8 Best Traktor Mixers of 2020

In this article, I will give you a list of what I think are the best mixers you can buy right now if you are a fan of using Traktor in your music production.

To start with, you need to make sure you are using the best version of Traktor and for that, you have Traktor Pro 3.

This little program is used by DJs the world over and it gives them full control over their music and how they play.

And with this version, Traktor has brought something incredibly special to the table for fans and users of mixers everywhere.

I will go into this in more detail later in the article.

But it’s a feature called Traktor Scratch and you should be very excited.

Traktor gives you 4 main decks to play with, along with the additional ability to grow by adding remix stems and using powerful looping capabilities.

Traktor Pro 3 gives you even more features to get to grips with.

Starting in this version, the audio quality is nothing short of professional grade.

It gives you the most natural time stretching ability seen in any DJ software on the market.

Another new addition is something that is called the Haptic Drive.

This turns cue and loop markers into something that feels physical.

This is done via a spinning platter (available on Kontrol S4 Mk3).

The user interface in this version has had a complete redesign.

That means it is clearer, cleaner, and much more intuitive.

In a rush? Here is a quick rundown for you:

Best Value
Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect, Black (DJM250MK2)
Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
Top Pick
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer
Mixars DJ Mixer (QUATTRO)
Pioneer DJM-S9
Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect, Black (DJM250MK2)
Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer
Mixars DJ Mixer (QUATTRO)
Pioneer DJM-S9
Best Value
Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect, Black (DJM250MK2)
Pioneer DJ Electric Guitar Single Effect, Black (DJM250MK2)
Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
Top Pick
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer
Mixars DJ Mixer (QUATTRO)
Mixars DJ Mixer (QUATTRO)
Pioneer DJM-S9
Pioneer DJM-S9

Now, let’s get back to the article!

You can easily read this screen in this version, compared to previous ones which were quite cluttered.

You get a new Mixer FX, and this is designed with single knob control in mind.

That makes it easy for you to mold your long mixes or add depth to your heavy drops.

You now also get eight extra effects and three filters which you can assign to each channel.

This version of Traktor Pro is the most modular to use, the most customizable, and the most powerful.

But it also has another feature that is quite clever that even the creators don’t seem to be talking about.

It’s called Traktor Scratch.

what mixers are compatible with traktor dj software

You get this technology straight out the box.

It lets DVS DJs can now using timecode vinyl can now use this software with any soundcard that they wish.

This is in addition to soundcards and mixers that have been deemed Traktor Scratch Certified.

That means that if there is a model of a soundcard or mixer that you are used to using then Traktor Pro can handle it.

You can even play back-to-back with someone else on a different setup.

Scratching with any soundcard, which is essentially Traktor Scratch, is exactly that.

You can now use pretty much anything with a soundcard with this feature of Traktor Pro.

You don’t need to hunt around for mixers that are Traktor Scratch Certified any longer.

This is a massive deal because the average DJ booth can only handle 1 rig.

A new ‘Universal DVS’ will apply to these and to the soundcards offering inputs and outputs which can be set up to work with Traktor Pro 3.

There’s a great number of mixers out there.

In my list, I have given you the best Traktor compatible mixers that you can buy.

It’s not just all about having a mixer that is USB compatible.

This USB connectivity is used for DVS (digital vinyl system) on mixers that use Serato or Rekordbox and are certified to work with this software.

Thanks to Traktor Scratch you can now use lower-priced mixers, and not the ones that cost tons of money.

This makes them even more value for money.

8 Best Traktor Mixers of 2020

Now let’s start with the best tractor mixers you can buy.

Allen & Heath Xone:23C

Allen & Heath Xone 23C - best dj mixer compatible with traktor

Even though the Xone:96 is in the limelight right now, the Xone:23C is still a great mixer, thanks to giving you that Allen & Heath quality at a great price.

This mixer is aimed at DJs who want to own their first standalone mixer.

You get a flexible digital interface with a robust analog sound.

With this mixer you get a fantastic fader, its crossfader is ready for that Innofader upgrade.

Its rotary knobs and faders are high quality, and they have a resistive feel.

