7 Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners and Kids [Updated 2020]

Back in the day, music lessons were different.

You would have travel and meet with your piano or guitar teacher once a week for a 30-minute to a 1-hour session.

If you were not that interested in learning, it would be somewhat hard to learn.

Some teachers would have multiple students at once, which would also be a factor in how quickly you would learn the guitar.

Although there are some benefits to having a face-to-face guitar lesson with your teacher, guitar lessons are evolving nowadays.

Getting guitar lessons today does not require you to travel and see your guitar coach face to face.

You can learn everything you need to know about the instrument in the comfort of your home with the best online guitar lessons.

What are Online Guitar Lessons?

Online guitar lessons are what the name suggests.

It is enrolling for an online course, where a teacher will give you lessons through a webcam. Some people do not even opt to get a guitar teacher.

You can also download premium apps with content meant for learning.

The traditional way of learning music is slowly becoming phased out, but not in a bad way.

You can still learn all there is to know from a teacher that is located a hundred miles away.

With online guitar lessons, you can choose where to start.

Whether you want to start with basics, or to more advanced guitar courses.

You can also learn any style of guitar playing such as classical, electric, or acoustic guitar.

On YouTube, there are a lot of people that post guitar lessons of your favorite songs, but it is better to speak to a live teacher who criticizes and works on your mistakes and weaknesses.

Plus, online guitar lessons are relatively cheaper than getting a guitar coach, considering the amount of training you can get for your money.

7 Best Online Guitar Lessons of 2020

Most of these websites offer beginner to advanced guitar lessons.

Based on your skill and preference, you can choose and subscribe to one of these online guitar lesson websites.

#1 JamPlay

JamPlay - best online fingerstyle guitar lessons

Price: $19.95 per month

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

Jam Play offers high-quality lessons and some of the best content you will find.

Whether you are just beginning to learn how to play guitar or have prior knowledge, JamPlay will cater to whatever you need with its beginner to advance guitar lessons.

JamPlay does not only offer video lessons to the community, but you can also get some live sessions from their team of online guitar teachers.

If you want to join a fantastic community of online guitar teachers and students such as yourself, you should definitely check out their website.

They also offer a 7-day free trial, so you can get a glimpse of what they have to offer.

JamPlay Perks and Features:

  • They offer thousands of videos for unlimited learning.

JamPlay has over 5000 HD videos, and it does not seem to stop there.

Every week, they add new lessons.

They even archive previous live lessons from the past weeks, so you can go back and re-learn the lessons taught in the past.

You will never run out of new material if you subscribe to this website.

  • All their videos are in HD

When learning guitar via a computer screen, sometimes the definition throws you off.

With JamPlay, you get to learn with super high-quality videos that will allow you to see the notes and guitar chords clearer than before.

Just make sure you have an excellent internet connection to learn and enjoy in high quality.

Most of their videos are captured from different angles, making it easier to see the chords and runs.

You can also view what the right and left hand are doing.

The people at JamPlay really amped up their game into making high-quality content that will guarantee to learn.

  • Live lessons

JamPlay offers a variety of live lessons weekly and daily, which gives you the option to interact with the community of teachers.

You can search for lessons from their archives of previous videos if you are looking for a specific lesson.

You will never run out of learning material if you subscribe to their service.

  • Fun learning for Everybody

If you choose to go with this website, you can get a variety of three different phases of lessons, and aside from guitar lessons, you can also learn songwriting with their exclusive songwriting section (and with help of these apps).

Their beginner course has a total of 20 different coaches, and they offer lessons for almost any guitar playing style you are interested in learning.

If you are an advanced guitar player, you will also find advanced guitar lessons and practice sequences to improve further.

#2 Masterclass

Masterclass - learn guitar online membership worth it

Price: $15 per month

Skill Level: Intermediate to mastery

I stumbled upon this website through ads on my social media pages.

Masterclass does not only offer guitar lessons from the world’s top guitarists; they also provide other lessons for you to master.

