11 Best Mobile Beat Maker Apps of 2020

The traditional beat maker software is usually a standalone desktop software or a web-based online tool.

However, beat making as we know it has grown out of its traditional mold into a more mainstream activity and now there are people who want to make beats on the go such as during train commutes or in their free time somewhere on the beach.

The initial mobile beat maker apps were of the gimmicky type.

They were more fun toys than fully-fledged professional beat making software.

Today, the mobile beat maker apps are among the top recommended professional software and can be used in a serious beat-making setup.

The mobile beat maker apps come in various formats and with different functionalities.

Each of them brings a new angle to the beat making while some have almost similar functionality.

Most of the mobile beat maker apps will only be available in iOS due to the difficulty involved in building ‘’universal” Android apps that can run on the multiplicity of Android devices.

This is further complicated by the fact that the Android platform does not have a standard protocol for MIDI and building mobile beat maker apps that will run on the literally hundreds of Android phone models is an incredibly difficult undertaking.

Still, as we shall see, there are some cool mobile beat maker apps that support the Android platform.

In this article, we run you through some of the best mobile beat maker apps that you can use to flawlessly make and mix beats from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

GarageBand for iOS

GarageBand - best mobile beat making app for iphone and ipad

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

GarageBand for iOS offers all the desirable traits that you would want in your mobile beat maker software including simplicity, ease of play, and the ability to record and share your music from virtually anywhere.

It includes wide-ranging instruments from across the globe that you can work with to create some magnificent beats.

GarageBand for iOS also features a massive Sound Library that provides you with the option to either choose or download additional free instruments along with loop packs whenever there are new sound releases.

You can use these to synthesize your favorite songs and styles simply from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


  • You can use this iOS beat maker tool to record, arrange, or mix your songs using up to 32 tracks.
  • Has a Multi-Touch feature that you can tap and trigger a group of cells or a Live Loop cell.
  • Allows you to tap and capture your performances.
  • Enables to use your iPhone or iPad as a musical instrument.
  • Songs can be recorded, mixed, or exported at a 24-bit resolution.
  • Get the option of an electric or an acoustic Smart Guitar which you can use to either strum chords or autoplay patterns to make beats.

FL Studio Mobile HD

FL Studio Mobile HD - best mobile app for making beats

Price: $20

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows

FL Studio mobile is one of the most-widely used beat making apps out there.

You can use this tool to create and save entire multi-track music projects on your tablet or smartphone, whether it is powered by Android, iOS, or Windows.

You can accomplish much with the FL Studio Mobile HD including recording, sequencing, editing, mixing, and rendering complete songs.


  • Designed with a fast sequencer that allows for fast percussion programming.
  • Supports MII controller. You can use FL Studio mobile to play instruments or link to sliders or knobs.
  • Features top-notch quality sampler, synthesizer, drum kits, and sliced loop beats.
  • Allows for import/export of MIDI files
  • Audio recording functionality with monitoring, including track-length stem/wav imports.
  • Instruments and effects
  • You can load your own projects into the FL Studio
  • Every instrument in the beat maker has a configurable volume, pan, attack time, and release.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 - best beat maker app for mobile phones

Price: $9.99

Platforms: iOS, Android

This is a beat maker and music creation tool that has been developed around the rack-mount synthesizers or sample rigs.

It does everything in real-time and the design has been optimized for mobile devices.


  • Has 14 synth sounds.
  • The mixer desk has been designed with global Delay/Reverb Effects
  • Has a song sequencer
  • The master section of this mobile beat maker has a limiter and parametric EQ.
  • The effects rack can support up to 2 effects for every machine.
  • There are 20 effect types


iMPC - best ios mobile beat making app

Price: $6.99

Platforms: iOS

With the Akai Professional iMPC, you can transform your iPad into an MPC.  

It features over 1,200 samples along with 80 editable sequences, 50 editable programs along with the legendary MPC workflow.

With the iMPC, you get the entire functionality of the classic Akai Pro MPC within your iOS (iPad) device.


  • Get the classic Akai Professional sound library on your iPad.
  • Has an exclusive iMPC sound set
  • Lots of creative new sequences, record as well as overdub beats.
  • Tracks can be exported to an MPC software and these can subsequently be used with the MPC Studio and MPC Renaissance.
  • Has a simple and super-intuitive drag and drop program creation.
  • Live Sequence queuing functionality that can be put into playback and real-time performance use-cases.
  • Constitutes 16 Levels mode.


iMaschine - best mobile app for making beats on your phone or tablet

Price: $9.99

Platforms: iOS

iMaschine enables you to create on the go with the help of a Smart Play keyboard, Step Mode, and Arranger.

Use this mobile beat maker to sample, record, and create new hot beats with your smartphone or tablet from just about anywhere.

It has a massive sound library update with which you can create any beats.


  • Use the Step Mode to easily create beats without any finger drumming.
  • Has multicolored pads and groups that enable you to more easily organize your sounds.
  • Offers up to 16 pads for real-time drum sequencing.
  • The Quick Actions with an Apple 3D Touch (for shortcuts) enables you to quickly optimize your beat-making workflow
  • You are in control of the rate or note repeat or velocity according to how hard you press.
  • You can directly sample from the iTunes library
  • Easily capture sounds on your iOS device, be they field recordings, vocals, or even audio emanating from a mic.
  • Use the Maschine studio to export your projects.
  • You can use professional audio effects to mix sounds.
  • Features a wide selection of additional drum kits, instrumental sound as well as projects.

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ - top best beat making app for ios, android, windows

Price: $2 & $10

Platforms: iOS

This is an innovative and easy to use DJ mobile toolkit for iOS devices.

It is built with standard iOS hand gestures that you can use to get into the groove.

It is also built with plug-and-play TRAKTOR controllers which are iOS-compatible.


Beatwave - best free mobile beatmaking app for beginners

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

Use Beatwave to easily mix and loop your musical arrangements in order to create the perfect beats.

It has a simple grid that you can use to more easily create melodies and beats.


Animoog - best mobile synth app for making beats

Price: $6 & $25

Platforms: iOS

Animoog has a vast sonic library consisting of Mood synthesizers and works perfectly within the modern touch surface paradigm.

The design allows any producer to more easily create fluid and dynamic beats which will refine and evolve the more that you play them.  

Korg iElectribe

Korg iElectribe - best cheap budget affordable mobile beatmaking app for producers and djs

Price: $20

Platforms: iOS

Here is another mobile beat maker with a super-intuitive interface.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional mixer, you can use the Korg iElectribe to create powerful beats on its iElectribe series.

The iElectribe-R is widely popular with track makers and this is an iOS beat maker that you can reliably use at a very professional level.


Musyc - best ipad and iphone mobile beat making app for djing

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

If you want to have some fun in your track making, then you will certainly enjoy using the Musyc mobile beat maker.

It is a super innovative beat maker where every touch morphs into sound.

You don’t have to use piano keyboard or partitions.

You can also draw the shapes and listen to music while simultaneously watching as the sounds bounce on the screen.

Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm - best professional app for beat making on mobile phones

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

Ninja Jamm is designed with a super-intuitive and kinetic interface with which you can easily synthesize top beats.

It also has HQ sample packs.

You can use this mobile beat maker app to remix over forty electronic artists by tapping into each element in their Tunepacks including the vocals, drums, melodies, and bass.

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