That means that any action you do on this mixer makes you feel involved.

No corners have been cut here on the digital side and you get a soundcard that records at 96khz.

That means you get superb audio recording quality.

You also get X-Link for connectivity and expansion.

And whilst you don’t get tons of ins and outs like you would on its bigger brother this is still one of the best Traktor mixers you can get.

Pioneer DJM-250 mk2

Pioneer DJM-250 mk2 - best budget dj mixer compatible with traktor sofware application

If you look at this mixer based on the price alone, you might think that this budget-friendly mixer will not be able to cut it with the rest in my list.

But you would be wrong to assume this.

With this mixer, you get the industry build quality that you would expect from Pioneer.

It’s a pleasure to mix on and feels quite similar to a tank, it’s that robust.

You get a three-band EQ on each channel and this gives you complete attenuation.

You also get the option to choose between phono, line, and laptop/USB for versatility.

You also get an aux-in connector and you can connect a microphone if you need to.

It comes with a Magvel contactless crossfader.

This means you can fade between tracks super smoothly.

It can be switched to be super smooth or a sharp cut.

The sharp cut is great for turntables out there.

In terms of FX, it’s all a little thin.

You only get a filter on each channel.

But thanks to the connectivity with Traktor Pro 3 this opens additional FX and DVS when using this superb mixer which is one of the best Traktor mixers you can buy.

But what if you want a mixer but you don’t scratch?  

If you do then you must make sure that your choice of a mixer is the right one.

You get less strife using DJ mixers.

These need to be so versatile as to allow the DJ and their scratch or battle routine is limited only by your imagination.

That means you need a mixer that lets you perform both inside and outside of your comfort zone.

All these mixers come with Traktor 3 DVS capabilities.

This lets you experience a new combination of hardware and software.

Or you may already be a fan of other DJ gear, like Kontrol S4, Kontrol X1.

Traktor Pro 3 gives you an immensely powerful stem performance system.

That means you can use your favorite Scratch DJ mixer for sound launching, sampling and sequencing whilst doing some scratching.

Traktor Kontrol Z2

Traktor Kontrol Z2 - best traktor 2 channel mixer

Because this is a mixer from Traktor it will work fine with Traktor Pro 3.

It does this in 2 channel DVS mode as standard.

You also get full control over two remix deck channels.

You also get buttons and rotary encoders that are labeled accurately for control over Native Instruments Macro FX and flux mode.

It also comes with innoFADERS as standard.

Along with a rotary encoder for crossfader curve adjustment.

Other features you get include a dual USB hub.

This makes it easy to connect peripherals to this mixer.

It’s obvious that this mixer makes my list of the best Traktor mixers and even though it was designed to work with an earlier version of Traktor it does work with the latest version without any problems.

Reloop Kut

Reloop Kut - best dj mixers compatible with traktor dj software

Reloop has been kept busy creating the latest battle mixer.

It’s a 2-channel battle mixer that any DJ who scratches needs to get their hands on.

It is fully digital but has a classic design.

You get 8 x in and6x out USB interface.

This lets you patch this mixer through Traktor Pro.

You can even use this mixer to record your DJ set to your computer.

It also features something called ‘Dynamic FX’.

This consists of seven effects, including flange and phase as well as LPF/HPF filters, white noise, and gate/crush.

These are all put on rotary encoders which means that making a longer mix or making a quick remix are both just as involving.

Its EQ can be used in a classic mode or a complete kill capacity.

This gives it added versatility.

If you are after a precise crossfader for scratching and juggling beats you get an innoFADER supplied as standard.

This non-contact fader can be adjusted to meet your playing style.

As it is a nostalgic mixer you also get a hamster switch reverse function.

Pioneer DJM-S9

Pioneer DJM-S9 - best professional traktor battle mixer with 2 channels

This is a hardened battle mixer loved by many popular DJs.

Originally designed for the Serato DJ Pro market.

It comes with the ability to connect two laptops to it at the same time.

This lets you do back-to-back sets as well as fast changeovers in your battle sets.

It comes with Pioneer’s new Magvel Fader Pro crossfader.

This lets you adjust the curve and cut as well as set the resistance to the crossfader to suit how you play.