These include acting, songwriting, music production, business, and many more.

When I say that they offer many more, they do provide a whole lot more.

The best thing about Masterclass is that you can learn how to play guitar from the world’s best guitarists such as Carlos Santana and Tom Morello.

They will teach you their own styles of guitar playing, and from that, you can improve and create your own style of playing.

I recommend this website for people who are more advanced and want to learn style and technique.

Masterclass Perks:

  • Get to learn from the best of the best.

You will most likely know who Carlos Santana and Tom Morello are if you are an electric guitar player or play in a band.

You probably know about their signature style and technique, and you can learn all about them.

You can learn how to make guitar solos like Santana and learn how to use guitar effects in the most unorthodox ways, such as Tom Morello.

The best thing about learning from veterans in the business is that you get to learn how they got where they are.

Sometimes, the best lessons are the practical ones, rather than just learning the techniques.

  • It is affordable

For a low price of $15 a month, you can get access to all their classes.

While learning how to play guitar, you can also learn songwriting, singing, and music production.

It may not have tons of guitar lessons, but you do get to learn from well-known artists and music producers.

#3 Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks easy way to learn guitar online lessons free


Price: $19.95 per month

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

Guitar Tricks is another excellent guitar learning website where they feature some of the best teaching techniques.

I really like how they go through topics step-by-step for more accessible learning.

Because of their teaching techniques, I feel that Guitar Tricks is the best choice for beginners.

If you want to compare Guitar Tricks to other websites, you can try their service for seven days for free.

Guitar Tricks Perks:

  • Lessons made easier to master for beginners.

One of the best things about this website is its way of teaching lessons.

If you are a beginner, you will benefit from this website because they have a step-by-step teaching method, which is better to understand.

They make sure that the learning process is more relaxed and fun at the same time.

If you have never touched a guitar before in your life, you would have a better chance of learning through Guitar Tricks than any other website on this list.

  • Guaranteed results

In just a few sessions and lessons, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of guitar playing.

Some people say that in less than a week, they learned how to play songs.

These are from people who have never held a guitar in their lives.

  • Anyone can learn

Their teaching style may be designed for beginners, but advanced guitar players can learn a lot from this website as well.

Guitar Tricks offer significant lessons for advanced guitarists who want to improve their skills.

They add more content consistently so you would not get bored and worry about learning the same thing repeatedly.

  • Thousands of online lessons and songs

Guitar Tricks has been around for more than two decades, and they have archived over 11,000 online lessons and hundreds of songs.

Aside from the wide selection of lessons, their instructors are proven to be the best at teaching and guitar playing.

#4 Jamorama

Jamorama - easy way to learn how to play guitar online

Price: $9.95 per month

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Jamorama is a decent guitar learning platform.

It may not be as good as the first three websites I mentioned, but it does have some advantages such as its affordable price.

If you are looking for a more affordable guitar lesson website, Jamorama can be a good choice.

However, don’t expect it to have the same quality as Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

Just like most guitar lesson websites, you can try Jamorama for free.

Jamorama Perks:

  • Offers specific lessons

Jamorama offers specific songs and topics for beginners and intermediate guitar players.

If you are looking for a certain topic that you cannot find on other websites, Jamorama might have them in-store in their library.

  • Affordable

Jamorama is one of the most affordable guitar learning websites.

If you do not want to spend as much as $20 per month, you can opt for this budget-friendly website and learn some of the basics of guitar playing.

#5 TrueFire

truefire - learn to play guitar fast online

Price: $19.95 per month

Skill Level: Advanced

TrueFire is a website that caters to advanced guitar players, which is probably the most prominent online resource for guitar lessons.

It has over 25,000 different lessons with constant additions.

This website is not for you if you are a beginner, because their lessons are designed for the more advanced guitar players.

They might have some beginner guitar lessons in their library, but their teaching methods are not easy to follow.

