10 Best VST Plugins for EDM Music of 2020

Before we start with my list let’s just get one thing clear.

It isn’t EDM, it’s electronic music or dance music.

But nowadays it’s incredibly easy, thanks to VST to make the next chart-topping drum and bass or electronic banger straight from your computer.

So if you fancy yourself as the next Liam Howlett or perhaps you think you are better than the Chemical Brothers then check out my list of the killer VST plugins you need if you are into making electronic music on your computer.

10 Best VST Plugins for EDM Music of 2020

Let’s get to the list already!

Massive by Native Instruments

massive by ni - best vst plugin for electronic music production

This is one of the leading software synthesizers.

Even though it may look outdated what it gives you in terms of features is still hard to beat.

You get three main oscillators.

Another one for modulation, and another one for noise.

You also get a decent set of filters, LFO and envelopes.

The main features of this plugin include its two filters.

This allows you to filter two different oscillators.

It lets you get creative and come up with some truly interesting results.

A great plugin and one of the best VST for EDM you can get.

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Serum by Xfer

Serum by Xfer - best electronic music vst plugins for beginners

When it comes to virtual instruments you can’t go wrong with Serum.

It’s a wavetable synth which means that if you are into producing future bass or trap for EDM then this synth will be great for you.

The same goes if you are also into producing dubstep.

You get 1300 presets to play with, effects, LFO and envelope shapes.

It also gives you 16 voices each from its two main oscillators.

There’re also noise and sub-oscillators.

This one of the best VST for EDM if you are into modulation.

It comes with a modulation matrix so you can easily see what parameters you are modulating.

This plugin shines in its ability to let you import custom wavetables.

So, you can record your samples and import them straight into Serum.

You can use this wavetable to make your synth patches or simplify synth patches or just to give your samples a nice and warm feel to them when you run them through Serum.

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Ozone Imager 2 by iZotope

Ozone Imager 2 - best free edm plugin vst for edm production

With just two faders this is a simple plugin.

Ease of use is what goes a long way towards making a plugin the best VST for EDM.

It’s great for stereo panning and width and you can use it also to add width to your tracks or set them to be mono.

This is a great mixing tool because it lets you see where sounds crash into each other during the mixing process.

Check Out @ Izotope 


LFO Tool by Xfer

LFO Tool by Xfer - popular free edm vst plugin for music production

The LFO Tool is one of the producers’ most valuable assets in their toolkit.

Whilst there are many LFO plugins you can get this is my preferred one.

This plugin can be used to create tremolo, trance-gate, side-chain compressor simulation and dubstep wobbles easily.

With this plugin, you can come up with some unique sounds once you start to play around with it.

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OTT by Xfer

OTT by Xfer - best edm vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, logic pro, pro tools, garageband

This is a multi-band compressor which you can throw any sound into and it comes out sounding fantastic.

It’s three bands are controller by wet/dry knobs and it also has compressor settings if you want to dive deeper.

It’s also really easy to use thanks to its super clean interface.

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Little Alter Boy by Soundtoys

Little Alter Boy - best free edm vst plugin free download

This is a great pitch-shifting tool.

It works on anything from guitar samples to synths and vocals.

With this plugin, you can do neat things like changing the vocal gender or make it sound robotic or even completely warp the original sound.

It has a simple and clean interface making it easy to use.

The only downside is that you need to activate this using a license manager from iLok.

This makes it quite hard to install.

But once you have managed that it usually runs fine with no issues.

Check Out @ Sound Toys 


Camel Crusher by Camel Audio

Camel Crusher - freeware edm vst mixing plugins

This is a super powerful plugin.

That’s why it made my list of the best VST for EDM.

It’s completely free and is a plugin that all producers need to have.

It’s a distortion plugin that can distort and even destroy your sounds if used incorrectly.

But done properly can give you brightness and clarity.

It’s four sections cover distortion, filters, compression and mastering.

Even though it’s powerful it’s simple to use and that’s why I highly recommend it.

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Ozone 9 by iZotope

Ozone 8 - best professional vst plugin for edm music production

This plugin, if the best VST for EDM was based on features alone, would win hands down.

It’s packed to the brim with features.

If you master your music, then you need this plugin.

You get a built-in EQ, Exciter, Imager, Post EQ, Maximiser and Multibrand Compressor to name but a few of its tools.

It allows you to easily compare your master to a reference track in a single click.

This can take a little time to process but it lets you then use its settings to get your mix to sound as close to the reference track as possible.

Its clean and crisp interface makes it easy to use.

With a great workflow that is seamless.

The only downside is that this plugin is quite CPU intensive.

It’s not cheap, at $249, but I recommend you get to know it if you are seriously into mastering your music.

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Synplant by Sonic Charge

Synplant by Sonic Charge - best synth vst plugin for edm beatmaking

From this plugin, you can get some organic sounds and it’s used by artists such as Flume.

The way this works is you plant seeds in the middle of a plant pot.

Twelve branches are then generated all with unique sounds related to the seed.

You can then choose to replant the new seeds to get new sounds and so on.

You can also mess with the DNA of each seed to change how it sounds, by changing ADSR, using noise oscillators, LFO types and so on.

It’s a unique and really fun way to make electronic music.

Check Out @ Sonic Charge 


Krush by Tritik

Krush by Tritik - easy simple edm vst plugin for beginners free to download

This is another plugin I wanted to include because it is free.

It’s a plugin that is a bit crusher, filter, modulation, and dry wet faders.

Its sounds are pleasantly warm and organic.

That’s because its filters have been modeled around analog filters.

The power of this plugin means the bit crusher can be modulated so that any of its sections can fit into your mix.

It comes with four waveforms as well as an A/B section where you can test two presets or settings and mix them easily using the dry wet faders.

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