If you like to get animated with your faders, then this could be the best Traktor mixer for you.

All secondary controllers on this unit are located at the front and not in the fader area.

That means you get more space and don’t risk knocking any other controls by accident.

This is a complex mixer so being able to do that is quite the achievement.

And it is complex, from transport control for navigating your library or loading tracks, easy looping and FX control of software.

You also have filters on both channels and FX paddles.

You also get 16 RGB performance pads which you can assign to a ton of modes, including hot cue, roll slicer, sampler, cue loop, and sample loop.

Now let’s talk about four-deck mixers.

If you have more than one set of CDJs or turntables, then a four-deck mixer is something you should consider.

The four-channel mixer category gives you lots of options to choose from.

These mixers are designed for heavier use and are bumper packed with features that are easy to use and inviting to mess around and play with.

The DVS feature of Traktor Pro 3 lets you use timecode on Traktor with all these mixers as well.

Mixars Quattro

Mixars Quattro - good dj mixer that's compatible with traktor dj

When it comes to well-known mixer brands, Mixars may not be who you think of.

They are owned by the manufacturer RCF.

But this mixer is still rather capable.

This is thanks to its price.

It is the bigger brother of the Duo model and gives you 16 RGB pads which you can use as cue points and sampling.

It also has a full FX section with 14 effects.

This is combined with a further four color FX: Crush, Gate, Noise, Filter.

The layout of this mixer is perfect if you want to use it in your back-to-back sets.

That’s because the pad layout is symmetrical and its dual transport controls are used for library and loop selection.

The soundcard included on this mixer is 24-bit and gives you 2 dedicated microphone inputs.

You also get a hardware send-return to be used for the connection of your favorite FX unit.

Its build quality is something I liked, being full metal.

And the input channels are all printed upside down on the back of the mixer so you can read them easily in dark clubs if you need to hot-swap any connectors.

This is a great little mixer that works with Traktor Pro 3 and is another contender for being one of the best Traktor mixers.

Allen & Heath Xone 96

Allen & Heath Xone 96 - best analog traktor dj mixer compatible with traktor

It’s been a while since the Xone 92 was released.

With the Xone 96, you get all the analog features you loved from the earlier model alongside the addition of dual 32-bit USB soundcard (featuring 24 channels @96kHz).

This comes with full Traktor certification straight out of the box.

So, you can use this mixer with a pair of laptops in your back-to-back sets.

This is a multi-multi-faceted mixer.

You get a lot of send/returns, sharp 4 band EQ, and the famous Xone: VCF filters and crunch harmonic distortion.

Not only can you connect CDJs to this mixer or turntables for DVS/analog use, but you can also connect drum machines and use this single mixer as the whole hub of your operations.

Two additional FX sends are included as well as two more stereo input channels.

This featured also in the 92 model, but you now get a 3-band parametric EQ and two auxiliary stereo return channels.

You even get a master insert for connecting outboard hardware.

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 - classic dj mixer that works with traktor dj software

This mixer the fourth iteration of the popular DJM-900 model.

And if this mixer is anything to go by then it will just keep getting better and better.

This is the club’s favorite mixer because of its studio-quality 64-bit processing, dual USB connectivity, and a great selection of connectivity options that all work seamlessly.

This is especially true when you want to connect this mixer up to other hardware that is part of the NXS range.

This Pioneer mixer does a few things that you won’t get in any other mixer.

There is a USB send/return feature that lets you connect iPad apps for use as FX.

It also comes with a USB socket that is great to use with Pioneer’s iOS app.

Because this is now a separate feature the Pioneer FX is fully under your control.

Add this to the FX you get with Traktor Pro 3 and you have a serious sound morphing weapon when you set into the booth.


And that concludes my list of the best Traktor mixers.

You must thank Native Instruments for Traktor Pro 3 and bringing all these new features and technologies to the masses.

No matter what your DJ setup is, with any one of these mixers, if you use Traktor Pro 3, you will be pleased with the new features and additions it brings to the tables and the more fun you can have.

They all bring out the full power of Traktor Pro 3 no matter which one of these you choose.

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