TrueFire’s way of teaching assumes you have prior guitar knowledge.

It is fast-paced, and some beginners find it hard to follow and cope with their lessons.

It is not necessarily bad, but if you do not have much knowledge about the basics such as string names and chords, you will not get some of the advanced lessons.

For advanced guitar players, they would love how straight to the point their lessons are, which allows them to learn faster and move on quickly from lesson to lesson.

TrueFire Perks

  • Learn fast

Because you are an advanced guitar player, you would mind learning at a faster pace.

You do not need further explanation about certain topics that make the lesson longer.

The lessons are straightforward, and you can learn a lot and take your guitar playing skills on an entirely different level.

  • Biggest lesson library

TrueFire’s entire sound library is huge.

You will never get bored with the same lessons over and over, and you can learn something new every day with their collection of over 25,000 videos.

#6 ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks - premium online guitar teaching learning service website

Price: $35 per month

Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

ArtistWorks offers a different way of learning guitar.

Instead of paying for a monthly membership fee and have access to a video library of guitar lessons, you can pay for a specific instructor or music school.

If you are into getting hands-on lessons from a specific coach to learn a particular style of guitar playing, ArtistWorks has an excellent learning program just for you.

If you are into rock and electric guitar, you can sign up with guitarists like Paul Gilbert.

When I started to learn how to play guitar, Paul Gilbert has taught me many lessons through his DVD video tutorials.

He is one of the best teachers I know, so I can guarantee that you can learn how to shred on a guitar in no time.

They have a wide selection of programs other than rock guitar.

They also have a Blues program and many more. Most of their guitar learning programs are specialized, so if you want to master a specific playing style, ArtistWorks is the website for you.

ArtistWorks Perks:

  • High-Quality Lessons

Most of their lessons include high-quality content, and the instructors are true masters of the craft.

They might not have a free trial period, but they do have free sample lessons on their website that you can try.

  • Video Exchange Feature

The video exchange feature allows you to record a video and submit it to your instructor.

Your instructor will give you feedback and suggest things you need to work on.

It is kind of like doing face to face lessons with some of the best guitarists in the world.

They also have an archive of student videos with feedback, which you can watch and study as well.

#7 Justin Guitar

justin guitar - best free guitar lessons online youtube

Price: Free

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

If you are on a tight budget and want to learn how to play guitar online, I recommend visiting Justin Guitar.

However, I would not compare it to the previous sites mentioned above.

Since it is free, it would not boast the same quality, so do not expect too much.

On paid websites such as Guitar Tricks, Masterclass, and ArtistWorks, you get videos and audio produced in a professional studio and shot with HD cameras.

With Justin Guitar, you would find some useful lessons, but it wouldn’t compare to the quality of the paid websites mentioned above.

Justin Guitar is not entirely free; some lessons have strings attached and lead you to buy the whole DVD course.

Justin Guitar Perks:

  • Free to Use

If you are not looking into spending money on some guitar lessons, you can still find some useful lessons on this website.

I suggest you opt for some of the sites I mentioned above if you are willing to pay.

Benefits of Online Guitar Lessons

There are many benefits of learning guitar online vs hiring an instructor for face to face lessons such as:

  • Get more information

These online guitar lessons offer thousands of videos on almost any topic.

After subscribing to one of these websites, you can go ahead and search for a specific topic or song that you want to learn.

  • Websites are more accessible.

Once you subscribed to a website, you can access information anytime and anywhere.

Unlike hiring an instructor, you can only learn when you are in session.

  • Get a chance to learn from the best.

Some of the choices above allow you to learn from the best guitarists in the world.

Who would want to pass up an opportunity like that?

  • Save Money

Online classes are a lot more affordable than weekly guitar lessons from a music instructor.

Of course, you can learn better face to face, but it is significantly cheaper to subscribe to a website.

For a monthly fee, you can get access to tons of information online.

You can learn a lot more with the best online guitar lessons compared to a one-hour weekly session.

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