, thanks to their high quality and fantastic sound, but there are others too who you may no be familiar with.

That’s why in this article I will outline my top wired multi-room audio systems that you can buy right now.

So put on some music, settle down, and let’s get started.

5 Best Multi-Room Audio Systems of 2020

Let’s look at our contestants:

Sonos Multi-Room System

multi room speaker system for appartment and house

Let’s start with the big boys, shall we?

I already mentioned that Sonos is the key player here and so this may already be the best-wired multi-room audio system to buy.

But let’s look at what they can offer to understand why this is.

Even though Sonos is now facing more and tougher competition, with this system, you can still see why they are on top, and why they will remain there yet.

This is a lovely system to live with.

Setting it up and configuring it is slick, as you would expect.

And whilst it doesn’t support hi-res, most people won’t even mind.

They will be too busy admiring how it looks and bathing in its luxurious sound quality.

Sonos gives you a massive amount of choice across its range of multi-room systems.

So, you can quickly find something that meets your budget and space requirements.

And each one is simple and easy to use, unlike some competitors which lack the overall polish.

Their entire family of products supports the widest number of streaming services and combines this with great user experience.

Sonos remains on top here.

Even when they announce that they will no longer support older Sonos systems.

This is something of a questionable decision because then you wonder how long your current Sonos setup will be good for.

I say stop worrying.

Those devices were old, and competitors will also face the same issue of not wanting to support older models.

Instead, purchase a Sonos and enjoy the best wireless multi-room audio setup that you can buy today.

Best piece to start with:

Bluesound 2i Multi-Room System

best multi room audio system cat5 for cheap

Bluesound maybe another brand that many people have not heard of when it comes to the best wired multi-room audio system on the market.

This is one of the multi-room systems that does offer hi-res support.

It can deliver 24-bit/192kHz sound and packs a mighty punch when it comes to bass.

In terms of musical capability, it’s one of the best I have heard.

Giving you enough midrange clarity, you can hear the difference when listing to vocals in your favorite song.

The choice of products on offer from Bluesound includes a streamer, server, streamer and amp combo, and a collection of speakers.

These range from the tiny Pulse Flex 2i to its much bigger brother, the Pulse 2i.

One thing if I had to nitpick would be the quality of some of the speakers.

Both Sonos and Audio Pro beat Bluesound here.

But it still offers great value and a level of sound quality that gives you more bang for your buck than you might expect.

Best piece to start with:

Audio Pro Multi-Room

whole house audio system wireless wired budget affordable cheap

You’d be forgiven for asking ‘who?’.

The name of this is not exactly something that stands out on its own as the best wired multi-room audio system.

It sounds generic and bland.

But Audio Pro (that’s the company name) is well known for giving great sound quality for the price.

If you are on a budget, then this immediately may be the best system for you.

They only offer a small range of systems.

And when you compare their app, it lacks compared against the big boys, but at just £100 the included link puck can quickly and easily give you a multi-room audio setup to play with.

It does this by linking with your existing hi-fi and speaker setup.

But when you think about a multi-room set up the most important factor is the speakers that you will end up placing around your house.

Audio Pro allows you to even use old add-on speakers as part of your updated setup and gives an overall deep and detailed level of sound quality.

Best piece to start with:

Denon HEOS multi-room system

multi-source control and advanced multi zone audio systems for whole house

I know Denon more for their AV receivers, and you might as well, more than for their multi-room systems.

That’s why seeing this brand here is kind of strange when it comes to the best wired multi-room audio system for you to buy.

But it makes sense for them to branch out into this area.

That’s because they offer a massive range of audio hardware, such as soundbars, subwoofers, amplifiers, and wireless speakers.

They also offer the ability for all of this to be hooked straight into Denon’s HEOS platform.

The HEOS multi-room system has been upgraded since it was launched.

Offering support for hi-res audio, as well as support for streaming services like Amazon Music.

This in turn gives you a much tighter level of Alexa integration letting you control playback with voice commands.

It offers a smooth and spacious sound.

And even though Audio Pro beats it just slightly on sound quality it is still a superb all-rounder.

You also get a wide range of additional add-on components to choose from and add to expand the base system.

Best piece to start with:

Bose SoundTouch Multi-Room system

best cheap audio system for whole house appartment condo

Bose is another big name when it comes to sound quality.

So, to see them here is no surprise.

I found that this was easy to set up and use and offered a fantastic wireless link.

It can be annoying when your sound drops out because of your wifi.

But all these plus points don’t make it the best system on my list.

It does have a fair number of drawbacks.

You get an impressive level of sound, with great scale and dynamic expression, as you would expect from Bose, and the wireless streaming, as I said, is excellent.

But contrary to this, the app you use to control it has issues.

Sure, it is easy to use, but it just doesn’t have the same features as the others on my list here.

I expected more from Bose in this regard.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

If I was just looking at the SoundTouch by itself then it would get a much more favorable review.

But with it being compared against both Sonos and AudioPro, it’s easy to see it has limitations.

It gives you great sound and a level of simplicity of setting it up which is great for those who are new to the wireless audio scene.

But it doesn’t match its rivals here which have more features.

But if you are on a budget and you don’t mind a few issues, the Bose SoundTouch is one that I highly recommend.

However, if you are purely after the best sound quality, and money is not an issue, you are better off picking something else on my list.

Best piece to start with:


This was a very close race to call. It was too close to call in places.

All the systems on my list here will meet someone’s needs and budget just fine.

You just must decide if you want to focus on the best sound quality, ease of use, budget, and so on to pick the best one from this list.

Any of the ones here will do the job of providing an easy to set up and install a wireless audio system for your home.

It’s just that some of them do it better than others.

Most people may just read this review and go with the Sonos.

It’s a safe choice and kind of expected.

But as I said at the start of this review, many of the competitors are now closing in on the leader.

And that’s why it may be best to look for a multi-room system with an open mind instead.

You may be surprised at the results.

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